September 9, 2017

Google is Celebrating 19 Years - Cool Facts & Tricks

google is 19 years old - tricks

This week Google is celebrating 19 years to its foundation. So much has happened since Google got into our lives.

But today I want to write about all the cool and stupid and things you can type in the search bar and what happens when you do.

Have some time to burn? lets start.


On average Google gets 40,000 queries per second. That's 3.5 billion search queries per day and 1.2 trillion search queries per year.


The first name of the company was Backrub - The founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page built an early version of the Google search engine that was based on popularity, if you're popular then many other sites will link back to you - hence backrub.

Tic Tac Toe

Care for a tic tac toe game? Type 'tic tac toe' in the search bar and play.


Love breakout? go to Google images and type 'atari break' in the search bar. The images will turn to bricks. You can play with the mouse or the arrow keys. (or get back to work)

Feeling Curious

If you type 'i'm feeling curious' in the search bar Google will show you fun facts and short answers to questions.

Back to the Past

Wanna see how Google looked in 1998? type 'google in 1998' in the search bar.

Being Kids

Remember the famous question when we were kids: what sound does a dog make?

As usual Google has all the answers. Type 'what sound does a xxx make' in the search bar, there will be many options such as: cow, ape, there's no giraffe because even Google doesn't know what sound it makes.


Google rents goats to mow the lawns in Googleplex, their Mountain View campus.
The goats replace the noisy, polluting lawn mowers. This is Google's original way to help the environment. According to Google the costs are almost the same.


I love Starcraft. For all Starcraft fans out there, if you type 'zerg rush' in the search bar, red and orange zerglings (small circles) will start damaging the search results on the page, use the mouse to click on them and kill them before they kill your page. The kill count and APM will appear on the top right.

The Screen Moved

If you type 'Do A Barrel Roll' your screen will do a barrel roll. Type 'askew' and the screen will tilt in a small angle.  Wanna guess what's 'blink html' does?

Powerful & Rich

Sergey Brin and Larry Page were in 'The 50 most powerful people in the world' list in 2015. Larry was #17 and Sergey was #42

They are also extremely rich, with around $35 billion personal fortune each.

Geek Facts

  • google
    The main reason the Google page is so graphics thin is because the founders Sergei & Larry didn't have HTML knowledge, so they just had a simple working solution, apparently users were waiting for more content to load - so a copyright massage was added to the end of the page.  
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    Google is using the tool to recruit new employees. when searching for some specific terms you will be presented with an option to participate in the foo bar challenge which will have programming tasks increasing in difficulty.   
  • google
    Google owns about 14 misspelled domain names of Google, some of them are: gooogle, gogle, gewgle. 

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