How to Clean & Maintain an Electric Shaver - for a Tip Top Razor

how to clean and maintain an electric shaver

You would be surprised how many people don’t regularly clean their electric razor.  Maybe you don’t think it needs cleaning or perhaps the idea of taking apart your razor intimidates you because there are a few parts.  I’m here to help and make sure your razor stays in top condition.

I’ll talk about why it’s important to keep your razor clean, and it’s not just to get the best shave every time, although that is a crucial factor.  I’ll also provide you with a step by step instruction guide on how to clean your razor, including tips on how you can maintain your razor and prolong its life.

Importance of Proper Maintenance

There are two main reasons you want to keep your electric shaver clean and perform regular maintenance: safe and clean shaves with each use and a longer life for your shaver.

Prolonging the Life of Your Electric Shaver

The best way to keep your razor around for a long time is to clean and maintain it.  You probably did a fair amount of research on electric shavers and spent a decent amount of money on your razor.  Why waste that time and money by not keeping it in top condition?

Cleaning the razor, performing proper maintenance like changing blades and keeping it lubricated, as well as charging it correctly all mean your razor will last for a long time.  This saves you the hassle of finding a new razor and keeps money in your wallet, which is a huge win.

electric shaver maintenace

Grow old with your shaver

A Better, Closer Shave

We all want the best shave every time we use our razor, that’s why most of us spent the money on an electric razor.

The best way to get a nice, clean shave is to keep your razor as clean as possible.  Those same oils that gunk up the blade and cause it to corrode can also get dull without regular cleaning. You know what happens with a dull blade?  Missed spots, nicks, pulled skin, razor burn, and all around an unpleasant shaving experience.

If you keep the blades clean and change them when they need it, you will always have a great shave.  Even simple things like charging the razor only when it needs it and keeping it in a case will preserve your razor and keep your face smooth and irritation free.

Electric Shaver Maintenance

I know it sounds like maintaining your razor is a huge ordeal and will take extra time out of your day.  Trust me, it’s not that difficult, and it will only take a few minutes.  Here are the simple things you can do to keep your razor clean and running smoothly.

1. Clean Your Shaver

I will give you step by step instructions on how to clean your razor later, but I want to emphasize how important it is to keep your razor clean.  This is the number one thing you can do to prolong the life of your razor and give you the safest, cleanest shave. 

You want to regularly clean out the blade of your razor because hair and oil that gets stuck there will prevent a close shave.  Those things will also erode the integrity of your blade, making it duller and harder to get a good shave. 

It’s also possible for bacteria to grow in your electric shaver.  Bacteria from your skin can sit in the well of the blade.  If you happen to cut yourself while shaving, then bacteria can get into the open wound and cause a nasty infection.  Regular cleaning will prevent this and keep you safer.

How often do you need to clean your razor though?  After every use, you should at the very least empty out the head and rinse it off with water.  Some razors come with a cleaning station and if you have that, use it after every use.  If you don’t have a cleaning station, you should do a deep clean of your razor once a week.  But no matter what, a daily cleaning of your razor will keep it sharp and safe and give you a close shave.

2. Charge Only When Needed

Not many of us think about the importance of how we charge our razor, but it can make a difference in the performance and longevity of your electric shaver. 

Overcharging your battery might cause it to overheat or not hold a charge as efficiently.  Some newer models use batteries that can’t overcharge even if you leave it plugged in all the time but that isn’t the case for all models.

Don’t let your battery run completely down either because that can cause problems too.  If you let your razor fully drain, you might pick it up in the morning only to have it too weak to give you a proper shave.   It takes time for the razor to get enough charge to provide you with a good shave and you might not have that kind of time as you get ready.

The best advice for charging your battery is to read the instructions.  The instructions will let you know what capacity you can charge the razor and how long that should take.  You want to charge the razor only when you need it because that keeps the battery working better for longer and makes sure your razor is always ready to go.

3. Use A Case for Protection

How many times have you dropped an electronic device?  It’s too numerous to count for us and probably for you.  We have cases for everything from phones to laptops to tablets; it makes sense to have a case for your razor too.

Not only is a case a great place to keep your electric shaver when you aren’t using it, but it also provides protection if you drop it or it falls off the sink.  The case will also protect the head of the razor from dust and other debris that can gunk up the blade and cause it to dull faster.

While we’re talking about protecting your razor, don’t tap it on the side of the sink to knock out the hair trapped in the head.  There is a better way to clean it and tapping or knocking the razor on your sink can cause the mechanics of the razor to jostle and break down faster.  It might not happen the first time you do it, but if it’s a habit that constant tapping will wear down your shaver sooner or later.

4. Use Lubrication

One of the many reasons we decided to get an electric razor because we could shave our face without the hassle of shaving cream or other lubrication.  But that doesn’t mean you can skip all oiling.  We might not need to use shaving cream, but we do need to use lubrication on our razor heads.

Lubrication reduces the heat on the blades and rollers which makes your shave more comfortable.  It also helps the moving parts in the razor last longer as well as puts less stress on the motor.  Finally, a well-oiled electric shaver gives you a closer shave.  Because there is less heat generated from the blades, you can use more passes and get a smoother shave. 

How do you lubricate your shaver?  You can either choose a spray or a multi-purpose light oil such as hair clipper or sewing machine oil.  No matter which option you use, lubricate the shaver after cleaning the razor.  With sprays, you can simply spray the blades after a thorough cleaning.  If you have a rotary razor, make sure you disassemble the heads before you spray.

