September 30, 2017

 8 Things You Didn’t Know About
 Hugh Hefner

hugh hefner facts

Hugh Hefner the founder of Playboy magazine, lived his life like nobody else. He died on September 27 at age 91. Here are 8 things you probably didn't know about him.


Religious Education

Hugh Hefner was born in Chicago, Illinois on 1926. His parents were teachers. His parents were religious and Hefner describe his religious upbringing as in a “conservative, Midwestern, Methodist”. Needless to say, Hefner is agnostic and according to him religion is ridiculous.

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All Thanks to Mom

His mother loaned him 1000$ to launch Playboy's first edition, which had Marilyn Monroe naked photos. It sold 50,000 copies.


No Raise

Hefner worked as a copywriter for the Esquire magazine. He quit because they denied his request for a 5$ raise.


He Was Married 3 Times

His 3rd wife was 60 years younger than him (22 year old). Hugh said he never cheated on his wives.


Wearing Sleepwear

Hugh said that he used to work a lot at night. According to him "It just became a natural thing to wear the pajamas, they were comfortable". By the way he started to put on the sailor's hat because he didn't want to worry about how his hair looked.

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Ancestor to Presidents Family

He's a ninth cousin to former president George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry.


Saved the Hollywood Sign - TWICE

In 1978, 250,000$ were needed to revitalize the sign. Hefner threw a fund-raiser, auctioning off letters from the old sign for $27,000 each. In 2010 the area around the sign was about to be sold for real estate purposes. The Trust for Public Land was given an option to buy the property for 12.5$ million. It was short 900,000$, with only a week left. Hefner donated the money and saved the sign yet again.

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How Many Women?

Hefner said he doesn't know with how many women he slept with. When pushed he said that the number is around 2000. His unforgettable sexual experience was on his birthday, with 17 Playboys bunnies in his room...

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