September 6, 2017

How to Make Perfume Last Longer & Smell Amazing All Day

Make Perfume Last Longer

Hate it when your perfume or cologne fade away too fast?

You want the scent to subtly cling to your body all day long. After all, perfumes can be expensive. There’s no point in wasting even a single drop.

how to wear men's cologne

You've bought the perfect cologne and you want to save money by learning how to make perfume last longer? Check out these simple techniques for applying perfume the right way.

Apply to Pulse Points

Perfume is a highly mobile molecule which means it spreads quickly through the air. If you spray perfume around your waist, the smell will rise and cover your entire body.

Perfume is also activated by warm skin. You’ll want to concentrate application on your body’s “hot spots.” This is your neck, cleavage, wrists and behind the ear. Any area where veins are close to the skin surface will hold the perfume’s scent well.

Avoid putting perfume on each wrist and then rubbing them together. This breaks up the perfume and causes the scent to fade. Just apply the perfume to each wrist without rubbing.

Layer Fragrances

You can build an effective scent reach by applying fragrances in layers as you get ready. Start by using a scented shower gel. Then follow-up with scented deodorant. Next, apply the perfume. After 30 minutes, you can then add some touches of water in order to strengthen the perfume’s reach and duration.

This builds a subtle, but long-lasting, foundation of aromas. Obviously layering takes time to apply, but the effects will last for an entire evening.

Don’t Spray on Clothes

Aim for the pulse points on your skin. Perfume is designed to work with your bodysuit. When perfume is allowed to absorb into clothes the scent can change dramatically – and not for the better.

Plus, excessive exposure can cause the perfume smell to linger in clothes even after washing. Over time the embedded smell can grow stale and unpleasant.

Store the Cologne Correctly

Perfumes and colognes need to be kept in a cool, dry area. Avoid storing bottles in the bathroom, which is far too hot and humid. Also avoid keeping bottles in your car.

Keep cologne and perfume bottles away from natural and artificial light. For best results keep the bottles in their original boxes. Light changes the composition of the perfumes and can sour the smell.

Moisturize Before Application

Perfume doesn’t attach to dry skin very well. Moisturize before applying perfume. Plump, healthy scent will hold the scent best.

Apply After Showering

The best time to apply perfume is immediately after exiting the shower. Steamy showers open your pores. This allows your pores to soak up the perfume molecules. You’ll smell better for a longer period of time. 

Avoid Nose Blindness

Nose blindness is a very real phenomenon where we lose the ability to smell common scents around us. If you use the same perfume or cologne every day, you can quickly become immune to the fragrance.

Trust that the perfume is already working. If you can smell the perfume strongly, you’re probably using too much. Ask a trusted friend or partner for their opinion in order to avoid accidentally overdoing application.

Final Thoughts

Applying perfume is a delicate balance. Too little and the smell won’t be strong enough. Too much and the fragrance will be overpowering.

The tips above will help you apply just the perfect about of perfume. By creating layers and focusing on proper pulse points, the fragrance of your perfume will be subtle but long-lasting and noticeable.


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