1. A Comprehensive & Honest Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Shaver Review

Braun Series 7 790ccWhen you hear the word Braun, you probably immediately think of a muscular man with a nicely shaven face.

Well, the company has been in the shaver game for an extensive period of time and the majority of their products have been well received. This is especially true when it comes to the Braun Series 7 790cc-4. The electric foil shaver is undeniably one of their best products to date.

Although the shaver might not be the most affordable on the market, it comes with an abundance of benefits and excellent features, which make it well worth the slightly higher price tag.

The razor offers effortless to use, easy maintenance and is built with longevity in mind.

It is capable of tackling any facial hair mess thrown its way, thanks to the highly innovative Intelligent Sonic Technology.

Is it the best electric shaver for your money?

Within this comprehensive review, you will learn everything there is to know about the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 so you can make that determination for yourself!

Sonic Technology

Men should accept nothing but a superiorly smooth shave from their electric shaver.

Braun understands men and their no exception policy, which is why they developed the Sonic Technology and integrated into their products. This technology not only ensures a smooth shave, but it also ensures time efficiency, by automatically increasing the power capabilities, when it is needed the most.

Each stroke of the blade will capture the hair and cut it away, without causing any stinging or pain.

This technology kicks in automatically when thick, stubby hair is detected. The capabilities are endless and one thing is for sure, you will never be forced to spend more time than necessary to tackle a thick, bushy patch of hair.

This actually works just like an automatic turbo boost of power, where the cutting elements will be operating at a 10,000 micro-vibrations/minute. Once the hair has been eliminated, the power will return to its normal level to ensure the longest battery run time possible.

Cleaning Station  

No one wants to spend hours cleaning their electric shaver.Braun Series 7 790cc 2

Well, you will not have to if you invest in the Braun 790CC-4 since it comes with a cleaning station. All you have to do is place the cleaning solution cartridge into the station, push the power button, and let the machine do the rest.

Not only does this system efficiently clean the shaver head and blades, but it also lubricates them to prevent damage and malfunction.

While the razor is being hygienically cleaned, it is also being charged. This feature offers innumerable benefits and an overabundance of convenience since you never have to worry about spending your precious time cleaning.

You will need to replace the cleaning cartridge every 4-6 weeks, but this will depend on your shaving frequency. A 3-pack alcohol-based cartridge will last anywhere from 9-12 months, which makes them very affordable.

The Fully Flexible Shaving System 

Over the years, shavers have gone through a major transformation.

In the past, not only were razors rough on the skin, but they were also inefficient the majority of the time. This is no longer the case. With the release of wet and dry shavers, men are now able to shave their faces, without pain, cuts or nicks. Of course, the Braun Series 7 looks to take this one step further, with the introduction of the fully flexible shaving head.

The MicroMotion and MacroMotion technology delivers an impressive combination, which guarantees that you will be able to shave your face entirely and incredibly close to the skin, without risking cuts and nicks.

This feature helps to make the Braun Series 7 is a true blessing to use. Thanks to the flexible head and cutting elements, the shaver is capable of maneuvering around the contours of your faces perfectly. This helps to maintain close contact, so a closer and more precise cut is delivered. Also, this helps to cut down on the probability of cuts!

2X OptiFoil Design 

The Series 7 790CC-4 is embedded with OptiFoil blades, which operate in a horizontal action or side to side. These blades are very efficient and offer the maximum performance possible.

They are very sharp and capable of capturing and cutting every single hair with nothing left behind. The shaver head is very flexible and pivots, contouring to the most prominent facial features, without causing pain.   

Not only does this ensure a very close, smooth shave, but it will also prevent skin irritation from developing. The shaver head will glide smoothly over your skin while making maximum contact to speed up the process drastically.

This ensures the user that they will not have to repeat the process a second or third time, which cannot be said about the competitor brand.

One important factor to note is the lifetime of the shaver cassette.

It is crucial for the longevity of the electric shaver and your skin that the blades be replaced every 6-months. The longer you wait to replace these important components, the higher the risk of you experiencing pain during operation and skin irritation.

Ease Of Use 

There are plenty of razors on the market and the majority of electric varieties are very convenient. However, the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 takes this to a whole new level.

