February 14, 2018

7 Best Beard Combs & Brushes - Your Beard's Best Friends

best beard comb brush

To comb or not to comb? That is the question.

Each day scores of men hop on to the beard bandwagon hoping to grow a dense and thick facial mane. 

But a few days into the process, they discover that growing facial hair isn’t half as easy as it seems to be.

Beard hair is completely different from the mop on top. It is tougher, curlier and seems to have a mind of its own. It will grow in different directions, often curl inwards and grow into your skin and look like everything but the way you want it to.

There’s a steep and labor intensive grooming process that involves the use of beard oil, beard balms and some special tools like beard combs and brushes.​

That’s why a lot of people give up midway, choose mediocrity and go back to their naked baby-bottom chins whilst others just grit through the growing phase and get one step closer to beard glory.​

So, they should be investing in a beard comb and brush.

Is it really worth it or is it another smart marketing gimmick?

Why cannot a conventional drugstore comb or brush or just your god given fingers be used instead?

Well, there’s a reason behind everything and we will come to that in a moment.

best beard comb

to comb or not to comb?

Our Top Picks - Recommended Combs & Brushes

Beard Comb vs. Beard Brush vs. Your Fingers

I truly believe that everyone with a beard should have a good quality beard brush and a comb in their beard kit.

It can do wonders to your beard.

Both these products have very specific purposes that come into play in different stages of beard growth. Comb vs brush: in short: 

It's not a competition.

What Is a Beard Comb?

Is your beard longer than an inch?

Then it's time to introduce a beard comb into your beard grooming kit.

That’s because this is about the time that the beard strands start to misbehave and go mad.

what is a beard comb

Combing restores order and helps you to control those crazy beard strands into a direction.

It makes them seem uniform. It also helps keeping your beard clean, if you don’t comb, then chances are that your beard reeks of yesterday’s dinner.

Combing will train your beard to grow around your lips and prevent your dinner, your breakfast, mayonnaise and everything else from ending up in your beard instead.

Most importantly, combing prevents in-growth. Hate those painful bumps and marks that have started to show up on your face? It's time to get a comb!

What Is a Beard Brush?

If you have beard that’s grown beyond two inches, then you need a good quality beard brush.

A beard brush will ensure that your beard oil or beard balm you're using is evenly distributed over the beard strands.

That’s not all.

A beard brush will also be able to absorb excessive oil that you applied on your beard and prevent it from blocking your natural oil production and clogging your pores.

There's even more, it will untangle your beard and prevent it from getting all frizzy and dry.

what is a beard brush

Using Your Fingers

If your beard's length is smaller than an inch, then you don't need to worry about combing or brushing your beard.

Brushing such a short beard is just too early, it can scrub or even bruise the skin underneath.

At this stage, your fingers are your beard’s best friend.

Grab that beard oil and apply it on the beard while massaging the skin underneath to stimulate the blood flow which can help a lot with growth.

  • key
    Key Takeaway

If your beard is short, just use your fingers. If your beard's length is more than an inch, using a comb and a brush will help your beard in many ways, from styling and taming to evenly distributing oil or balm throughout your beard.

Why Do I Need a Special Comb or Brush?

You might ask yourself why not use a drugstore comb or your girlfriend's hair brush.

These questions are valid and they keep coming up, especially from newbies.

Let’s start with the beard brush.

don't use hair comb for your beard

Don't even think about it

Why Do You Need a Special Beard Brush

There are many types of beard brushes in the market.

The most popular and the most effective ones use animal hair bristles, like boar hair or horse hair.

The bristles on these brushes are purposefully cut at different lengths to ensure that you are able to reach every single hair strand on your beard. That includes the ones that are shorter and a lot closer to your skin surface.

When you apply beard oil or balm, a beard brush will evenly coat every beard strand with the oil.

If you take a hair brush that is intended for use on the scalp you'll see that every bristle has the same length. These bristles will not be able to reach the shorter hair strands on your beard.

This also applies when you are brushing to clean the beard of any food particles, dust or debris. You need a brush that can reach the entire hair follicle, start to top in every stroke.

My pick: Boar's hair.

