How to Select The Best Beard Oil: A Step-by-Step Guide

Best Beard Oil

My Story

Over the several months of growing out my beard, it became a true part of who I was and started to grow attached to it (no pun intended) but the only thing that I really disliked was the constant feeling my precious facial having that wired feeling to it as well as the feeling of it being brittle.

After nonstop days of researching and studying different vitamins, supplements as well as conditioners I stumbled upon a substance known as “beard oil”. Being curious and slightly confused as to what it was I decided to take it upon myself to just go about ordering a small batch to see if it’s good from all the hype it gets from users. Now that I use beard oil, my beard has had that soft feeling and outcome I truly wanted.

You’re probably asking, what on earth is beard oil?

It is a special oil specifically targeted for the beard and the skin. Beard oil moisturizes the area on your face so that it is looking sleek and healthy. As mentioned, beard oil is not only for the beard but for the skin as well. By hydrating the skin underneath the beard you will also be benefiting the hair as well.

If you really want the beard of your dreams, using beard oil will give maximum results by not only giving it that soft feeling, but the oil also creates that shine that experienced growers possess that you now can too! The tricky part of getting a beard that is the talk of the town is the process of actually finding an oil that fits your needs!

Types of Beard Oils

Below I will explain to you the different types of oils as well as the benefits of each!

Jojoba OilJojoba Oil

Originating from the Jojoba plant (hence the reason for the name of the oil) which is native to southwestern states of the U.S.A as well as Mexico, Jojoba oil is a golden liquid at room temperature that provides the skin with a substantial amount of these things called ceramides which aids in the skin’s hydration.

Jojoba oil also contains vitamin E which rids the skin of those pesky free radicals that age it!

Therefore, being that it keeps your skin in tip top shape, your beard will be as well.

Argan OilArgan Oil

Coming from Morocco, Argan oil is extracted from the Argan tree.

By applying this balm to your beard you are almost guaranteed both shine and softness to the delicate hair as well as a rich hydrated skin underneath.

With having vitamin E included as well, your skin will continue to remain in its best state. Many oils have the issue of leaving a thick residue after use, but with Argan oil, it leaves your beard with nothing but the feeling of fresh and new.

Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed Oil

The name says it all, Grapeseed oil comes from the grape seed!Though the use of this oil for your beard will moisturize, it does lack vitamin E that will enrich both your beard and skin.

While other oils don’t create a build of greasy material, grapeseed oil unfortunately does.

Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

By pressing almonds, almond oil is thus extracted! Being one of the most popular beard oils out there, sweet almond is known for the invigorating effect.

Not only does it soften your beard, but it also conditions it.

Due to its hydrating and massage therapy benefits, it can help prevent and rid your skin of both itches as well as irritating dry skin.

Since almond oil produces such a phenomenal effect upon your beard, this is one of the most popular oils out there!

Castor Oil

Castor Oil

This oil has been used for years upon years for beard improvement. Being extracted from the Castor seed, Castor oil is unique in itself.

Though it does has many benefits that are given to the user such as both hair health and growth it is known for being a laxative as well as a lubricant, so if you’re looking for a beard oil that is not so “messy” you may want to stick with other types, but since this does provide both antibacterial and anti-funga

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Though, not considered a traditional beard oil, coconut oil when used for facial hair purposes provides a rich impact not only to the hair but to the skin as well.

Being a solid at room temperature coconut oil the user will usually have to warm it up in order to use it.

As mentioned as it is not considered “traditional” it provides a large amount of health benefits such as grade A moisturizing and a prevention for the loss of hair protein so it continues to make your hair continuously healthy.


Vitamin E Oil

One of the many favorites that notorious beard growers are known for using is vitamin E oil for one reason, in particular, it can help prevent premature graying, because who wants that?

Another good benefit that vitamin E oil adds to the picture is that it has the potential to repair the whole split end situation that beards end up dealing with.


When it comes to getting your perfect beard, there are a few worthwhile steps in order to get that satisfactory facial hair that you love, after going over some of the beard oils you now have a better understanding as to what a beard oil is and the different options you could choose from. Next we will look at the variety of essential oils for your beard.

What is an essential oil? Well, for a beard, an essential oil can add a “personality” to your beard with a different scent. An essential oil is a natural substance that is made by condensing the components found in plants, herbs and other natural material into a concentrated formula. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of essential oils you can use on your beard baby.

eucalyptus_oilEssential Oil’s

Coming in at number one is Eucalyptus oil, not only will it give your beard a wonderful scent, it also has antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree oil is known for its magical effect on beards, it is said to work as a healing agent if you happen to have a cut or blemish but that’s not all, it is also a stimulant to your follicles so it promotes hair growth and health.

Speaking of skin benefits, Pinewood oil is known for being used as a treatment of the skin condition psoriasis, itching, and random various breakouts.

Fir Needle is another extravagant essential oil not only offering the user a “woodsy” scent to their beard but also health benefits such as aromatherapy. When it comes to health benefits, Cedarwood oil takes the prize, offering you these things called Sesquiterpenes, and what are those you may ask?

They are a special organic compound that helps the body rid itself of toxins and increase blood flow! Last but not least, Sandalwood oil, being great for clearing up acne and other skin related issues, Sandalwood is said to be one of the best smelling essential oils around.

How To Use Beard Oil

Now that I and you spoke about the different oils and essential oils that are crucial for your beards health, you must be curious on how to apply this oil. There is a special technique and agenda that must be followed when wanting the best outcome from your special beard oil. To start you must understand the amount of drops needed for different progressions of beard.

When first starting to grow your beard, you won’t need as much as one that is longer, so it is recommended that you only use about 3-4 drops of beard oil daily. If you have a beard that is already in progress, let’s say, 2-3 months, you should be using 4-6 drops. As you can see, with progression, you in continue to increase the amount of drops that you apply to your beard, usually in increments of 2.

