6 Reasons Why You Need a Beard with a Bald Head

Embracing the Beard With A Bald Head
I know that there are some stigmas that pertain to balding, but as a woman, I am here to tell you how much I really enjoy a bald man with a beard.

There really is nothing sexier for me too see a man with a beard, and a cleanly shaven head walking down the street. It’s like a magnet for my eyes. The image of a man doing all the burly things a man does begins and ends with a neatly trimmed beard though.

The saving grace of distinguished signs are made of these wet dreams. I hold a few things close to my heart but seeing the hippy stance of freedom of a freshly shaved head shining at me, filling up our walkways while undertaking this enigma is more than this single mama can handle. For those that frequent the style endure in my heart.

1.) Embracing this sexy stage of life

Beyond the man with a beard and bald head is the self confidence that comes with it. You have lived so long and now you are finally simplifying your life. You’re taking it seriously and it doesn’t matter how long your hair was before; this is your choice, so stand tall with pride. Know that you are looking good in the eyes of this woman. If there is even the slightest doubt of your confidence showing, throw on some gym clothes, be pro-active and really work out. Take life seriously; there is nothing sexier than a man with a beard and a bald head running. There is no doubt that you are a man, not a child pretending to be something. Cross the finish line and go for gold. There is no use in hiding or becoming a bump on a log just because we are all ageing. You can only be this age once and then you get older, so embrace it! Live it! Love it! Really, love it and you will attract the ladies, I promise. You’re not wearing a disguise, you’re showing the world what you are made of.

2.) In the United States, the bald eagle is the national icon

That’s right, I said it. The United States holds the bald stature in high esteem. We can’t get enough. The bald eagle is representative of everything including freedom. This is our national icon and so are you. Let’s use this to our advantage and smile. Let your eagle eyes hone in on every woman who passes you by and smile. The number one strategy for freedom and freeing one self is too face your fears and let a smile be reflected back.

3.) Manicured or mange.

You can have one or the other, but a man with a beard and a bald head is what sends my body into motion. Just having a beard with hair is good, but there really has to balance in this situation. It’s not like one ends and another begins; it’s just too much of a good thing. There is a messiness that harbours inside a degenerative process that contains both the wild and the wonderful; a wild way that can’t be forgiven. I don’t want a man who is too messy. Just messy enough that I can curl up with him and forget the world that made me want to escape it in the first place. I don’t want too much of a good thing or to think about all the grooming that isn’t getting done as I kiss him. I just want to play with a little something, and a salacious little beard works wonders. There are times when I like hair and no beard, but it’s rare. I really enjoy that mountain man image, but not necessarily the whole ‘let’s look like a bear and take over the honey pot’. No! I like to keep my honey intact. I like having the best of both worlds; not too much of feral longing but nicely manicured rational reasons why I love to run my hands over a naked head; it’s beyond sexy.

4.) Taking the bald man with a beard to the next level

What is sexier than a neatly manicured man with a beard adding a little shine after shaving his head. It can be done with body oil or if you want it to stay for the whole day, use something with a little bee’s wax in it. This gives it a slick feel. Bald is the new way, the only way to welcome your prospects and decrease the stagnant ways of the world. Trimming scissors really shape the style and will work wonders. You can have it nicely rounded or a gotee style, those rock my world. There is also the increasingly popular line down the chin or the Amish style beard with no moustache but like I said before, I like to get down and dirty, but not too dirty so I prefer the latter, but it’s personal taste.

5.) Whispering ways of the man with a beard and a bald head

So as I curl up to forget the world and the ways of wondering men, I want you to whisper in my ear. I want to be tickled by your reality, your breath and your beard. I want you to calm my fired up hormonal words with a nuzzle of your shiny head and release all my fears by holding mine. I want you to kiss me with all that goodness so I can grab a hold of your nakedness and pull you close. I want to feel something boldly going where only you can go. In all this light sense of humour, my sense of humour, I want it to be known as I laugh that I want to laugh with you and not at your lunch.

6.) Man up

As we talk about embracing the beard and being one with your bald head, man up. Know on a deeper more profound level that none of this is even remotely important! What takes the cake for me and my desire is a man’s ability to make good choices and take care of his responsibilities. Satisfying our souls with looks is great and at first glance, can really be a turn on, but, when you open your mouth, make sure you have something good to say. Man up and be a Dad. Seeing a Dad with his kids having fun is something I can watch for hours and that is who I want to be in my life.

Guest Post by Maria P.

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