October 18, 2018

No Beard Day - Everything About This Special Day

no beard day

To shave, or not to shave: that is the question.

There are two sides to this debate...

On the one hand, beards are continually growing in popularity, and they even have some pretty impressive fashion and health benefits. Alternatively, though, having a smooth, clean-shaven face looks and feels great. A lot of guys out there are just trying to figure out whether their beards should stay or go.

Well, stress about your facial hair no more fellas, on No Beard Day the apparent answer to this ever-complicated shaving question is to just go right ahead and sport a face that is as soft, smooth, and hairless as the day you were born.

What is No Beard Day

Although you might assume a day dedicated to the absence of facial hair would be in the springtime—since that’s when a lot of guys opt to ditch their winter beards for a clean-shaven summer face—No Beard day is celebrated on October 18.

Interestingly, there are no presidential proclamations or congressional records in the United States that give any hints as to when, where, and why this particular day began.

Even though there isn’t a clear consensus as to when and why No Beard Day originated, many fellas view it is a time to prepare their faces for the month of Movember that is rapidly approaching.

Whether you’ve had a beard for the past decade or haven’t had more than a five o’clock shadow in years, No Beard Day is a time to shave it all off. Go ahead, admire what your face looks like without any of those manly whiskers, and reevaluate your current views on facial hair. This day is the perfect opportunity to switch up your style.

no beard day celebration

How to Celebrate

First and foremost, if you’re interested in celebrating No Beard Day, go out and purchase yourself a high-quality razor. Skip those dinky little throwaway blades you buy in a ten pack at the drugstore, and buy a reusable one that will last you for years. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy. I even suggest splurging on some of those grooming accessories you’ve been admiring for a while. Shaving creams, brushes, and aftershaves—nothing is off limits here. No Beard Day is an occasion to treat your face with the love and care that it deserves.

If you want to get super festive, consider hosting a shave party. Invite a few friends over, grab some drinks, chow down on some manly snacks, and say goodbye to unsightly facial hair. Alternatively, if hosting a party isn’t your thing, just venture out and support your local barbershop by treating yourself to a professional shave.


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