If you decide to use a light oil, just put a drop or two of oil on the blades or directly into the foils and let it run for a few seconds.  The oil should get into all the parts, and your razor is ready to use.

5. Replace Foil or Cutter

This is another obvious but important maintenance tip.  Make sure you regularly change the blades and/or foils on your razor.  After a while, these will start to break down and dull.  A dull blade is the best way to get a nick or nasty cut and remember, if you aren’t regularly cleaning the blades, bacteria can cause an infection.

About every 12 to 14 months you should replace the blades or foil.  Check the manufacturer’s instructions and only use the parts made for your specific razor.  A tip from us to you: check the price of the razor parts before you purchase the razor, so you aren’t surprised when it comes time to replace them.

6. Consider A Warranty

It might be a smart idea to invest in a warranty for your razor.  Even with proper cleaning and maintenance, things can still go wrong with your electric shaver.  A warranty can help with these things rather than trying to fix it yourself and make it worse or completely replacing it.

How to Clean Your Electric Shaver

Alright, now it’s time to learn how to clean your electric shaver properly.  We will give you specific instructions to help you determine the best way to clean your razor and keep it running smoothly.  We will also make sure to cover all the bases for various kinds of razors, so you know exactly what to do!

1. Taking Apart the Electric Razor

The first thing you need to do is take apart your razor if it can come apart.  Most razors come apart, but some are all one piece.  If your razor plugs into the wall, make sure it is unplugged as you clean it.  If it has batteries, remove those before you clean.  Make sure you take apart the razor over the sink or a garbage because loose hair and debris will fall out as you open the razor.

Rotary Head Razors

If you have a rotary head razor, the top should flip open.  On some models, you can pop the top completely off.  You should also remove the retainer that keeps the blades in place as well as the blades.  This will allow you to clean all the nooks and crannies of the razor.

Foil Razors

If you have a foil razor, you can pop off the protective foils to expose the blades.  Some of these razors don’t have that options, but most do.

Clipper Razors

If your electric razor has clipper blades, pop the head off to expose the blades.  Then, use a screwdriver to remove the blades so you can thoroughly clean them.

If your electric razor has clipper blades, pop the head off to expose the blades.  Then, use a screwdriver to remove the blades so you can thoroughly clean them.

How to take a part your shaver

2. Cleaning the Razor

There are several steps to follow when cleaning your razor:

Dry Brush

Once you have disassembled your razor, then lightly tap the razor on your hand over the sink or garbage to dislodge any hair or debris.  Some razors come with a little brush to clean out the inside.  If you don’t have this brush, you can use a small nail brush, clean toothbrush, or small paint brush.

Use whatever brush you own to get into the crevices of the razor head and blades.  Brush as much of the hair, and dead skin off the blade as you can.  This is a crucial step because these are the things that dull the blade and can cause issues.

how to clean electric shaver

Water or Cleaning Spray

Some have a coating that allows them to be cleaned with water while others don’t.  If you can use water on your blades, rinse them off well after dry brushing.  Then, with a little soap and hot water, use the brush to scrub the blades and all other removable parts of the razor.  The soap and hot water will help get rid of bacteria and keep your razor safe.

You can also buy cleaning sprays that are safe for razors that can’t be used underwater.  Spray the blade and other razor parts and rub with the brush.  If you do decide to use the spray check to see if it also contains lubricant.  Some sprays combine both so that you can kill two birds with one stone.


If you want to take sanitizing a step further, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean the blades and parts of your razor.

Dampen a cloth, Q-tip, or cotton ball with a little rubbing alcohol and apply to the blades and razor after you dry brush and clean.  The alcohol will help kill any lingering bacteria and keep your electric razor clean and sanitary.

Cleaning the Body of the Razor

It’s also a smart idea to clean the outside body of the razor.  While the body of the razor might not directly affect your shave, the oil from your hands can break down the material over time.

You can use an alcohol-based wipe to clean the body or merely dampen a paper towel with a little water and a dab of soap.  Wipe down the body and then use a clean paper towel to wipe off any excess soap.

It’s also a smart idea to clean the outside body of the razor.  While the body of the razor might not directly affect your shave, the oil from your hands can break down the material over time.


Do not skip the drying step.  If you leave any water on the blades or in the razor itself, the metal will rust.  Rust will essentially render your razor useless, and all your cleaning and maintenance will be for nothing.

Once you have finished cleaning the blades and razor, lightly pat with a clean towel to remove any water.  Once towel dried, lay out all pieces on a clean towel to air dry before you reassemble the razor.

3. Reassembly

Once the blade and razor parts are completely dry, you can put the razor back together.  Once you put all the pieces together, apply lubricant to the razor and run it for a few seconds.  Remember, you can get a spray or use a light oil to lubricate the razor.  Place the razor back in its case and store it safely, so it doesn’t get knocked around.

Clean up any hair around the sink and run the brush you used under hot water to clean it off.  Let the brush air dry before you put it away, so it’s ready to use next time you clean your razor.

Final Words

I’d recommend you deep clean your electric shaver following these steps at least once a week and twice a week if you have the time.  You should always empty the hair and debris out of the head of the razor after every shave. 

If you follow these simple steps for cleaning and maintaining your electric razor, I promise your razor  will reward you with excellent shaves and a long life!


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