December 5, 2017

Electric Shaving Benefits – Good Reasons to Use a Shaver

Electric shavers can be found at almost any home. Even if you’re in love with your straight razor or safety razor, you probably have an electric shaver somewhere in your house.

If you don’t have one, I think you should consider start using one at least sometimes. Electric shavers have many benefits that are worth discussing, and I’ve decided to write an article about each and every one of them.

Let’s start.

1. Electric Shavers Will Save You Time

It’s hard to calculate how much time does shaving with an electric shaver takes compared to how much time you’d have to spent shaving using a safety razor or straight razor, but you’ll probably won’t be surprised when I say that using an electric shaver is the quickest way to shave.

Most of the times your electric shave can take 5 minutes or less, compare that to wet shaving:
  • Using a cartridge razor takes around 8-10 minutes
  • Using a safety razor can take anywhere between 10-15 minutes. (and that’s fine, traditional wet shaving shouldn’t be rushed)

If we calculate the amount of time spent on shaving we get the following:

  • Electric Shaver: ~28 hours per year
  • Cartridge Razor: ~56 hours per year

That’s double the time – note also that you’re shaving for at least 50 years, so that time definitely adds up.

There’s no preparatory process needed for electric shavers—no need to pre-shave, lather, post shave, or anything else. Of course, that you can have your pre/post shave routines if you want, it will only make your shave better, but it’s not a must.

Just plop your electric shaver into its charger after every use, and then whenever it’s time for a trim, you’re a flick away from starting. Simplicity is one of my favorite benefits of electric shavers.

In a hurry?

You can take your electric shaver into the shower to speed things up. There are many waterproof shavers out there.

Got up late in the morning and don’t have time to shave? Happens to everyone. Just shave in the car or on the train. Technically being able to shave anywhere is a benefit of electric shavers.

2. Electric Shavers Can Save You Money

The argument that electric shaving saves money has never sat entirely right with me. I think that it depends on the shaver model that you have, how often you have to replace the head, and how often you have to shave. That’s not even mentioning the cost of electricity.

Buying a quality electric shaver including the cost of replacing the shaver’s head due to wear out (every 2 years) is going to cost you. It’s a big expense upfront, expect to pay around 150$ for a quality shaver that will serve you for at least 5 years.

It’s up to you to decide how much to invest, I usually buy mid or high-end products, they give me the best ROI. But this is totally a matter of preference, budget and how you maintain your products. (I believe that when you care for a product and maintain it properly you’re prolonging its life).

Looking at the costs of wet shaving, one thing is clear, cartridge razors will cost more than electric shavers. Another option is using a safety razor, which can be cost-competitive with electric shavers in the long run, and there are some arguments which state that electric shavers will be more expensive. As I said before it depends on some factors, here’s a nice study that compared the costs.

3. Wet Shave or Dry Shave, You Can Have Both

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a dry shave or a wet shave, they both have their pros and cons. At the end it’s a matter of preference.

The good news is that with an electric shaver you can have both. I’ve always preferred a dry shave

A wet shave involves the usage of shaving gels, creams and soaps which are used to soften the hair and basically make it easier to cut and shave. I’m presuming that it’s done with an electric razor, but this is correct for traditional wet shaving as well.

Many people are turned off by electric shavers because they think that electric shavers can’t deliver a wet shave. There are plenty of electric shavers out there that can offer a wet shave. You won’t get a close shave like a safety razor or straight razor, but you’ll get a damn close shave.

No matter which style of shaving you prefer, I think that everyone will concur that wet shaving can be better for your skin.

4. Electric Shavers Give You Versatility

Electric shavers are a lot more versatile than razors, straight or safety razors, let me tell you why:

For one, you never need to worry about carrying a can of shaving cream with you when you travel.                                           

Electric shavers are great for traveling, you can take your electric shaver with you and use it on a long camping trip or just on a business trip. Yes, the very best shavers can do multiple shaves on one charge.

Trimming attachments are a great addition to any electric shaver, just put on the guard and have a 5 o’clock shadow or whatever you like in no time, no need to buy a special beard trimmer. Want to style your sideburns? No problem. You can even use them to trim your head and body hair.

This is definitely a big benefit of electric shavers.

5. No More Cutting Yourself!

You’ll never need to worry about shaving nicks and cuts while electric shaving—Well, that’s not entirely true, but, nicks will surely be a rare thing. You can’t compare it to the amount of cuts and nicks you’ll get when wet shaving.

6. You Can Get Great Close Shaves

Electric shavers have a bad reputation among snooty members of the shaving community because they “don’t offer a close shave.” Personally, I think that’s hogwash, and I’ll tell you why in the next section.

Electric Shavers Offer a Close Shave, Sometimes...

If you want to get a good close shave with your electric razor, shave immediately after showering and moisturizing your face and facial hair. Use your razor’s default electric blade. You’ll get a close shave without a hassle. Don't forget to lubricate your shaver this will help getting great shaves.

If you’re using a foil shaver, you don’t even need to follow the instructions that I laid out in the section above. Foil shavers cut closely without any extra prep.

One legitimate complaint that I have about electric razors is that you do need to run the shaver over the same area several times or in opposite directions to get the shave you want. It isn’t always the case, but typically around certain areas of the neckline, you can expect a skin-irritating re-shave required.

Traditional Wet Shaving Will Give You a Better Shave

Safety razors and straight razors are the kings of the close shave—but you need to have the experience and finesse to avoid cutting yourself and to avoid seriously irritating your skin. You can definitely do that, but there’s a learning curve to traditional wet shaving, and if you’re into it, it definitively worth it.

7. No Learning Curve

Try to remember the first time you’ve used an electric shaver.

Compare it to your first shave with a cartridge razor or a safety razor.

I’m pretty sure that it took you a second to figure out how to use the electric shaver, you got a great shave, no nicks and no learning needed.

I’m NOT against learning, I’m just saying that it’s a benefit of using an electric shaver. If you feel like you want to get into the world of wet shaving, by all means do that! If you’re planning to do that, I recommend visiting sharpologist, it’s a great website that will teach you a lot about wet shaving.

If you don’t feel like learning, you can make the switch to electric shaver now…. If you want to.

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