First and foremost, the shaver comes with an LCD display. This keeps the user aware of the unit’s status throughout the operation. If the battery begins running low, you’ll be made aware of it right away. At this point, you’ll be able to stick the unit in its charging station. From there, the charging station will do everything for you.

Within approximately an hour, the lithium-ion battery will be fully charged. This is significantly easier than attempting to recharge the razor with an additional cord.

Once the battery has been fully charged, the user will be able to enjoy a full 50 minutes of shaving time. The battery life of the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 meets or exceeds that of its competitors.

Another feature, which adds to the unit’s ease of use, is the fact that it can be washed fully. Giving it a good rinse, before placing it back into the cleaning station is recommended and can be done, within a matter of seconds.

Truly, utilizing the Braun 790cc-4 couldn’t be more of a treat. It never gets bogged down in overgrown hair. At the same time, its ergonomic design ensures it’ll rest comfortably in the palm of your hand throughout the shaving process.

The ease of use and dependability are two of the most impactful selling points of the 790cc-4.

Features And Specifications 

  • Sonic technology is highly innovative and helps to maintain the appropriate power for each area in question
  • ActiveLift trimmer delivers a precise trim around neck and chin areas
  • 2X OptiFoil ensures you receive a satisfactory finish with each shave
  • Flexible shaving system maintains close skin contact and helps to eliminate cuts and nicks
  • The clean and charging station keeps your shaver fully charged and entirely Best of all, you have to do nothing
  • Equipped with 3 shaving modes, so the shaver remains personalized to your needs and face contours
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery delivers 50 minutes of shaving, which should suffice for almost everyone
  • LCD display keeps you aware of the battery’s status
  • Wet & Dry functionality ensures you can use the shaver however you desire
  • Razor is fully washable, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting it cleaned
  • Comes with an extensive 2-year limited warranty, which enhances the shaver’s value substantially

By examining the features above, you can see that the Braun Series 7 790cc is a truly impressive electric shaver. It also comes with a convenient travel case, which allows you to take the razor everywhere you go, without difficulty or damage!

Customer Reviews and Score 

All in all, the Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver is an immensely beneficial shaver, which is well worth its price tag.

The shaver is not only comfortable in your hand, but also, it shaves the face in a comfortable manner. The razor truly delivers a precise, almost surgical shave, which will be sure to satisfy even the pickiest of men.

To date [as per  27 Feb 2016], the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 has received an abundance of customer reviews, with the total topping over 5,352 (on Amazon).

The 4.5 out of 5 [as per  27 Feb 2016],  rating undeniably speaks to the quality and performance of the razor. Suffice to say, the majority of customers have been tremendously impressed, but the razor does have a few minute cons.

A few previous customers have commented on the shaver’s slightly loud buzzing noise, which becomes evident when attempting to shave larger areas of hair.

 Of course, this small negative is undoubtedly offset, by the item’s enormous benefits and is definitely not a deal breaker. In fact, the majority of customers love the item’s feel, performance, and close shave.

With the combination of excellent features, overall quality, and enormous positive reviews, it is incredibly easy to recommend the Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Shaver.

Overall Assessment 

All in all, the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 is a great value, which comes with an abundance of excellent features.

The razor is capable of providing any man with a close, but comfortable, shave. With the Series 7, you will never have to worry about feeling sharp pains or having your facial hairs yanked out, during the shaving process.

With the addition of the precision trimmer, the shaver is capable of serving all purposes. With the combination of features and the unit’s incredible durability, the shaver is a great investment for every man. You would be incredibly wise to check it out for yourself right now!

2.Philips Norelco 1250X/42 SensoTouch 3D Review

Philips Norelco 1250XPhilips is a truly diverse company, which is well known for manufacturing an array of wonderful products, within various industries. Although they may be better known for other products, their line of Philips Norelco shavers should not be ignored!

The lineup has produced some of the best electric shavers in the business and there is no doubt that the Philips Norelco 1250X/42 rests near the top of the list. The razor might be a bit costlier than some of its competitors, but those alternatives would love to be able to match the shaver’s performance and dependability.

To date, the razor has been well received and is highly touted for its ability to provide the user with a precise, close cut, while eliminating the risks of cuts and nicks.

