July 28, 2018

4 Best Back Shavers - Top Back Hair Removal Product Reviews

best mens back shaver

Being hairy is part of being a man.

But this is the 21st century. There’s no need to live with barrels of back hair just because it’s there.

Shaving your back hair is a simple way to alleviate the bear look without the extra hassle or money required by other methods. But you can’t do it with a normal razor and soap. You need a back shaver.

The best back shavers remove the hair from all the hard-to-reach places on your back painlessly and effortlessly. But there’s a few of these on the market. And not all of them are right for every man.

The following is a comprehensive guide for any man – whether you resemble a bear or need a little bit of grooming – who wants to remove his back hair without asking for help.

Quick Review - Our Top 3 Picks

Here are my 3 best back shavers for those who can't wait:
1. Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver - great for thick hair and easy to use. (electric).
2. BaKblade Big Mouth Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver - Manual and lightweight.
3. Razorba Back Hair Shaver - Manual and very cheap.

hairy back needs shaving

You need a back shaver

Back Shavers: What They Are & Why You Need One

A back shaver is a personal grooming tool designed for any one who wants to remove or better maintain his back hair.

Back shavers offer the close, personal shave of a razor designed for your face. But they include extra features that make back shavers what they are, for example: accessing hard-to-reach and hard-to-see places on your body, like your middle and lower back.

At its core a back shaver is basically a big razor - a long ergonomically designed handle and blades designed to tackle body hair.

So why do you need a back a shaver?

Assuming you're already shaving your back, you simply can’t get the same results with a razor and shaving cream on your own. It’s impossible to get the angles required for a close, tidy shave with a small razor. Plus, the blades of a standard razor aren’t designed to accommodate the amount or thickness of back hair.

So, unless you'll ask someone else to do it for you (which is fine), the result will probably be an uneven, patchy shave.

A back shaver will give you the freedom to take care of your back hair on your own in the privacy of your home.

Alternatives to Back Shaving

It’s also true that you have other options when it comes to removing back hair.
I've tried both, and i'll share my personal experience.

wax instead of shave


Waxing is always an option for men with back hair. But waxing comes with the regular expense of a salon service and the risk of ingrown hairs.

After going through some waxing sessions on my own (on the chest and not the back). I can't strongly suggest against this, because you'll get the desired outcome, a smooth back.

The number one reason I prefer shaving is the independence factor, you can do it on your
own at your own discretion. You don't need anyone else, that's a huge pro, at least for me.

Costs & time are another reason. With a back shaver it's a one time expense, while waxing is a recurring expense. You can shave your back quickly once you get used to it.

Pain can be a huge factor for some men. Waxing is painful, shaving is not. 

What's good in waxing? In my experience it takes longer for the hair to grow back after you
wax, it's nice, but once you have your own shaver it's not a deal breaker, you can do it as often as you'd like.

IPL or Laser Treatments

More men have turned to laser hair removal in recent years. You'll see great results, but again, it is an expensive process. Patience is also required because it typically takes multiple sessions to see results.

So, if you have a date next week that you’re hoping will lead to the removal of your shirt amongst other clothing, IPL isn’t going to do it for you.

What to Look for When Buying a Back Shaver

Before diving into the reviews, you’ll need to know more about what to look for when you’re buying one.


Back shavers are generally more affordable than waxing or laser treatments.

Although they don’t get rid of hair forever, they are a one-time purchase. Though, you’ll need to factor the cost of new blades into your decision.

The price is usually $15 to upwards of $50. High-end models tricked out with all the newest specs (including lithium batteries) can reach $100.

Replacement cartridges cost between $15 and $20 for a pack of one to three.


Shaver models vary widely. There are a few key characteristics to look out for. Keep in mind that the style or model doesn’t make one shaver definitively better than the other. Many of these features benefit some men more than others.

There are different handle lengths available. Some will have long handles designed to reach every area of your back. Others will have shorter handles for men who only have or only want to remove shoulder hair.

Some shavers are designed to provide a close shave. Others offer 5-inch blades to speed up shave time, but they don’t provide a very close shave.

Different shavers also offer different grip and ease of reach. Some will also be waterproof while others might be best used outside the shower environment.

To recap, look for these features when you’re considering which back shaver is the right one for you:

  • Weight
  • Ease of grip
  • Handle length
  • Shave time
  • Shave quality
  • Waterproof

Electric, Battery or Manual

You have 3 options: Electric, battery-powered, and manual.

A manual back shaver can be taken anywhere and used until the cartridge becomes dull.

If you’re deciding between electric and battery-powered shavers, you’ll need to think about two things: battery life and usage. Some batteries will require charging while other shavers will include good old AA batteries.

Adding a battery to a shaver generally results in a heavier, less ergonomic shaving experience. The same is true for electric shavers.

You’ll also need to consider the power and what that means for your shave. You’ll need to make sure you’re not buying a trimmer for “manscaping” when what you want is a clean shave.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your shaver is something you'll have to do. So make sure your shaver is easy to clean and maintain.

Six steps are all that is required to clean razors used on your face. But since you’re typically dealing with a bigger cartridge and a more awkwardly shaped device, you’ll need to make sure you can keep it in a clean place.

Things to Keep in Mind

Here’s a quick list of questions to ask when you think you’ve found the right model.

