January 16, 2018

How to Eat & Drink with a Beard - Great Tips & Tricks

How To Eat With a Beard

The two things I love most, beards and food, are often at odds with each other.

There are just some meals that end up more in your beard and mustache than in your mouth. While this might seem like an excellent case to get rid of your facial hair or maybe give it a big trim, I say:


There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your beard stays neat and tidy even while you eat your favorite meals.  There are also some tools you can use to make dining with facial hair more manageable and clean up afterwards a snap.

In this article I'll help you master these tips and learn how to eat with a beard.  No one should have to choose between a magnificent beard or a delicious meal.

Problematic Foods & Drinks

Some foods are just plain messy.

There is no way around it, and if you don’t want to avoid these tasty meals for the rest of your bearded life, you should know how to handle each one.

Later, I’ll give you tips on how to eat these foods, so you stay as clean as possible.  But first, let’s identify the messiest foods and drinks for those of us with beards.

Noodles & Pasta

Personally I LOVE Pasta.

I'll probably won't surprise you, but it's messy for just about anyone who eats it and especially for those of us with beards.

eat with a beard pasta

The long noodles covered in red tomato sauce can often get stuck in your beards and leave behind a big mess.

Usually the problem is not the pasta itself, but rather the sauce together with the pasta that makes it problematic.  Noodles are slippery and covered in sauce which makes them a problem for us bearded folks.

Loaded Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love a sandwich with the works?

The only problem with a tasty, loaded sandwich is it's also full of a mess for our beards.

Sauces, toppings, and condiments can easily fall out of the sandwich and onto your beard.


Soups, especially cream-based ones, are a beard hazard.

Soups can easily fall off your spoon and into your beard.  And if it’s a creamy soup it will only show up more prominently.

Coffee, Beer and Milkshakes

Perhaps the three tastiest drinks can also be a problem for beards and more particularly mustaches.

The foam from beer or your favorite coffee concoction often gets trapped in your mustache.

Your extra thick strawberry milkshake is also a problem.

Other Foods to Keep an Eye On

Loaded nachos, gooey lasagna, chili, wings, meatball subs, and sloppy joes are also some messy foods to eat when you have a beard.  But have no fear because I have solutions to keep you eating your favorite dishes.

Keep Your Beard Clean When Eating

These are just a few of the things you can do or use while you eat to keep your beard as pristine as possible.

1. The Right Bite Size

Finger food can often be a problem for our beards because sometimes these aren’t quite bite-sized.

The easiest solution is to make sure everything is small enough to fit into a bite.  For things like sandwiches, burgers, or other larger meals you eat with your hands, cut them into more manageable sizes.  The smaller the bite, the less you risk dropping the food into your beard.

If the meal is just too awkward to cut into smaller pieces, like appetizers that are already on the smaller size, it might have to be avoided.  You don’t have to avoid these foods forever, but maybe eat them when you’re on your own and not in public.

2. Hold onto Your Beard

If you have a shorter beard, you don’t have to worry about it falling into your food or soaking up your soup.  For those with long beards or facial hair, this might be a problem.

If you can eat your meal with one hand, you can always hold your bead back with the other hand to keep it out of your plate or bowl.  If you need both hands while you eat, consider using a hair tie to gather your beard into a ponytail.  This will keep your hand free and beard tidy.

how to eat and drink with mustache

3. Eating Utensils

Simply using the right eating utensils can help keep your beard clean.  A fork and knife can go a long way to keeping your beard clean.  Cut your food into bite-size pieces, so you have a smaller target for your mouth.

Chopsticks can also be helpful but reconsider if you aren’t the best at using them.  Novice chopstick users might end up with more food in their beard than in their mouth!  You can also find tools to make chopsticks more accessible to use which might make eating a cleaner venture.

4. Wipes & Handkerchiefs

Despite your best efforts part of your meal still might find its way to your beard.

That is when handkerchiefs and unscented wipes come in handy.  Keep a tissue in your pocket for any messes or buy travel packs of unscented wipes to clean up after your meal.

Keep Your Beard Clean When Drinking

Drinking can be just as messy as eating especially if you like foamy beers or milkshakes with a pile of whipped cream like us.

Luckily there are simple ways to still enjoy those beverages.

1. Straws

A straw is by far the easiest, and sometimes cheapest, way to keep your beard clean while you drink.

Most restaurants and cafes have straws on hand, but you can also carry your own wherever you go.

Here’s a nice trick: buy a travel toothbrush holder and fill it with disposable or reusable straws. Now you have a convenient way to carry your straws and avoid a messy beard!

2. Lids

You can use lids on drinks such as lattes, tea, coffee, and soda, so you don’t have to worry about a messy beard.  You can also find unique mugs that come with a built-in guard to keep drinks or foam out of your beard while you sip away. 

Tips to Keep Your Mustache Clean

The mustachioed men have just as hard a time at keeping their mustache clean while they eat as bearded men.  Mustaches can sometimes be harder to keep clean because they come in direct contact with more food.  Here are some tips to keep your upper lip clean.

1. Keeping Your Mustache Out of Your Meal

If you find yourself biting into your mustache while you eat there are a few things you can do to get it out of the way.  First, trim it if you like to keep your mustache short because that will get it out of the way.

If you like your handlebar mustache just the way it is, consider using mustache wax. Wax can be a simple way to keep your mustache away from your mouth and out of your food.

You can also use wax and a mustache comb to train your mustache to grow a certain way. This method might take a few weeks to see results, but you can teach your hair to grow a certain way and keep it out of your mouth.

2. Open Wide

This tip sounds simple, but it can make a significant difference: open your mouth wide each time you take a bite.

It feels a little strange, but it keeps food from getting on your mustache.  Just make sure you close your mouth back up when you chew because your friends probably don’t want to watch that.

3. Mugs & Guards

Just like with your beard, a lid or mustache guard can go a long way to keep your mustache clean.  The lids you find on your favorite coffee shop work well.  I also like mustache mugs and guards to keep the upper lip hair neat and tidy.

A mustache mug or guard looks like a coffee lid but cut in half.  It allows you to sip your beverage but keeps things like foam or whipped cream away from your mustache. You can find guards that will clip onto most cups.

Maintenance Tips

Even if you manage to keep your beard totally clean while you eat, it’s still a good idea to clean it. You might have some food or drink hiding in there, and you don’t want to leave it. 


You can buy shampoo or soap specifically for your beard. Beard shampoo or wash doesn’t contain the harsh detergents that regular shampoo might have.  They will keep your beard clean and healthy, so you always look your best.

Brushes & Combs

You can also find beard and mustache brushes or combs.  Not only will these tools keep your facial hair looking fantastic, but they can also help comb out any hiding bits of food.

You can use a comb or brush before or after you wash, and it might be handy to carry one with you in case you have a beard emergency.

See more maintenance and beard care tips here.


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