Of course, the benefits do not stop there. The Norelco 1250X/42 delivers ease of use, versatility, and a comfortable shave.

Is the price increase truly worth it? Within this comprehensive review, you will learn all about this razor, so you can determine whether or not it is the right one for you!

GyroFlex 3D Combination

When examining the 1250X/42 as a whole, you will be able to find an abundance of impressive features. Ultimately, some of these are visibly more impactful than others.

This is especially true when it comes to the GyroFlex 3D, which delivers a top-notch shaving experience that is truly unparalleled amongst the alternatives. With this incredibly innovative system, the shaver utilizes three independent moving components. At any point in time, they’re capable of pivoting, flexing and tilting.

This helps to guarantee that the razor’s blades will be able to maneuver around the contours of your face, without a bit of difficulty.

The GyroFlex 3D is truly a dream-come-true for all men, especially those that suffer from sensitive skin. It helps to substantially decrease the pressure and irritation on the skin while ensuring you receive a close, clean shave that you can be proud of!

UltraTrack Shaving Heads 

As a man, you should understand the importance of finding a shaver, which is capable of shaving off all hairs in a single swipe. Truthfully, there are very few shavers on the market that are capable of holding this accreditation.

The Norelco 1250X/42 is one of the few. The UltraTrack Shaving Heads should be credited for achieving this amazing feat. With this feature, you can easily catch and shave all hairs, with a few quick strokes. The shaving head has a specialized compartment for each hair, depending on the hair’s length.

The head’s slots capture long hairs, channels snatch longer hairs and holes shave away the shortest hairs on your face. This system works in conjunction to ensure that your face will be as smooth as a baby’s once the shaver has maneuvered around the entirety of your face. Suffice to say, no hairs are safe from the Philips Norelco 1250X/42!


When examining the market’s latest electric shavers, it is absolutely vital to inspect their battery. The battery can either be a very beneficial feature or it can be a dramatic hindrance.

If the battery life is too short and its charge time is too long, the shaver will become a nuisance to utilize. The good news is that the Philips 1250X truly excels in this category. The SensoTouch 3D comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which will provide the user with longevity and a quick charge time.

First and foremost, the battery can be fully charged in a matter of an hour. By plugging it up, as soon as you get out of bed in the morning, it’ll be ready to use before you leave.

Of course, the most impressive feat of all is the fact that the battery life extends up to 50 minutes. There are very few shavers on the market that are capable of exceeding this lifespan. For the majority of men, the 50 minutes will play out over a period of nearly 17 days!

To make the shaver even more enticing, the included cleaning station doubles as a charging station. This makes life easier for the user and helps to eliminate the need for an additional cord.

AquaTec Technology 

Most electric shaver brands rolling off the market offer a wet and dry shave. The AquaTec Technology offers three different shaving options, including wet, dry, and during the shower.Philips Norelco 1250X 2

The waterproof construction allows the user to operate the shaver while taking a shower with or without shaving cream. This is definitely a great benefit since it allows one to tackle two tasks at once, which will speed the grooming process drastically.

If you find yourself without shaving cream or gel, you will have nothing to worry about, as long as you have the 1250X/42 on hand. The AquaTech Technology integrated into this razor offers the option of dry shaving, which does not require any type of lubrication.

Although, it is wise to thoroughly cleanse and rinse your skin before you attempt this method of shaving. While this method may not be for everyone, many mens prefer it, because it is very time efficient. Be sure to pull the skin very taut and always utilize a downward action or as they say, “against the grain.”

As mentioned above, you can also utilize shaving gels with this shaver. While this is not the most preferred method, since it is a little more time consuming than while showering, it will offer a baby-smooth result. Of course, you will adapt your own shaving method over time.

Jet Clean System 

To add convenience to your daily grooming tasks, Philips Norelco developed the Jet Clean system. Once you finish shaving, you will simply sit the shaver down into the cleaning base and then turn it on.

Not only does this system hygienically clean the razor head and blades, but it lubricates them, as well. This definitely beats the manual cleaning method, which could potentially take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete.

If you are an active man, you definitely do not have the extra time allotment for this process.

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing the Norelco 1250X/42 is the affordability of the cleaning solution. Unlike the competitor brand that requires expensive cleaning cartridge replacements, this model’s cleaning station can be refilled with a liquid solution.

