March 1, 2018

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo Review

PROF FUZZWORTHYS beard shampoo Review

As a guy with a beard, I need to be pretty consistent with my beard care. Otherwise, my skin ends up itchy, my beard ends up scratchy and my whole face feels uncomfortable. So I’m always on the lookout for great beard care products.

Although the name is pretty funny, this is actually a very serious beard shampoo. Actually it's a beard soap, but still...

Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy’s Gentleman Beard Gloss Shampoo has an excellent reputation. In fact, many other beard shampoos not-so-subtly try to imitate Fuzzworthy's look and style.

I spent some time using the Professor’s beard shampoo.

Is it truly a one-of-a-kind product?
Does using it lead to a soft, tangle-free, healthy beard?

My complete Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo review starts right now:

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo Review

A Quick Glance at Prof Fuzzworthy’s Soap


A high quality 100% natural beard shampoo. It's not a liquid shampoo but rather a solid soap bar. It produces a rich lather and has a great Eucalyptus & Lavender scent.


  • Unique, all-natural ingredients
  • Light but masculine scent
  • Rich, full lather develops quickly


  • Can’t be stored on a wet surface


  • Size:  27 fl oz (125 g)
  • Scent: Eucalyptus & Lavender or Apple Cider
  • Type: Soap
  • All Natural: Yes

Professor Fuzzworthy's Product Overview

Professor Fuzzworthy doesn’t believe in a lot of frills and extras. This product is a simple shampoo bar measuring two by two by two. Although the packaging refers to the product as a “bar,” it’s really more of a cube shape.

The bar is comparable to full 27 fl oz liquid shampoo bottle. Depending on the size of your beard, the bar will likely last for several months. A little goes a long way with this soap, Even if you have a long, full beard, you only need to use a tiny bit of shampoo each day. The bar foams up quickly creating a full lather suitable for even a member of ZZ Top.

This beard shampoo bar is manufactured in Tasmania, Australia. That’s important because the bar is made from Kunzea Oil, Leatherwood honey and Beeswax – ingredients which are only found in the Tasmanian rain forest.

The shampoo bar is completely organic and natural. All of the ingredients were easily recognizable as real items found in nature.

I always recommend to to use natural products and avoid chemicals, especially if you have a sensitive facial skin.


The ingredients in this product are all natural:

  • Mount Wellington spring water
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Leatherwood beeswax
  • Tasmanian Seaweed extract
  • Leatherwood honey
  • Cocoa powder
  • Kunzea Oil

These are simple ingredients, but you can’t find them just anywhere. Mount Wellington is a mountain in the southeast coastal region of Tasmania. The entire region is located in the Wellington Park natural reserve.

Kunzea Oil, Leatherwood honey and Tasmanian Seaweed extract are also native to the Mount Wellington region.

 Fuzzworthys beard shampoo review

Using the Shampoo

Professor Fuzzworthy’s shampoo is very easy to apply.

You can use it in the shower or by the sink. I prefer to do it in the shower.

First, wet your beard. Then take the bar and rub it directly on your beard in a circular motion. Then use a tiny bit of water and use your hands to create a rich, foamy lather. Once your beard is all lathered up, use your fingers to scrub your beard gently.

Basically, the process is no different than how you'd wash your head hair. Then just rinse away the suds with warm (but not hot) water. The shampoo is perfectly safe and effective for washing your face and head hair, too.

The shampoo leaves a faint rugged, earthy/woodsy scent behind. The scent is subtle but pleasantly masculine. I wish the Lavender scent would be more dominant (it's way more dominant when you smell the soap bar).

You can choose between 2 scents:

  • Woodsy scent (Eucalyptus & Lavender), which comes in a black and yellow box. (The one used in this review)
  • Apple cider tonic scent, which comes in a black and green box

After drying your beard you'll immediately feel how soft your beard is, if it's your first time using a shampoo or soap this feeling is quite amazing.

Note that this is a beard shampoo. While it’ll help soften your beard, you’ll still want to apply a beard oil or balm as part of your beard care routine.

However, a clean beard is often a healthier beard. Regular use of this shampoo will help relieve beard itch. Kunzea and Lavender are both antiseptic essential oils which help keep your skin moisturized and smooth. Overall, both your beard and skin will feel healthier and free from irritation.

Unfortunately, there’s no included storage container. So you’ll need to be careful about where you store the bar in the shower. I kept it on a dry shelf in my shower. If you let the bar just sit in a puddle of water, it’ll melt away. As an all-natural product, the bar contains no synthetic hardeners.

Who Is It Best For?

To be honest, Professor Fuzzworthy’s shampoo has a lot to offer for just about anyone with a beard. Their reputation as a high quality beard shampoo is well earned. This is an affordable, long-lasting beard shampoo which helps keep your hair and face clean day after day.

If you have sensitive skin or a consistently itchy beard, this shampoo is a great choice. The all-natural ingredients soothe and moisturize. While serious skin itchiness is not solved by beard shampoo alone, it will definitely help.


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