Now time for the fun part, when applying the drops to your beard you must first drip the daily recommended drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and work it between your fingers, and then rub the oil into your skin and work it through your beard and mustache. Continue to do this and that beard will be beautiful my friend.

So now that you’re almost a seasoned professional, the research begins, what is the best beard oil for me? I will go through a list of different oils that are favored by both beard novices as well as professionals to make your research fun and easy!

1.Tea Ranger by BeardBrand 

Tea Ranger by BeardBrand Coming in at #1 Tea Ranger by BeardBrand takes beard hygiene to the next level.Due to its mixture of lightweight extracts, you won’t be experiencing that greasy feeling afterward.

Being that it is 30 FL oz. you will not only get a long run from this bottle of Tea Ranger from a young beard but also for longer beards as well.

Including 4 different beard oils (Jojoba, Almond, Grapeseed, Castor) as well as added essential oils (Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Pine) you will be getting the best of both worlds of shine and scent.

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2. Burroughs Beard Oil by Prospector Co 

 Burroughs Beard Oil by Prospector CoWith a beard that smells of fresh nature and wood, you will be turning heads wherever you go having a diverse amount of oils (Jojoba, Grapeseed, Argan and Kukui nut) not only will you experience a sleek shine but your beard will be filled with an astonishing amount of rich nutrients.

When it comes down to making your beard smell remarkable, Prospector Co. has got your back. Having whopping 6 different essential oils (Cedar, Juniper berry, Sandalwood, Pine, Frankincense, Myrrh) you will be making other beards jealous without a doubt.

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3. Mystic Man Organic Beard Oil 

Mystic Man Organic Beard Oil Being one of the more unique oils that are out on the market today the Mystic Man organic beard oil has a great variety of different oils (Sedr, Sesame Oil, Black Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil) as well as Essential oils (Sandalwood and Rosemary).

For those who are in search of a beard oil that gives them what they want with minimal scent, this is perfect.

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4. Peppermint and Lemon Peel Fragrance by The Old Street Barber Co.

Beard Oil - Peppermint & Lemon Peel

Continuing to provide for beards both long and short, The Old Street Barber Co. has nothing but good to provide to their customers.

While this oil gives the beard that soft feel and sleek shine you want it also has a mild scent to it instead of being too strong while at the same time preventing and relieving the itch factor that comes along with a beard.

Being made with a unique blend of oils (Sweet Almond Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Vitamin E) as well as a mix of essential oils. The Old Street Barber Co. has one of the best beard oils out there.

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5. Woodsman by The Bearded Bastard 

Woodsman by The Bearded Bastard

Buying the best beard oil can be a hassle but Woodsman by The Bearded Bastard could easily make the research easy and fun for you. Being that it is hand made in the good ol’ U.S.A (specifically Texas) you can’t go wrong.

This oil offers a variety of different natural oils within its mixture (Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and Castor Oil) with included natural essential oil from Texas Cedar.

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6. Beard Buddy Organic Beard Oil 

Beard Buddy Organic Beard OilA perfect beard requires a perfect oil, with Beard Buddy Organic Beard Oil, they will ensure you that their formula is quite honestly one of the best. With this mixture, you will experience a beard quenching oil that not only leaves your beard feeling good but your skin feels fantastic as well.

The unique blend of oil (Grapeseed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Vitamin E) combined with their top secret essential oil blend. You will have the experience of a beard lifetime.

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7. Fragrance-Free Beard Oil and Conditioner by Leven Rose 

Fragrance-Free Beard Oil and Conditioner by Leven Rose

Not only does Leven Rose care about its beard oil itself but also the container it comes in. The amber container protects the liquid itself from UV light and oxidation!

With that being said, the liquid that is contained within has a beautifully simple arrangement of oils that are 100% organic and don’t possess those nasty additives or GMO’s.

When I said simple, I meant it. Leven Rose beard oil only has two different types of oils (Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil) and no fragrance added to the concoction!

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8. WV Timber Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand 

WV Timber Beard Oil by Mountaineer BrandHere is a magnificent product, finely crafted in West Virginia that beards all over the world are looking at. The WV Timber Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand packs a 100% natural punch to that delicate beard of yours with a smooth, shiny and scented after effect.

With its distinct blue bottle, you will be able to differentiate it from the rest of these beard oils that are out there, especially due to its diverse mix of oils (Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Castor Oil) and essential oils (Cedar and Fir) this is one of the best beard oil’s out in the market.

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9. Bay Rum Scent Grave Before Shave Beard Oil 

Bay Rum Scent Grave Before Shave Beard Oil

This one is for the ultimate beard pioneers who plan to have their facial hair looking and smelly like one hundred bucks, or should I say, gold coins?

With Bay Rum Scent by Grave Before Shave, you can and will eliminate that pesky beard dandruff which leaves your beard and mustache looking healthy and clean.

Having that Bay rum fixated within your beard and nostrils with that touch of coconut, you won’t regret a single drop.

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10. Beardoholic Premium Beard Oil 

Beardoholic Premium Beard OilWhat is better than a shiny beard?A thicker beard. With Beardoholic Premium Beard Oil you will experience an increase in the growth of your precious beard!

By relieving and preventing your beard from dandruff, you won’t have to experience that constant itch or irritating dry skin.

Using a 100% natural formula, you won’t be seeing any works of GMO’s in this oil.

When it comes to finding the perfect ingredients for the best beard oil, Beardoholic has got you covered. With their beard oil (Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Wheat germ Oil, Almond Oil and Castor Oil) with the added essential oil (Pine Oil) this may be the only beard oil you use in your entire life!

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