This solution is very inexpensive and each refill lasts anywhere from 30-40 days depending on your shaving frequency. It is crucial for the longevity of your shaver to follow these recommendations to a tee, if you fail to do so, then you will risk bacteria growth and a short service life.

Another great thing about the cleaning solution is that it contains ingredients that will lubricate the blades and shaver head. This will protect these important components from damage, deterioration, and rust buildup.

Features and Specifications 

  • The SensoTouch 3D 1250X/42 offers extreme maneuverability and comfort, thanks to the GyroFlex 3D feature
  • Comes equipped with a pop-up precision trimmer for added functionality and to keep your beard trimmed to perfection
  • Included Lithium-Ion battery is capable of providing the user with 50 minutes of use, after an hour of charging
  • Three-level battery indicator tells you precisely when the battery needs to be recharged
  • Jet cleaning system perfectly cleans the shaver, so you don’t have to
  • Comes with an extensive 2-year warranty for added peace of mind
  • Soft pouch makes transportation much easier
  • Very lightweight and effortless to use, regardless of age or stature

The Philips Norelco 1250X shaver measures in at 1.2 by 1.2 by 6.2 inches. It is truly the perfect size and will fit into the grasp of your hand in a comfortable manner. This guarantees you’ll be able to remain relaxed throughout the shaving process.

Customer Reviews and Scores 

The Norelco 1250Xis immensely beneficial and comes with a wide array of likable features. Although it is slightly costlier than many of its counterparts, it would be a major mistake to rule it out based upon this variable.

638 [as per  26 Feb 2016] individuals have reviewed the product and the mass majority of them have been pleasantly pleased with their purchase. In fact, the razor currently holds a 4.3 out of 5 rating. [as per  26 Feb 2016]

Most customers have been incredibly impressed with the razor’s incredibly close, yet immensely comfortable, shave. Others admit the razor provides them with the best shave they’ve ever had.

Of course, the unit has received an abundance of praise, due to its effortless cleaning process. The cleaning station stands out amongst the rest of the components and is credited for working where others have failed.

Despite the praise bestowed upon this razor, it has received a small number of negative comments. Some users are unsatisfied with the shave and insist it takes too many swipes, in order to fully remove their unwanted facial hair.

Of course, this seems to be restricted to a small number of users, as others were satisfied. With this in mind, the razor is truly a great value and even a small con cannot outshine its amazing features and benefits.

Overall Assessment 

When it comes down to it, a lot of men will look at the price of the Norelco 1250X/42 and head elsewhere. This is a true mistake! The razor has an abundance of benefits, a lengthy battery and is capable of providing you with a very satisfying shave.

Throw in the effortless maintenance, GyroFlex 3D system, and the pop-up trimmer and you’ve got a great value in this razor! Add in the 2-year warranty and the Philips Norelco 1250X/42 could easily be classified, as a steal.

With this in mind, the razor is well worth its cost and it would be a major mistake not to check it out for yourself right now!

3.Braun Series 9-9095cc Review

Braun Series 9-9095c 1Over the years, razors have gone through immense changes. The days of utilizing a throwaway razor have all but disappeared. Instead, men around the world are looking at companies like Braun.

Braun has been in the game for many years and they have never failed to up their game. At the same time, the company’s reputation has remained unblemished, which should speak for its self.

One of the company’s newest additions to the market is the Braun Series 9-9095cc. This Wet/Dry Shaver is thoroughly well rounded and provides the user with everything that is needed to shave their face to perfection.

The Braun Series 9-9095cc is highly touted for is hygienic cleaning system and incredible battery life. Of course, there is no area, where the 9095cc falters. The unit may be a tad bit higher in price than its competitors, but the majority of men, who experience it, will agree that the price hike is more than justified.

Is this the razor for you?

By reading the thorough review below, you’ll be able to answer that question for yourself!

Highly Innovative Cutting System

 With a quick glance of the Series 9-9095cc, you will be able to find an abundance of likable features. Of course, nothing is more eye-opening than the unit’s highly innovative cutting system.