Note: If you have an ethical problem using animal hair, there are great alternatives. Go for high quality synthetic fiber in your beard brush. Do not opt for cheap synthetic fibers. Their poor quality construction often results in split ends on your beard which in turn translates into tangles.

A Special Beard Comb

A drugstore comb is the worst thing that you or anybody can possibly use on their beard.

I know what you're thinking. How different can one comb be from another apart from the distance between the teeth maybe?

Well, it can be very different.

Your drugstore comb is most likely made by plastic injection molding using a petrochemical based polymer.

The manufacturing process makes these combs very likely to have tiny jagged edges and other microscopic imperfections along their surface which will prick into the hair follicle on the sensitive facial skin gradually splitting them apart into different directions.

That’s not all. Every jagged edge will snag and pull your beard strands causing more damage than what’s visible on the surface. 

Think of every stroke you make with a cheap comb as one step closer to a messy and tangled looking beard.

It doesn’t end there either. Petrochemical based plastic combs will most likely cause static.

My pick: Handmade wooden combs.

If you're on a tight budget, go for a static-free plastic comb that will most likely be made from cellulose acetate.

Most people don’t realize the damage that they are doing to their beard with cheap beard combs and they keep applying beard oil hoping to tame the beast. But in reality, all that they need is a better quality comb.

  • key
    Key Takeaway

Using a generic drugstore comb will do more harm than good. A wooden beard comb will be a great choice.
For your beard brush, boar hair brushes are the most popular.

How to Comb & Brush Your Beard?

There's a way of combing and brushing your beard.


Believe it or not, there is a technique to it.

Comb too fast and you’ll most likely damage the beard hair follicles. Comb too slow and you will not be able to direct the hair in a uniform direction.

But before we talk about technique, let’s talk about the right time to comb.

The ideal combing time is just after applying your beard oil no matter when you do it. Some people apply oil after their morning shower (after drying the beard) while others use it as a leave-in conditioner before sleep. 

Either way, after you have applied your moisturizer, comb through the beard. This will reduce the chances of breakage and you will enjoy the combing process as the comb glides through the beard.

Never comb a wet beard because it will trigger hair loss and your beard will start to appear sparse. The same applies after using a blow dryer on your beard. Not the ideal time to comb. After your shower, wait for the beard to dry naturally, apply the beard oil and comb through it.

Your combing technique will vary according to the length of your beard. But the most basic technique of them all is to comb with the grain. This prevents you from interfering with the natural growing direction of the beard and at the same time, gives your beard the direction that you want it to grow in.

Hold the beard comb in such a way that the teeth of the comb are facing upwards, position it at the lowest point on your neckline where the beard is growing and comb upwards towards the chin. This will separate any tangles and ensure that the hair is parted and layered. If the hair gets snagged, do not attempt to pull it out. Remove the comb and go again.

Once you have covered the neckline, it’s time to comb upwards towards the jaw line. Use the same technique. You are less likely to encounter snags here. But you never know. Once you are done and covered the entire length of the beard, it is time for the brush to make an appearance.

  • Best Tips for Combing Your Beard
  • Comb daily
  • Use a wooden comb
  • Do it on the right time - after applying oil
  • Comb with the grain
  • If you hit a snug don't fight it


Combing will make the brushing process a lot easier because you won't have to work your way upwards again.

The purpose of brushing after combing is to style your beard and give it some shape. To make this process easier, you can use a beard balm or even a beard wax for the really stubborn beards.

If you skipped combing, then use a similar technique and work your way upwards from the neckline. 

Go slow with each stroke and ensure that you are covering every beard strand with the beard oil or balm. Do not skip the sideburns and cheeks as many people often do.

Brushing takes on a very different purpose if you have not combed the hair. You are stimulating blood flow on the skin surface which results in a fuller looking beard and it also helps to remove any trapped dead skin, dirt or food particles from the beard.

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What to Look for When Buying a Comb

After covering the grooming part, it’s almost time to get down to business.

How do you pick the right beard comb?

It is not as easy a purchase as it may seem. There are handmade combs, metallic ones, wooden combs, combs made of horn and stamp cut ones. They come in different shapes, sizes and teeth widths.

