August 29, 2017

5 Bad Beard Habits You Should Avoid - They Will Ruin Your Beard

bad beard habits

"It's Easy to Destroy But Hard to Build". This saying is also true when it comes to your beard.

Once your beard is fully grown it can be easy to forget that beards need maintenance and care to look good. If you adopt some bad beard habits, you'll be on the highway to the razor.

Being aware to these bad habits will make it easier to avoid them and cultivate good beard habits.

1. Pulling Your Beard

Picking at or pulling your beard can cause hair loss and barren patches. It can leave you with an odd-looking, unattractive beard and ruin all the hard work you put into growing it.

Analyze your behavior to figure out when your pull your beard and what triggers it. Do you absentmindedly pull your beard when watching TV? Sit with your hands in your pocket (or even sit on your hands) to avoid pulling your beard.

Buy a stress ball to occupy your hands if you tend to pick at your beard when you're nervous. Better yet, keep a beard comb in your pocket and comb your beard when you get an urge to pull on your beard. Don't over comb, though; it may result in a patchy beard just like picking your beard can, and you'll be back where you started.

Make a deal with your wife/Significant Other, a friend or roommate to pay them a dollar every time you pick at your beard. Once you start losing a few bucks, you’ll unlearn the habit pretty quick.

Occasionally pulling out knots or troublesome hairs may lead to thinning patches. Resist the urge to yank out knotty hairs. Use a good comb (preferably a wooden one) to detangle knots and wash your beard with a beard shampoo to prevent them from returning. Comb your beard softly. Aggressive combing will give your more knots and thin the hair.

Constantly touching your beard will make it dirtier and cause it to thin or develop knots. Be aware of how often you touch your beard. Guys are especially prone to doing this when they talk to women.

2. Not Moisturizing and Conditioning

Like the hair on your head, your beard needs to be moisturized to stay healthy. Use beard balm or beard oil and a natural beard wash/conditioner to keep your beard hydrated.

Imagine how the hair on your head would look and feel like if you never conditioned or moisturized it. It would be pretty bad: greasy, smelly and shapeless. Failing to keep your beard and the skin below moisturized and hydrated will make it dry, itchy and brittle.

I can't stress enough the importance of beard oil, applying beard oil moisturizes and hydrates your beard and skin beneath, softens your beard and relieves beard itch.

You should apply beard oil daily.

3. Using Hair Shampoo for Your Beard

Saying what the heck and washing your beard with your hair shampoo? BIG mistake!

Hair care products usually contain chemicals that are bad for your face. You see, these products are designed to work on the scalp which is far more resilient than your face skin.
This is why using these products on your beard will only make things worse.

You should use a beard shampoo or wash, they contain essential oils and other natural ingredients that won't strip the natural oils from your facial hair, will  nurture and soften your beard, eliminate beard itch and beardruff and will clean your beard clean.

Don't go crazy with washing your beard, 1-2 times a week is enough. Washing your beard on a daily basis is not recommended.

4. Using a Hair Brush for Your Beard

Borrowing your girlfriend's brush? Using that 1$ comb from the drugstore? Undo and delete!

If you take a close look on a hair brush you'll see that every bristle is of the same length. Which means that those bristles won't reach your shorter hair beards. Such a brush won't distribute oils evenly on your beard and won't do a good job cleaning your beard from dust and debris.

With a beard brush it's a totally different story, the bristles are cut in different lengths to make sure not a single hair is missed. This kind of beard brush will distribute oils evenly throughout your beard and will untangle, tame and soften your beard. Boar hair brushes are the most popular.

The same goes for a comb, cheap combs have tiny jagged edges which will snag and pull your hair. This can cause damage to your beard. Wooden combs are the most popular.

5. Bad Neckline Shaping

Your neckline outlines the bottom portion of your beard and face. Getting it wrong can make things look weird.

You want the neckline to look natural, not hard and sculpted. Also remember to shave or trim your neck beard and make sure it's clean.

Use the two-finger rule to determine where your natural neckline should end. Put two fingers near the top of your Adam’s apple. The top of your index finger indicates where your neckline should end. Move it up or down a little if it doesn’t look quite right.

Wrapping Up

Nixing these five bad beard habit to avoid will make your beard more attractive. Defining the neckline with a smooth shape prevents the beard from becoming too messy or unkempt, and using the right grooming tools will keep your beard full and healthy.

You’ve spent a few months to grow your beard, so spending a few more minutes to groom it properly will keep your investment looking good. 


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