First and foremost, the razor touts a quadruple action cutting system. This feature will be easily noticeable when you begin rolling the razor about your face. The cutting system adapts to your face to help ensure that all of your hair is removed with a few passes. The unit’s independent floating cutting elements adapt to the face and ensure a precise, low cut.

To ensure the consumer of a clean-cut shave every single time, Braun embedded a middle trimmer into the shaver head. This cutting element is capable of lifting up and cutting away all of the hairs that lay flat on the skin surface. This great feature offers many benefits since it prevents the user from having to push the razor into the skin, just to capture and cut those stubborn hairs.

If you are looking for a time efficient shaver, you should definitely look no further than a model that is embedded with this great feature.

At the same time, the razor is equipped with the coveted Intelligent Sonic Technology. This feature is very helpful and delivers 10,000 micro vibrations. No hair will be able to escape the clutches of the Intelligent Sonic Technology.

This combination helps to deliver a very comfortable, effective shave, which will satisfy even the pickiest of men.

Convenient Precision Trimmer

There are many men out there that like to be able to adorn themselves with a finely tuned beard or mustache. If you fall into this category, you will definitely be happy with the Braun Series 9-9095cc. This razor comes equipped with an incredibly convenient precision trimmer.

With the push of a button, you’ll gain access to the precision trimmer and will be able to touch up your beard or mustache, without much difficulty. The trimmer is placed in a great location, which makes it perfect for those hard to access locations, including under the neck and nose.

Incredibly Versatile 

As mentioned above, traditional razors are nearly obsolete. Some individuals will still prefer a dry shave from time to time, but this is nothing that an electric shaver cannot handle. In fact, this is truly what makes the electric shaver so desirable for so many men. The Braun Series 9-9095cc excels in this area.

The razor is equipped with a Wet and Dry Technology, which enhances its versatility immensely. Whether you want to jump in the shower and shave or do so in front of the sink, the Braun Series 9 will have you covered!

Also, the shaver can be utilized in conjunction with shaving foams and gels. This helps to guarantee that you’ll be able to remove all of the unwanted hairs on your hairs, without any pain or suffering!

Cleaning System 

There is an unlimited array of electric shavers available on today’s market. While many of them include a cleaning system, which offers an abundance of convenience, none of them compare to the Braun Series 9-9095cc.Braun Series 9-9095c

This system is capable of hygienically cleaning the razor head and blades, but what sets the cleaning station apart from the competitor brand is the built-in fan. The process puts the shaver through 5 different cleaning processes, including charging the battery.

The built-in fan will kick on at the completion of the cleaning task, so the shaver is completely dry before each use. When comparing this to the manual cleaning and air dry method, there are genuinely no similarities.

Instead of spending hours cleaning your razor after each use, just dunk it into the cleaning station, push the on/off button, and let the machine do the rest.

The cleaning solution utilized for this particular brand is embedded into a replacement cartridge. This offers a quick and easy change out, which should be done on a monthly basis.

The solution has a lemony scent and ingredients that are capable of lubricating the shaver head and blades. It is important to replace the cartridge monthly, in order to receive the maximum service of these components.

Charging Convenience 

This model is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which is located inside of the cleaning station. This adds convenience since the user will never have to search for an electrical receptacle, before and after each use. Instead, you simply place the razor into the cleaning station and it will automatically charge if the unit is plugged into an outlet.

A wonderful feature that is located on the front panel of the shaver is the LED battery indicator light. When the battery is fully charged, the LED will be green, but when a recharge is required, it will turn red and blink.

Each full charge offers a run time of 50 minutes, but the battery must be charged for a full hour in order to receive the maximum running time. Of course, if you prefer to not leave the cleaning station plugged into an electrical outlet all the time, you can charge the shaver for a full 5 minutes and receive enough battery life for one shave.

This is definitely a great option for all of those forgetful males. It is important to note that the shaver cannot be plugged into an electrical outlet when utilizing it in the shower, this would be an electrocution hazard.

Another option that will have, if you forget to charge the battery is corded shaving. The same electrical cable can be utilized to power the cleaning station and the electric shaver. This is a great backup feature, which will come in handy for everyone at some point. Of course, if the battery is fully charged, the shaver will offer a cordless shave every single time. A cordless shaving option is definitely more convenient for all users since it offers flexibility in more ways than one.

