June 13, 2017

How Do Women See A Man’s Beard?
A Girl’s Perspective On Facial Hair

do women like facial hair

To beard or not to beard?
do women like beards?

That is the question that some men struggle with occasionally.

Just as women care about how men perceive their physical appearances, the reverse is also true, though somewhat on a lower scale.

do women like beards

There has been an ongoing debate about how women view a man’s beard, do women like bearded men or not? There are different fronts to this debate.

Some men, who are well endowed in this department, have proclaimed several times that women find them more attractive as compared to their clean-shaven counterparts. Actually there are men who naturally cannot grow a beard and, therefore, will find it very difficult to participate in this debate without a bias.

Whether you decide to grow a beard or not, the way women will perceive you is not up to you. From different research studies and publications we can conclude that women hold different views about beards, some prefer men with grown beards while others prefer clean-shaven ones.
At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference.

Women Who Prefer & Love Facial Hair

There are a lot of women who love men with beards.

Stubble seems to be the most popular, it shouldn't come as a surprise that women find facial hair attractive, beards have many benefits, some of these are:

do women love facial hair

These are qualities that women look for in their partner. These and other benefits may provide an answer to the question why women like men with beards.

Women consider such men as those that can protect them in case of danger. In the natural order of things, women are known to want men who can take care of them. Since a beard is often associated with strength by such women, they are automatically attracted to them.

Another reason, perhaps not very common but still a factor all the same, of why women find beards attractive is the aspect of being unique. You will not find many men walking the streets with full grown beards. Women who are attracted to men with beards consider them unique and a rare breed. Remember that in the grand order of nature, everyone wants to be superior. When that instinct of survival for the fittest kicks in a woman, bearded men are likely to win because they are considered to be genetically superior.

As mentioned above a lot of studies and researches were done in order to understand women's opinion on beards, as usual the answer to this question is complicated.

One of the latest studies

Some Women Don't Like Facial Hair

In the previous section we said that according to many studies women love bearded men.

Is this the ultimate truth? No Way!

When we talk about human preferences you will always find different opinions, and this is also true for the  women preference for bearded men.

women who love beards

As much as most men think that a majority of women love facial hair, a good number cannot actually tolerate beards.

According to the evolution theory, man evolved from a more wild species that had lots of body hair. By growing beards, some women tend to associate such men with being overly aggressive.

They view men with grown beards as being in touch with their wild nature and are therefore turned off by them. While men associate beards with being macho, a trait which most women are known to love in a man, some women can't stand it.

There are those ladies that consider beards untidy. They associate men with beards as lacking in personal hygiene and immediately put them off.

While this is certainly not always true, perception is perception, everyone is entitled to their own views. Once a woman has formed an opinion that beards are dirty, there is not much convincing you can do to change her mind.

Women's reaction to their partner's shave.

Your Choices & Preferences - Beard is Not Everything

Some men grow beards specifically to appeal to the opposite sex while others just choose to keep them as a matter of preference.

There are those that hate a clean shave, and therefore, grow beards to ‘hide’ that area. They are not really bothered by how the opposite sex perceives them, the only thing they care about is what makes them feel comfortable.

So for men, at the end of the day it comes to choices and preferences.

Women also have their preferences when it comes to men with beards and those without. As much as men grow beards for different reasons, women have their own views. To illustrate this have a look at the following stats that show what men prefer:

And now for the women, a study done by BodyLogicMD found that the number of women who prefer their man to have no beard is just under 46%.

The study also suggests that nearly 58% of women are indifferent to whether their man can grow a full beard or not.

It also appears that roughly a third prefer short stubble over all other styles and, predictably, a clean shaven face is the second most preferred.

But if you are a man who prefers to wear a full beard, don't lose hope. Full beards do appear to be the 3rd most preferred style.

some of these opinions are based on personal experiences that dictate how they view different men while others are down to what they are naturally attracted to.

Physicality does little to show you the true nature of a man, but at the end of the day it still plays a key role in first impressions.

women attracted to men with beards

Whether a woman prefers a man with a beard or one without, the fundamental question is what she really expects from him at the end of the day.

  • Is he loyal?
  • Is he trustworthy?
  • Is he caring?

These are the basic questions that women should be seeking answers to when it comes to men. 

A beard is not what makes the man, it is just that, a beard.

It will never put food on your table or take care of your children. The physical appearance of a man is not very important even though it cannot be entirely ignored.

Life decisions cannot be made based on the growth of facial hair or lack of it, it has to be more than just that. This is true for men and women.

At the end I believe that you should do whatever makes you happy.

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serena - July 23, 2016 Reply

Some prefer to have beard and some don’t .I personally prefer to have small trimmed one

    Luther Sprinkel - August 20, 2018 Reply

    Only wanna say that this is very beneficial, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

    Denny Joulwan - March 21, 2019 Reply

    Just what I have been looking for. Fantastic read and you can tell that a lot of research went into this. Keep it up.

