July 1, 2017

5 Best Armani Colognes for Men - Reviews of Top Fragrances

Best Armani Cologne for men


The name itself conjures up images of high-fashion and sophistication.

From clothing to cosmetics, it does more than just
create a signature look. The Armani fragrance collection includes several lines of designer scents that can work for any occasion and fit any man’s style.

Best Armani Cologne

This article will explain a bit about Armani colognes style and scent, we will also review the
best Giorgio Armani colognes for men.

Best Armani Colognes - Quick Reviews

About Armani’s Fragrance Collection

Giorgio Armani’s first venture into the world of fragrance was with the release of Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills in 1981.

In 1982, the first branded perfume was released – named simply Armani.
It wasn’t until a few years later in 1984 that Armani Eau Pour Homme, the first Armani scent for men, was released.

What Types of Fragrances Does Armani Offer?

The Armani fragrance collection has an extensive scent library that can suit anyone in any situation. With roughly 18 distinctly different masculine varieties in its men’s collection, it’s all about the options –whether you like woody and aromatic, captivatingly floral (yes, we’re still talking about men’s fragrances) or with exotic notes from the Orient.

Maybe you’re in the mood to be reminded of that relaxing tropical vacation. Then you may like the cool marine smell of Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme. For a scent that is light and perfect for everyday wear, check out Emporio Armani by Giorgio Armani for Men.​

If you have a hot date and are getting ready for a night of seduction, Armani Code Eau De Toilette may be just what you’re looking for. For something masculine but contemporary, Armani Mania For Him Eau De Toilette may fit the bill nicely.​

What Distinguishes an Armani Cologne from All the Rest?

Giorgio Armani created more than just a fashion empire. He created a status symbol for the everyday man. To wear Armani, in any capacity, is a way to set yourself apart. His scents, like his fashion, are timeless and elegant, yet accessible.

What Can I Expect from An Armani Cologne?

Although some fragrances contain more fillers than fragrance, Armani fragrances contain a more delicate balance of pure perfume essence and alcohol.

His fragrance collection includes Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Parfum, and Eau de Parfum.

If you thought that all you needed to know was that cologne is for men and perfume is for women, take a look at this handy reference.
The Armani collection’s Eau de Parfum contains 15% - 20% of pure perfume essence and has staying power for about 5-8 hours. Whereas the Eau de Toilette only contains about 5% - 15% of pure perfume dissolved in alcohol and lasts for about 3 hours.

5 Best Armani Colognes for Men - Reviews



  • Fresh and seductive scent
  • Great for formal events
  • Masculine


  • More of a special occasion scent versus everyday wear

General Overview

Launched in 2004, Armani Code for Men has taken Armani fragrances in a new direction – to the Orient.

Scents of bergamot and lemon are infused with olive tree blossom, Guaiac wood, and Tonka Bean to create this seductively contemporary fragrance.

With the help of Star Trek’s Chris Pine, the new face of Armani Code for Men, its popularity has skyrocketed. It speaks to those looking to emulate Captain Kirk’s charisma and charm, inferring they only need spray on Armani Code for Men to get to warp speed.

For best results, spray in the classic V-pattern beginning at one shoulder and ending at the opposite side.

Ideal for

Armani Code For Men’s exotic and charismatic scent is an excellent choice for those that want to make a lasting impression and exude an air of confidence.

Whether it’s a formal affair, a night on the town or a hot date, it is ideal for that special occasion coming up.


Although not as versatile for everyday use at work or a family picnic, Armani Code for Men is distinctive and appropriate for that next special event you have coming up.

It gives off a contemporary masculinity that is sure to be remembered and wondered about.



  • Stimulating and Fresh Scent
  • Light enough to be worn daily


  • Lighter scent is best for summer

General Overview

Launched in 1996, Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme Eau De Toilette is a scent reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

Containing marine notes, this woody and aromatic fragrance is contemporary masculinity. Bergamot, mandarin, calone and neroli dance with hints of jasmine and rosemary, while patchouli and white musks create a base for this earthy scent.

With such a wide-ranging chemistry, it helps to have a fragrance wheel to see where it fits into the fragrance family.

For best results, apply to the pulse points of the wrist, inner elbow, and neck.

Ideal for

Acqua Di Gio is a fragrance that works best with summer days, road trips, jaunts to the beach and that upcoming tropical vacation.

This classic scent is a staple among those who don’t want their scent to get there before they do. They’d rather arrive together, and leave the same way.


Perfect for everyday use, Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme Eau De Toilette can be the great wingman of fragrances.

It will create a memorable and attractive introduction. It will stick with you for a few hours, making sure not to overstay its welcome.

But let’s face it – it lets you be the center of attention.



  • Lightweight and young-at-heart
  • Lasts longer than other Eau De Toilettes


  • Not as distinctive as other Armani scents

General Overview

Armani Mania For Him Eau De Toilette was first introduced to the Armani fragrance collection in 2002.

As with some of its fragrance collection siblings, it exudes confidence and charisma, two traits present in the essence of the Giorgio Armani man.

The earthiness of its scent comes from a blending of cedar and vetiver with the intensity of seductive musk and amber.

Ideal for

Armani Mania is best suited for laidback, casual occasions. The woodsy, earthiness may be a bit much for confines of the office.


When you need a scent for those weekend camping trips or that outdoor movie with friends, Armani Mania may be just what you’re looking for.

It’s robust enough to be noticed and appreciated, but light enough not to linger and won’t clash with the fresh smell of Mother Nature.



  • Great for everyday use
  • Clean, modern scent


  • Doesn’t last very long

General Overview

Emporio Armani by Giorgio Armani For Men Eau De Toilette has been a classic and a favorite since its launch in 1998.

Another woodsy scent comprised of a mixture of such earthy notes as vetiver, sage, cardamom, cedar wood, sandalwood, and musk, this men’s fragrance is remarkably versatile.

Ideal for

Noticeable indoors, it takes more of a backseat to Mother Nature when outside.

More of a casual scent than its more robust and sophisticated siblings, Emporio Armani By Giorgio Armani For Men is perfect for days at the office or when you are in more of a subtle mood.


Emporio Armani by Giorgio Armani For Men may not last long and may not be the strongest one in the room, but it’s sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons. It’s clean, masculine scent can make a statement without having to overpower everyone else.



  • Timeless and Refined
  • Clean, modern scent
  • Versatile, everyday use


  • Newer bottles seem to smell slightly different than the classic formulation

General Overview

Armani’s original men’s fragrance, Armani Eau Pour Homme Eau De Toilette is timeless.

It’s citrusy top notes of tangerine, lemon and basil are softened by hints of lavender, clove, sandalwood, and oak moss. This is a fragrance that is decidedly masculine and elegant.

For best results, spray in a cloud around the head and shoulders so the fragrance settles lightly.

Ideal for

Those who are masculine and elegant, yet carry the aura of confidence and power. Formal or informal, this scent is versatile and can be used at just about any occasion. With a lifespan of about four hours, don’t expect it to last all day.


Though it’s only good for about half the day, Armani Eau Pour Homme makes a lasting impression in a short amount of time. It’s worth the short lifespan.

Wrapping It Up

The best Armani cologne may be different for each person. Hopefully by narrowing it down
and providing some insight into each, you’re able to find the best Armani cologne for you.

Just remember, a man’s scent is unique to him so use your newfound fragrance knowledge
to find a scent that is quintessentially you.

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