Features and Specifications 

  • Wet & Dry Technology gives you the ability to use the razor anywhere and everywhere
  • Razor is fully washable and includes a cleaning and charging station for nearly hands-free maintenance
  • Included precision trimmer guarantees you will be able to perfectly trim your beard or mustache while eliminating the probability of flaws
  • The battery is capable of providing you with 50 minutes of use and can be charged in just an hour. Also, a 5-minute charge gives enough battery power for a single shave
  • Equipped with a battery indicator, so you never get caught off guard
  • Corded and cordless shaving are both possible
  • Automatic voltage adaptation helps to extend the motor’s life
  • Cutting systems utilize Intelligent Sonic Technology, which eliminates the need for excessive swipes

The Braun Series 9-9095cc shaver measures in at 6.1 by 2.7 by 8.7 inches. It weighs just 2.6 pounds, so you can rest assured knowing it’ll feel comfortable with your hands until the last hair is removed from your face.

Customer Reviews and Scores

As a whole, the Braun Series 9-9095cc is an incredibly versatile and immensely beneficial electric shaver. The included cleaning/charging station will undoubtedly prove to be worth its weight in gold.

This feature also helps to ensure that your razor is cleaned much more hygienically than it would if you were using simply tap water. When used in conjunction with the razor’s highly innovative cutting system, this helps to keep the blades comfortable on your face.

Thus far, 85 [as per  27 Feb 2016] customers have received the razor and the mass majority has been incredibly satisfied with the razor’s performance to date. In fact, the razor has accumulated a very respectable rating of 4.4 out of 5 [as per  27 Feb 2016], which speaks of its value, performance and longevity.

Customers, who desire daily shaves, agree that the Braun Series 9 is absolutely perfect for this specific purpose. Customers have also touted the razor’s long battery life, as one of its most impressive features.

Although the razor has received primarily positive comments, a few customers admit it tends to leave spots behind from time to time. Of course, this is nothing to complain about and isn’t something that was universally problematic.

When weighing the pros and cons, the pros associated with the Braun Series 9 most definitely outweigh the minute con. With this in mind, recommending the product is truly a no-brainer.

Overall Assessment

The Braun Series 9-9095cc is designed to leave the user with a blemish-free, smooth skin appearance. The technology, design, and features combined together definitely make this one of the best electric shaver available on today’s market. With this in mind, the product is well worth the investment and should definitely be examined in greater depth right now.

4.Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor ES-LA93-K

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor ES-LA93-KPanasonic manufactures a wide array of products, which have proven to be thoroughly beneficial for women and men. Of course, men across the country have become fans of the company, due to their amazing electric razors.

To date, the company’s reputation has remained respectable and the mass majority of their razors have been well received by the public at large. The company has definitely gone above and beyond to continue enhancing and revamping their electric razors.

Their latest, the Panasonic Arc4, undoubtedly exemplifies this sentiment perfectly. The razor might be more affordable than many others, but it definitely parallels and even exceeds the performances of many of the alternatives.

The razor comes with everything the user needs to receive a close, comfortable shave. The Sonic Vibration Cleaning System is certainly impressive, but is the razor really worth its overall cost? By continuing to read the comprehensive review below, you will be able to find out for yourself!

4-Blade Cutting System

The Panasonic Arc4 is definitely an electric razor that will offer a supreme shave every single time. This can be contributed to the 4-blade cutting system, which is made up of 30 degrees Nano blades. Not only will this system work efficiently for a wet shave with lubrication, but it will also offer a superior dry shave, as well. This feature offers versatility in more ways than one.

The Nano blades are hypoallergenic, plus they are honed to precision. They are ultra-sharp and designed to slice through the toughest and dense hair, without causing pain or skin irritation. The shaver head and blades will work together to provide a precision cut, which will reduce shave time by half. The hypoallergenic design will also aid in preventing skin irritation, which is very important for those with sensitive skin.

The outer foil offers a lifespan of 1year while the inner blade will last up to 2 years. It is important to follow these recommendations, as far as replacement time goes, since your skin’s health and appearance will depend on a sharp blade. Failing to do so will reduce the shaver’s performance level drastically.


