July 15, 2018

Beard and Mustache Care Costs - How Much Growing & Grooming Beard Will Cost You?

More often than not I see people thinking that growing a beard means you just stop shaving.

This is far from the truth.

Growing a beard requires maintenance, that means you'll need to buy some beard care products that will keep your skin and beard healthy.

In this article I will explain the costs for proper care and maintenance of your beard and mustache.

Visit the Barber

We’ve all seen it; the movie or video and the guy goes to the barber shop, lays back in the chair and has a warm towel wrapped around his face before a talented barber gives him a classical wet shave. How amazing that shave truly is!

Barbers also cut, trim and style beards instead of just shaving them off. You may find that from time to time (especially in the beginning growth stages) that you need to visit a pro to get the shape and style you are after started and maintained. (Or just that you want to spoil your self, visiting the barber can be a relaxing experience.)

How much does that cost? It can get pricey.

You have to remember these barbers aren’t just some guy that picked up scissors one day and decided to open a shop. They are trained professionals with years of schooling and experience, and you will pay for that experience.

There are two basic types of barbers that perform trims, shave and shaping: general and high-end. The general barbers are all around barbers that don’t specialize in any one area and are more a “Jack of all Trades.” They will usually do a decent job and charge you about half of their hair cutting costs. That translates to about $10 - $30.

High-end barbers have more training in techniques, styles and special circumstances (like adapting to different hair types, skin conditions, etc.). You will get a better shave and style from them, but you pay for their services. This translates to between $75 and $200, on average.

Day to Day Beard Care

When you decide to grow a beard, you decide to maintain and care for your beard and the skin under it. This is a daily routine that you will need to get accustomed to. It doesn’t have to be tough and lengthy, but you will need to take five to ten minutes every day, at least, to care for your beard. If you don’t your beard will look unkempt and become itchy, dirty, wiry and unattractive.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is the number one essential element of your daily routine. Which beard oil you choose is up to you, using it, though, is crucial. Beard oil replaces the lost sebum oil and keeps the hairs lubricated, manageable and smelling fresh. Use beard oil every morning and again at night, if desired.

A standard ½ to 1 ounce bottle should last you about a month.

  • Average beard oil costs will run between $60 and $120 per year
  • Premium beard oils will cost you between $180 and $300 per year

The price difference is usually because of the ingredients. Premium beard oils contain very expensive essential oils.

Beard Balm

Beard balm can be an alternative to beard oil, or to use between days you apply beard oil. Bead balm has the same effect on beard hairs; making them softer, manageable, smelling great. It also provides a soft hold because of the wax, which helps in styling, if you are into that.

One tin of beard balm should last about three months with daily use.
  • Average beard balm costs will run between $28 and $36 per year
  • Premium beard balm will cost you between $50 and $65 per year

Beard/Mustache Wax

This is not essential to a daily routine. However, if you want to have dramatic styles, extreme handlebars or otherwise maintain your beard in a manner other than “down,” you will need styling wax.

A tin or can of wax should last between four and six months, depending on frequency of use and how much is needed.

  • Average beard/mustache wax costs will run between $14 and $28 per year
  • Premium beard/mustache wax costs will run between $20 and $40 per year

Beard Wash/Shampoo/Soap

Washing your beard isn’t something that should be done every day. You will strip essential oils and cause your hairs to become dry, split and frizzy. Washing once every three to four days is sufficient. You should only use shampoos and soaps specifically designed for beards.

Depending on the length of your beard, beard wash should last about four months.
  • Average costs will run between $24 and $36 annually
  • Premium washes will cost in the range of $45 to $60 per year


Beard and mustache scissors will be used frequently. The good news is that if you purchase a high quality set, you will only need to do so once every few years or so. Buy a good one and take care of those rouge hairs when needed.

  • Average beard scissors will run about $15
  • Premium scissors cost in the area of $35

Beard Trimmers

Electric trimmers need to be smaller than regular trimmers for beard and mustache care. The smaller heads are better suited for maneuvering around the lips, ears and jaw line. You can get standard trimmers for removing all the hair, or stubble trimmers that keep that 5 o’clock shadow appearance.

  • Average clippers should cost you $20
  • Premium trimmers will run upwards of $55 to $80 or more

Beard Brush

Brushing your beard will help tame the hairs and train them as well. You should use boars hair when possible as it is stiff enough to manipulate your growth but soft enough to not damage your under beard skin.

  • Average beard brushes will run in the price range of about $9
  • Premium beard brushes should cost you an average of $20

Beard Comb

Combs help free tangles, control frizz and distribute beard oils or balms. The two most common combs are plastic and wooden. When you choose a wooden comb, you should stick to maple or bamboo. These will glide through the hair easier, wont tug on tangles or create static build up.

  • Average beard combs run between $5 and $11
  • Premium beard combs will be in the range of $10 to 18

Beard Kits

Beard kits are a way to get all of your care products in one package. You can order form various retailers and you will get a range of products, usually a kit will contain: beard oil, wax, soap or shampoo, and a brush or comb.

  • Average kit costs will range between $18 and $35
  • Premium kits can run in the range of $40 to $80 or more


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