Here’s the definitive guide that will help you make the right decisions.

beard comb brush reviews how to buy

1. The Manufacturing Process

Handmade combs are less likely to have the imperfections that I wrote about before. On top of that handmade combs are usually made of materials that are static-free, like wood or metal or horn.

Each comb is saw cut and the teeth are then polished by hand resulting in a smooth surface that is free of any imperfections or jagged edges.

A handmade comb is also sturdier and less likely to break even if you carry it in your pocket or a corner of your overstuffed bag.

2. Teeth Width

Take a look at any handmade beard comb and you’ll notice that the teeth are generally wide and spaced apart. 

This allows the comb to glide through coarse, curly and tangled hair.

If your beard is a lot softer and straight, then you can always opt for a beard comb with smaller teeth width.

3. Material

Beard combs are made from different materials, each has its advantages.

1. Wood

The recommended material is wood.

Combs made of wood are hand cut, polished, look great and last forever.

The only thing that you’d want to ensure is that you don’t expose it to water.

what is a beard comb

Wooden combs can be made of a variety of wood types, popular choices are: 

  • Sandalwood
  • Cedar
  • Oak

2. Horn

I've never used horn combs myself but a lot of people do. 

It is a biodegradable and renewable material. Moreover, it's completely static free.

recommended beard comb material

Horn combs are as durable as wooden combs and the natural keratin in the comb is said to make your beard look shinier and make it softer. It is waterproof too.

3. Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose acetate is the only synthetic material that you’d ever want to use with your beard.
It doesn't produce static, it's long lasting, easy to clean and very durable.

  • key
    Key Takeaway

Make sure you pay attention to the following:
- Teeth Width: Choose according to your beard: curly, straight, etc.
- Comb Material: Wooden combs are recommended.

The 4 Best Beard Combs - Reviews

Ok, it's review time. Here’s our pick of the best 5 beard combs on the market currently.


  • 3 Comb Set
  • Made of Acetate
  • Handmade


A list of the best beard combs would have been incomplete without a mention of the Kent’s handmade comb. 

Kent is one of the most popular names in men’s grooming products and this is a set of three handmade combs of different sizes and varying teeth widths.

The three combs are the 81T, the F0T and the R7T. 
- The R7T has wider tines on one end and coarser ones on the other.
- The F0T has evenly spaced teeth all along. 
- The 81T is the most widely used comb in the pack, which is a pocket sized one that can easily be your carry-along beard styler.

The combs made from cellulose acetate abd are saw cut and polished by hand resulting in a smooth finish with rounded edges that keep your beard hair free of any damage.

Getting three combs from G B Kent & Sons Ltd. for under $25 is an incredible value-for-money deal that you’d hate to miss out on.

If you want to pamper your beard, then go for this kit. You can thank me later.


This is a great choice for those who need to groom and comb their beard and mustache. It works for all lengths.

You also get an extra carry-along beard comb which means you can make sure your beard looks great even when you're out.

Note: If you feel like you don't need 3 combs and you want a Kent comb, try this one. (It's good for short beards)


  • Made of Sandalwood
  • Includes a leather sleeve
  • Has a great scent (yes!)


The dual action beard comb from Huntsman has almost perfect positive customer rating.

For a product that has been around for more than 4 years, that is a phenomenal record and the only testimony you’d need about the quality of this comb.

This is a handcrafted wooden comb that is thicker than some of the other combs that I have seen. But that does not make it bulky or difficult to carry. 

The comb is crafted from sandalwood and has a permanent woodsy aroma that does not fade away after use. 

With flawlessly hand cut teeth, excellent durability and Huntsman’s quality control behind it, it is hard to pick nits with this one!

It comes with a leather sleeve and the comb slips right in. It's pretty compact. 
A gift box is also included.


This is a double sided comb with wider and closely spaced teeth on each side allowing you to use it for your beard at different growth stages.

It's very good for thick beards, and will last you for a very long time.


  • Made of red Sandalwood
  • Has a mild scent


This one will last you for a long time.

It is made from premium quality red sandalwood and features dual action teeth for grooming all types of beards.

You have the wider teeth on one side and the closely spaced ones on the other. 