The Panasonic Arc4 is equipped with a rechargeable battery that is capable of offering a run time of 45-minutes. Of course, it is important to make sure that the battery is fully charged for 1 hour if you expect to receive the maximum battery life. The LED display will alert you when the battery needs to be recharged, plus it shows the current battery level, so you can prepare for the process ahead of time.

The electrical cable is included in the package and can be plugged directly into the shaver or the cleaning station. This offers convenience to transport since you do not have to include the cleaning station in with your other grooming essentials.

Just put the shaver and electrical cable in the carrying bag and off you go to the airport. The safety locking mechanism will prevent the shaver from accidentally being turned on during transport. If this mishap occurred, the battery would be drained and damage may potentially occur to your personal belongings.

The Arc4 is embedded with a very powerful linear-drive motor that is capable of producing 14,000 cycles per minute. This is possible without draining the battery power or reducing the run time, so you can feel comfortable in knowing that you are going to get a supreme shave no matter what. This is an environmentally friendly product that only requires 15 cents a day to operate, charge, and clean.

Comprehensive Cleaning System

One of the most integral aspects of an electric razor is its cleaning system. The Panasonic Arc4 comes with a fully automatic cleaning system, which also doubles as a charger. This feature undoubtedly enhances the unit’s ease of use and eliminates almost all maintenance requirements.

Once you’ve finished utilizing the shaver for the day, you will be able to turn it off and place it directly inside of the self-cleaning tank. From there, you will not have to worry about it, until you’re ready to use it again.

The cleaning system not only charges and perfectly cleans the razor, but also, it’ll dry it thoroughly. This helps to ensure that you do not make a mess, once you pull the razor out of the tray and prepare to use it.

The sonic vibration cleaning mode is very effective and is capable of removing even the tiniest of hairs from the shaver. If you’re looking for a convenient shaver, which requires very little effort on your behalf, the cleaning system definitely makes the Panasonic Arc4 a worthwhile investment.

Multi-Flex Pivoting Head And Precision Trimmer 

There is truly a lot to like about this unique, well-rounded electric shaver, but the multi-flex pivoting head is likely the best feature of all. The head is incredibly agile and helps to provide the user with a very close shave each and every time.Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor ES-LA93-K 2

Although many other products utilize a similar system, Panasonic’s pivoting head definitely exceeds their performances. Whether you’re attempting to shave your neck or jawline, you won’t have any trouble thanks to the razor’s innovative pivoting head. Of course, the functionality is only enhanced, by the addition of the precision trimmer.

With the quick push of a button, you’ll be able to gain access to the razor’s precision trimmer. From there, you will be able to finish up your mustache, beard or sideburns and personalize the look of your facial hair. The combination helps to guarantee that you’ll be able to get the job done, regardless of what or where you’re attempting to face on your face.

Wet and Dry Convenience 

Although there are numerous benefits associated with the Panasonic Arc4, the best of all is the convenience delivered by the wet and dry capability. When you own the Panasonic Arc4, you will truly be able to shave wherever you wish and whenever you wish. Nothing will be able to hold you back.

If you desire to jump in the shower and kill two birds with one stone, you’ll be able to do so, without even thinking about it. However, you should remember that shaving in front of the mirror with shaving gel or foam is always a possibility.

Whether you take the quick, dry route or opt for a shower shave, you will be able to get the job done quickly and easily. At the same time, you will never have to worry about the razor pulling on your hair or pesky, painful cuts.

Features And Specifications 

  • Equipped with 4 blades, which work in conjunction to get the job done to perfection
  • 10-stage LCD display is incredibly beneficial and keeps you in the know
  • Multi-Flex Pivoting Head delivers a close, comfortable shave over the entirety of your face
  • 14,000 CPM motor speed guarantees that the razor will never get bogged down in thick hair
  • Wet and Dry functionality enhances the value of the razor
  • 100% washable and comes with an automatic cleaning and charging station
  • Arc4 Shaving Systems helps to reduce shaving time while ensuring greater comfort
  • Included travel pouch can protect the unit, during transportation
  • Comes with an extensive 2-year warranty, despite the unit’s affordability

The Panasonic Arc4 measures in at 2.2 by 2.7 by 6.5 inches. This keeps the unit very compact, so you won’t have any difficulty holding it in your hand. At the same time, the razor weighs just 2 pounds! Whether you use it for 5 minutes or 40 minutes, you can rest assured knowing your arm will never grow tired.