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Will it reach all the areas you want to shave?
  • What kind of power does it require?
  • Will it give you the shave you require (close, trim, etc.)?
  • Is it easy to keep clean?
  • Is it sturdy and does it come with a warranty?

Reviews of the 4 Best Back Shavers


  • Power Burst mode shaves thick or coarse hair quickly
  • Includes 2 attachment shaving heads
  • Easily shaves hard-to-reach areas of the back
  • Shock absorbent
  • Includes multi-functional flexible necks


  • Noisy
  • Awkward placement of the power button


The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is designed for men who want a clean shave across their entire back.

Advanced specifications include two shaving heads with 1.8-inch wide blades, a long rubber handle, power hinges, and the Power Burst mode feature.

The Mangroomer also includes a power adapter because certain functions require battery power. The unit needs to be charged to use those functions. But it doesn’t need to be plugged in when you use them.

It also comes with a cleaning brush to remove hair from the cartridge and the handle easily and keep it free of bacteria.

A 2-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer if there are any defects caused by a manufacturing fault.


The ability to extend the handle means it is easier to reach even the lower back without needing to twist or turn in uncomfortable positions.

The attachments lock into the handle is also good for a close shave. Secure attachments allow for an angle range of 135 degrees, which is great for getting into all the hard to reach areas. The head also has a bi-directional range, allowing you to get at short hairs, long hairs, and anything in between.

The Power Burst button is what really sells the product. It uses the energy from the charge to trim coarse hair without adding extra pressure.

A rubber handle is an additional benefit. Unlike other back shavers, the rubber handle lets you get a better grip on the shaver, which makes it more ergonomic and add supports the multi-directional movement afforded to it by the blades and the head.


The Mangroomer is perfect for the perfectionist who wants a close shave without missing any patches. The Power Booster makes it ideal for men with thick or coarse hair because it provides a simple trimming feature that doesn’t require extra effort.


The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro is one of the best back shavers that men, including men with coarse and thick hair, can rely on for a solid overall shave.


  • Safety blade for a closer shave without risk of cutting
  • No need for shaving cream
  • Wet or dry use
  • Access to hard-to-reach-areas
  • Lightweight


  • Blade only lasts a few shaves
  • May irritate sensitive skin


The BaKblade model offers a longer-than-average and wider-than-most handle that makes it easy to reach every part of the back.

It includes a patented safety blade design to reduce nicks and cuts. The blade isn’t sharp, per say. But it is 4 inches wide, which means you’ll need to go in for fewer passes. Though, there is enough bite to take off a mole if you’re not careful.

Because of the blade’s design, the BaKblade is also suitable for other parts of your body, including your arms, stomach and shoulder.

It doesn’t come with a blade cleaner. While it’s easy to remove most of the hair from the blade, deep cleans can be trickier.


Use the BakBlade by holding it with the teeth facing towards your skin. It doesn’t require a heavy push, so be sure to use it lightly. It almost resembles a back scratcher rather than a back shaver because of the pressure and the design, but it may also be pleasant for some men.

This model doesn’t require shaving cream nor does it run on batteries, so you can use it in the shower or as a dry shaver. Though, the hair tends to bunch up and get stuck in the teeth when it’s used in the shower. So, it may be better to use as a dry shave.


The BaKblade Bigmouth is ideal for general back shaving. It’s safety features make it great for newer users who want to shave their back, but who aren’t yet skilled in the art of shaving.


It has few of the frills some of the other back shavers have. But what it lacks in extras it makes up for in safety, design, and shave quality.


  • Low cost
  • No batteries required
  • Good quality shave (depending on the blade)


  • Doesn’t come with the razor


The Razorba is purchased as a handle wand designed to hold whatever razor blade is best suited for your hair and skin type.

It’s a simple product that allows you to make use of your favorite razor blades rather than forcing you into buying a dedicated back shaver.

Because it doesn’t require batteries or power, you can use it in the shower and out. But you’ll likely want to wet shave because most blades are better equipped to work with shaving cream.


Snap in whatever razor blade you’re most familiar with. Apply shaving cream and begin shaving.

The usage is essentially the same steps as you’d perform when shaving your face.


If you’re new to back shaving or shaving in general and have fine or light hair, this is a great razor. Depending on the blades you choose, it’ll provide roughly the same shave you’d get on your face.

It’s not idea for those who have thick or coarse hair or for those with hair covering their whole back.


While it’s cheap and cheerful, the Razorba is best designed for those who aren’t fully committed to shaving their back.


  • 2-foot handle is adjustable and extendable
  • Lock button to keep handle in place
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Premium blade


  • Difficult to clean
  • Angle isn’t steady
  • Doesn’t offer a close shave


Here’s one for men who are fully dedicated to the art of manscaping.

The handle can extend to 2 feet in length, which is ideal for reaching the lower back. But while other shavers extend to reach difficult places, the handle on the Professional model is better suited for shaving. A lock button creates greater stability thereby allowing for custom lengths.

To clean it, brush the hair out of the of the blades.


Charge it up.

When you’ve got battery life, adjust the handle and lock it into place. Use the 1.5-inch blade to cover your back using several strokes. Use the 135-degree opening angle to reach difficult areas.


The Mangroomer Professional is good for the general user, especially someone who isn’t concerned with getting the perfect shave.


It’s a solid product with good life that is easy to clean. A good starter tool before moving up to the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro.

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