Laurence - April 14, 2017 Reply

I appreciate that I’ve got some good growth going on with my facial hair. I can only tolerate 3-4 weeks worth of growth and then i normally trim it back to stubble. I’ve only recently resumed my wet shaving regime after picking up a Merkur 34C DE. From now on it’s either one or the other ; growth of 3-4 weeks max and go back to my wet shaving regime. I never my appearance looked so untidy with the stubble look. Absolutely outrageous! – but i feel in my zone with either the 3-4 weeks growth or a complete wet shave – but not in between. My girlfriend likes it either way but has commented that i look preppy with the complete shave. You can’t win em all!

Tim - October 3, 2017 Reply

Hey Jason

Awesome article.

I found your article on sharpologist and I thought I should come and say Hii to you.

As a beard lover, I must admit, not all the girls/women gonna love your beards. But, trust me, it’s a sign of high social status. People do seem to value to that thick and well groomed bearded man a lot.

Sadly, not all of them can grow a beard. do you have any tips for those who are struggling to grow a beard??

Tim - October 4, 2017 Reply

Hey Jason

that’s awesome. Thanks.

I too run a small blog just like you. I am working on something really amazing which will help the community.

I am going to include one of these posts from your blog.

Hope you don’t mind.

If you don’t have a problem to share your email with me, I can give you a heads up once the post goes live. ( & maybe I could get some valuable feedback from you )

    Jason Hall - October 4, 2017 Reply

    Hey Tim,
    Sure, I’ll be glad to assist you with feedback. Send me a message from the contact page and we’ll take it from there (sorry, spam bots).

    Best of luck with your blog 🙂

Tim - October 5, 2017 Reply

Yeah. completely understand. No worries. I will contact you soon.

Wish you more success 🙂

Shiva Kalluri - October 11, 2017 Reply

Preferences and opinions don’t change facts. Beards were simply meant to be.

melissa - October 31, 2017 Reply

Can’t stand them.
A bunch of whimpy guys claiming to be ‘Alpha’ (no such thing unless you are a big cat in the wild and then the Alpha is the Queen aka the oldest FEMALE, how dumb are you all for talking this ‘Alpha’ NONSENSE). Same guys who have sleeves of tattoos.
BOTH a total turn off for grown women. Who has time for all that nonsense. Obviously these type of men are INSECURE and need to PROVE their ‘ALPHANESS’ at every turn.
These guys are what we call DOUCHBAGS.
Attention seeking, usually void of anything of any substance cuz they are too busy proving how ‘ALPHA’ they are.
A real man has nothing to prove and to me all these corny beards are nothing more than a pissing contest between men. GROWING UP is the only way you will ever get and keep a woman.

    Alpha - November 21, 2017 Reply


    We actually wear them to weed out ninnies like yourself.

    Chad - November 21, 2017 Reply


John - November 24, 2017 Reply

Very well said, Melissa.

Frank - January 18, 2018 Reply

Just read the article on my lunch break (no really boss I’m on break). I’ve had a full beard now for five months now and I’m positively AMAZED at how much supportive attention it has garnered, not only from the lady folks (Commentator Melissa aside of course), but professionally in my job. Our Director remarked multiple times how much I appear more focused and mature. My wife (the only woman who’s opinion I give a damn about) loves my beard.

It’s funny because I can’t ever imagine shaving it off now. It’s like living your whole life and discovering another sense, you never want to give it up.

Great article.

Couples Corner - March 2, 2018 Reply

Some women love beards, others hate them, I believe a well groomed beard gets a better reaction!

Will - June 4, 2018 Reply

I believe that the type of women who hate beards Are actually a sign of how shaving has crated disfunction in our society. All men have some level of beard growth. If a woman doesn’t like it, she is saying she doesn’t like men. Its a disfuntional sense of sexuality.

Ron - July 22, 2018 Reply

In my opinion Its just a new trendy fashion fad that younger men are doing to show off the Alphaness to young women these days. Just like tattoo sleeves. Yes the women are going for it because its what attracts them, for now. But this is for the 20 and 30yr old group mainly. I see a lot of that going around. I’m older and prefer to be clean shaven cuz I cant stand the gritty feel of stubble crawling down my neck. The mature women I had dates with preferred me clean shaven too for smootching without getting jabbed by a days stubble growth. Guys as yourself this, do you prefer a woman with hairy legs or clean shaven? LOL

Ian - August 1, 2018 Reply

As a guy I would have to say that I believe women like men with beards. Unfortunately for me my beard doesn’t connect and I can’t grow a beard without having patches. I always have a go tee but other than that I am clean shaven everywhere else. To continue the debate. Do women like nice groomed beards or unkempt rougher beards????

Julie - October 6, 2018 Reply

Have always preferred men with facial hair. My dad wore a beard all of his life because that’s what his daughter preferred and thankfully, my husband has a nice, thick beard, too.
Not all women are like Melissa. ☺️

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