7 Mistakes to Avoid While You Grow Your Beard

It’s hard to imagine any man going through life without wanting to try growing a beard at least once.

Beards are intriguing. There’s also a curiosity factor: “What would I look like with a beard?”

There’s also the symbolism of power, strength and virility that beards portray. Think of Abraham Lincoln and Ernest Hemingway without a beard and they take on a much different persona.

Why do men grow beards?

Anthropologists suspect ancient cave men wore beards because the thick facial hair warded off the cold and acted as a cushion against fisted-blows thrown in anger. Besides, it’s doubtful a sharpened stone could shave as close as a stainless steel blade.

Beards also play a role in various religions around the world. Some sects of Islam require beards as a symbol of faith. Others, like men of the Amish faith, wear beards, but only after they marry. Single men must remain clean-shaven until they take a bride.

Age is sometimes a deciding factor. Men pass middle age, careers are nearly over and retirement looms just ahead. Why go through that tiresome daily routine of shaving anymore? Let the beard grow as a sign of independence and maturity.

Mistakes to Avoid While You Grow Your Beard

Let caution be your guide before you retire the electric razor or Gillette blades to the recycle bin. Here are 7 steps and precautions you need to be aware of to make the first beard-growing experience a successful and pleasant one.

1. Don’t lose patience

Most men who grow a beard want it to be long and thick right now. They need to remember everyone’s hair grows at different rates, and instant coverage just isn’t possible.

A beard can look scrawny and patchy when it’s first growing out, but that goes with the territory. Maintaining even hair growth, as slow as it might be, is important throughout the entire beard-growing process.

2. Remember the age factor

What man can forget when his teenage peach fuzz first began to transform into real, honest-to-goodness facial hair? It’s a fact that men in their early 20’s will probably find it more difficult to grow a thick beard than men in their 30’s or older. Keep that in mind as you check the mirror each morning and begin to lose heart.

3. Don’t let your beard get dirty

Beards should be shampooed regularly throughout the initial growing stage in order to cleanse oil, sweat, and soap products from the hair. One beard shampoo a week should suffice, but 2-3 would be better.

A word of caution: you do not blow dry a growing beard. It can lead to dry and flaky skin under the beard. Pat the beard dry with a soft towel. Using bread oil after a shower will seal moisture into the hair to maintain a healthy beard.

4. Don’t forget to trim

There’s a good reason men should trim their beards regularly during the growth process. Not all facial hair grows at the same rate. An unkempt, uneven beard could be the subject of ridicule and embarrassment. You’re growing your beard to look good, not to look like some hobo fresh off the rails.

Trimming your beard from the very beginning will make it easier to shape when it’s fully grown. We all can’t be like the Robinson men on TV’s Duck Dynasty show. Most of the best beard styles today require accurate trimming to maintain a neat, cultured look.

5. Don’t forget to shape it properly

Proper shaping goes along with trimming. Almost all beards need to be shaped occasionally during the growing stage in order to have a natural-looking, well-shaped growth of hair. And consider your hair style as your beard grows out. If your barber keeps your hair neat and stylish looking, you don’t want to sport a growing beard reminiscent of one found at the circus on the Wild Man of Borneo.

6. Don’t go crazy with your beard

Just as people can ruin their looks with badly placed or executed tattoos, don’t try and get fancy and train your beard to look like something other than a beard. A far-out design might seem cute while the beard is growing, but chances are, once you see the final result, you’ll immediately call for scissors to remove the ugly growth and have to start all over again.

7. Don’t let your beard grow wild

This is a common mistake for many growing a beard. Don’t toss the razor aside and not look in the mirror again for two months. You need to tend to your beard, nurture it and care for it using the techniques listed above.

A beard makes a powerful statement as to who you are. A beard that develops into a thicket of unruly wiry hair will give the impression that that is who you are: a slob who cares little for cleanliness and good grooming. 


Bear in mind, beards are not for everyone. Some men have very little natural facial hair and find it impossible to grow a full, nice looking beard. Also keep in mind that very few men maintain a beard for life. Often a beard is a temporary thing, something to change one’s image for a short time span and then to remove.

A beard also tends to make a man look older. The most common reaction to seeing someone who recently shaved their beard is, “You look ten years younger!” As you grow older, those are good words to hear.

But if you do decide to grow a beard, remember the mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t let the beard get dirty.
  • Keep the hair clean and washed.
  • Don’t let it grow out of control.
  • Trim regularly to maintain even growth.
  • And most importantly, don’t lose patience while growing in your beard. Give it time.


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