How To Stop Beard Itch In 6 Easy Steps

beard itch

Beards are becoming more fashionable nowadays. I thought having a beard would make me look cool so I decided to let my mane grow out. However, after only two weeks I had to shave it off—the problem was that it was incredibly itchy, something I had never experienced before. However, I decided to soldier on and look for a solution. The steps to having a full beard without worrying about the itchiness are easy to learn and understand. I thought I should share with you my solution for how to stop a beard from itching.

What causes beard itch?

The first step in treating an itchy beard is to understand the cause. The problem of the itchy beard begins when one shaves it. As the new follicles grow out, they cut into the skin and cause severe irritation. This is because some razors are designed to lift out and cut the hairs from deep in the skin. As the follicles grow out, they dig into the skin causing tiny serrations. Hundreds of thousands of these minor cuts can lead to a maddening irritation that makes one want to yank at their face.

Another reason behind the itchy beard is dead skin cells. These skin cells are stuck to the hairs as they grow out and end up rubbing against the skin. This leads to a very irritating beard. The other most common cause of the itchy beard is dry skin. Beard hair is usually coarse; as it rubs against the dry, caked skin, it causes a nasty itch.


A cure for the itch

In order to cure an itchy beard, you will need a few supplies:

Step 1

Beards can very easily pick up a lot of debris. This includes dust, dead skin cells and food particles that fall off as you eat. However, regular shampoo is not really designed for facial hair and could do a lot of harm. It may cause the beard to become more coarse, worsening the condition. It is advisable to use baby shampoo, which is gentler on the hair follicles.

Step 2

Cleaning all the grime from the beard solves just part of the problem. The hairs of the beard are still coarse, and are constantly rubbing against your skin. In order to deal with this, apply normal hair conditioner. The conditioner softens the follicles, which greatly reduces the itchiness.

Step 3

Softening the coarse hair is great but is not enough to keep the beard itch at bay. In order to keep the skin from breaking up and causing a nasty itch, you need to keep it hydrated. For this, you need to use a moisturizer. It keeps the skin elastic and strong which means that it won’t be hurt by the hair follicles rubbing against it.

Step 4

Despite the best efforts, there are always those ingrown hairs that just want to ruin your day. The best way to deal with them is to stand in front of a mirror and examine the beard for a few minutes in the morning. You should then use the tweezers to remove these hairs. This way you can keep the itchy beard problem at bay before it becomes too much of a problem.

Step 5

In order to keep the ingrown hairs at bay, you should use a beard or moustache comb. This will help the follicles to grow in a single direction so that your skin will become less irritated. In addition, combing the beard makes you look neat and presentable.

Step 6

When the beard reaches a satisfactory length, avoid using a manual razor. An electric razor is better since it gives a more even cut and you can effectively deal with ingrown hairs. An electric razor is also gentler on the facial skin.


I should however caution you against using a glycerin-based conditioner. This is because in rare cases bacteria may be the cause of a beard infection. Using glycerin feeds these bacteria colonies which will worsen the problem so it’s advisable to use petroleum-based products for beard maintenance. In addition, you should always eat healthily. The easiest way to deal with dry skin is to give it the right nourishment. Not only does it improve the condition of the skin, it also makes the beard appear healthier.

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