June 9, 2018

Summer Beard Care Tips - How to Keep Your Beard Tip Top

beard care tips

Summer is here, as a winter man can’t say I’m too happy about it. As a bearded man, I can definitely say I’m not happy about it.

Let me tell ya, I’m not that grumpy all the time (well, most of…).

Itchy and irritated skin? Dryness? Trapped dirt and sweat?

These are few problems that come with a summer beard. Some of you may have experienced this before, and for some it’s the first summer with a beard.

Keeping a beard in the summer can be a challenge. So, before you run off and take the first safety razor you find and shave off the beard that you have faithfully grown, groomed and nurtured. I have some great tips that will make summer a lot easier on your beard and yourself.

1. Beard Wash

It goes without saying that a clean beard is a healthy beard. During the hot summer days you’ll sweat more and the skin under your beard might get irritated. Make sure you wash your beard at least 2-3 times a weak. (It also depends on your job, hobbies, etc.)

If you’re thinking about using your hair shampoo – DON’T. It will only make things worse. Hair shampoo contains chemicals that are meant for your scalp and not your face skin.

Beard wash contain a blend of natural oils that nourish and hydrate your skin and facial hair. This will help you keep your beard clean, soft, itch free and it will smell great.

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    Pro Tip

If you’re going to the beach, make sure you rinse your beard with fresh water. Salt water can dry out your beard.

2. Trim It - Lose Some Win a Lot

If you’re really suffering from an irritated itchy skin and beard, a shorter beard will be easier to maintain during the summer.

How much you trim is up to you, but I recommend doing it in phases (you can always trim more), and see when you’re feeling there’s enough air flow and your skin is breathing.

Although trimming your beard sucks, it does have some benefits. It allows for regeneration, when trimming you’ll get rid of sun-scorched, split ended hair. Once you feel ready you’ll be able to quickly regrow it.

3. Beard Oil

The summer weather can have detrimental effects to your beard. The sun can dry out your beard hair. There’s nothing in the world like beard oil to remedy that. Beard oils contain carrier oils and essential oils. These will moisturize your beard and skin, soften your beard, reduce itchiness and beard-druff.

You can pick the one that best suits you by looking at the ingredients list, each oil has different effects and you can look for those that can address your specific need.

Apply beard oil daily, preferably after washing it and brush you beard afterwards.

Tip: If you want you can make your own beard oil.

4. Wear Sun-Screen & Stay Hydrated

During the hot summer days, our bodies tend to lose a lot of water through sweating. Excessive sweating will leave your skin dry and this, for sure, is bad for your beard. Therefore, make sure you drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

It is also vital to use sun-screen. It will protect your beard, and will keep it soft and smooth. (Use a special sun screen for hair)

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    Pro Tip

Great tip I took from Eric Bandholz. Keep a spray bottle with water to keep your beard cool.

5. Just Shave It Off

Sometimes we get to a point where we need to go to the extreme. I was there once, my beard drove me insane during the summer and I just shaved it off completely, and it felt GREAT (even the aftershave burn).

It was a great opportunity for me to just change my style, I love changes, it makes me feel alive.

Nice video where women see their men after shaving off their beard:

If that video did something and you decide to shave your beard off remember the dreaded beard tan line:

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