It is incredibly compact and measures less than 3 inches. This allows you to carry it easily in your pocket.

The brown-reddish finish looks stylish and it even retains the authentic woodsy aroma of sandalwood.

It comes with a very attractive pocket case that prevents the teeth from getting snagged in your clothes or while sitting in your bag.

The package includes a wonderful gift box making this a great choice for a bearded friend, boyfriend or a husband.


Everyone, doesn't matter if you have a straight and soft beard or coarse and curly one, this will get the job done.


  • Plastic Comb
  • Shaping Tool


I wanted to review something different for my last pick.

This is not your typical beard comb. It's styled to resemble a boomerang and features wide and coarse teeth on either side.

This is a beard trimming guide or template that you can use with your trimmer to keep unruly beard strands in check.

You can use it to style your beard near the neck line, near the cheek line, the jaw line as well as the goatee.

Usage is pretty straightforward too. If you get stuck, you can use the detailed instruction booklet included in the box.

The only possible downside is that it is made of plastic. But according to reviews the tines are perfectly cut, strong and durable.


If you hate neck beard growing out to ruin your shape, then try this one. It is easy to use and will add some symmetry to an unruly beard.

The 3 Best Beard Brushes - Reviews

Ideally, I'd pick five different boar hair brushes for this list.

Boar hair brushes benefit your beard in so many different ways. But if you have a soft and short beard, then a horse hair brush can be an equally good choice. 


  • Boar's Hair Brush
  • Includes a Comb


Smooth Viking has really managed to outshine most other brands when it comes to beard brushes. 

This beard brush with black wild boar bristles is perfect for styling, applying oil or balms and beard maintenance.

This is an evenly sized brush with a comfortable handle and tightly knit bristles.

The bristles are softer than most other boar hair brushes, yet still they are very effective in untangling coarse and curly hair and allow even coverage of beard balms and oils.

The handle is made of a durable hardwood and features a Smooth Viking logo in a contrasting color which adds to the appeal.

You also get a wooden comb made of sandalwood that can be used to comb your mustache or beard.


If you are looking for a good quality, durable and comfortable beard brush for grooming, removing dandruff and styling your beard, you’ve just found the best choice. Go for it!


  • Boar's Hair Brush
  • Includes a Comb


This boar hair brush retains the rugged packaging and retro inspired design.

In fact, you’d almost mistake this for a shoe polish brush with its black handle if it were not for the contrasting white logo which is printed across it.

This is one of the only beard brushes in the market that has a contoured design which allows maximum contact with the shorter hair strands near the skin surface. 

While applying oil or balm, this will ensure that nothing is missed out.

The bristles are soft and  have varying length just the way it should be. They are closely knit and aligned to perfection so that curly hair is untangled but not snagged.

At just 2 inches wide, the handle fits easily into the palm. You can also put it in your pocket, if you plan to carry it. 

It does come with a durable cardboard box with foam padded insert.

Great pricing too!


Best for those who are looking for a bit softer brush. It's great for handling a long beard as well.


  • Hoarse Hair Brush


If you have never tried horse hair brushes before, then let me tell you, they are excellent for shorter beards.

In fact, they may even be better than boar hair brushes if you have short to medium sized beards.

This round horse hair brush is hands down the best one on the market currently.

It uses 100% natural soft horse hair bristles of varying sizes which is perfect for oil and balm application.

Even if you are looking to brush and condition your beard dry, the soft bristles ensure that you don’t end up scratching your sensitive facial skin. 

After using it for a week or so, the bristles soften so beautifully, that you’d love the feel of the bristles against your face.
It will let you direct and shape your beard and remove any beardruff.

The round wooden handle is very well designed and fits perfectly into your palm. It is not overly small either which can make it difficult to grip.

Also included is a cylindrical silver metallic storage container. If you want to gift this to your beard fanatic boyfriend or colleague, then this can be a nice choice.


Good for short beards. If you want a soft brush then give this beard brush a try, you won't be disappointed. The price is very cheap and you get a quality product.

Wrapping Up

In this article I wrote about the importance of using beard comb and a beard brush, and why you shouldn't use a general one.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it will help you pick a beard comb and brush that best matches your grooming purposes.


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