Customer Reviews And Scores 

All in all, the Panasonic Arc4 is one of the best electric shavers on the market and previous customers will tell you as much. These individuals absolutely adore the unit’s finish, performance and battery longevity. The razor also delivers a comfortable shave, which is capable of cutting substantially close to the skin.

To date [as per  27 Feb 2016], 826 customers have reviewed the razor and it has managed to maintain a very impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 [as per  27 Feb 2016]. This should undoubtedly help to provide you with added reassurance when attempting to contemplate your purchase.

The majority of consumers have been thoroughly impressed with the unit’s ease of use and the shave delivered. In fact, many were shocked to know that such an affordable electric razor could deliver a performance and shave, which parallel that of much more expensive models.

Despite the enormous benefits delivered by the Panasonic Arc4, it does seem to have a few minor cons. Some consumers complain that the razor is ineffective for the neck and low jaw areas.

The good news is that these flaws were only present with a handful of reviews. Otherwise, previous customers were overly satisfied with the razor and would agree that the pros outshine the minor con in all facets.

With this in mind and while examining the razor, as a whole, it is incredibly easy to give it a shining recommendation. It is affordable, versatile and will deliver a satisfying shave for the majority of people!

Overall Assessment 

When it comes down to it, the Panasonic is an incredible value. It does have a minor con, but it is truly impossible to find anything in life that is entirely flawless. At the same time, most consumers will never even notice the unit’s downfall, as they’ll be blown away, by its close, comfortable shave and its incredible value.

When you add this to the comprehensive warranty provided with the Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor, it would be easy to call the unit a steal. If you’re looking for a well-rounded and incredibly versatile electric razor, you should be sure to check this one out right now.

5.Complete Philips Norelco 9700 S9721/87 Review

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700, S9721 1As a young or grown man, you are likely forced to shave on a daily basis. The whole process can be a pain, but it is something that must be done if you want to maintain your clean-cut appearance.

Due to the large demand of razors, the market is now saturated with tons of different manufacturers and innumerable products. Needless to say, when it comes time to choose a new razor, you are going to have a difficult decision. Some razors even offer features that you are not even familiar with, and some razors may seem like they are just way too pricey.

If you are looking for a good quality razor that will stand up to the test of time and give you a precision shave, you need to check out the Philips Norelco 9700.

Due to all the unique features that come along with this product, it has been labeled as one of the best electric shavers in recent years. It is slightly costly, but this only helps to deliver a more complete and satisfying performance.

Is it the right one for your individualistic needs and preferences?

You’ll be able to find information below to help you make that determination for yourself.

Aquatec Technology

One of the best aspects of the Norelco 9700 is the Aquatec Technology. This newly developed technology allows you to enjoy the razor for a dry shave or wet shave. Whether you’re interested in shaving in the shower or want to be able to shave with gel, you can rest assured knowing this razor is capable of handling both.

This is truly one of the most impressive aspects of any electric shaver, but the Philips Norelco does it a little better than its competitors. Whether wet or dry, you will never have to worry about nicking your face or pulling your hair.

In fact, the razor is even acceptable for those that suffer from sensitive skin. When adding the SmartClean Pro into the equation, you can rest assured knowing the razor will remain clean, at all times, so it will always deliver a comfortable, relaxing shave.

Smart Clean System 

For those males that detest cleaning their razor, you will definitely appreciate Philips Smart Clean System. This system is capable of hygienically cleaning, lubricating, and drying the shaver, so you do not have to do it manually. The cleaning solution is packed into a convenient cartridge to prevent spillage during the replacement process.

This is a blend of alcohol-free ingredients that will breakdown oil and dirt, so when the process is complete, you are left with a clean shaver for the next use. This also helps to ensure that the heads are capable of lasting for a bit longer.

A small brush is included in the package and can be utilized for applying shaving cream, skin cleansing and exfoliating. This will definitely come in handy, plus it will aid in preventing blackheads and pimples. The cleaning system will also charge the razor when it is not in use.

This combination not only provides you with added convenience but also, it’ll help to make sure that the razor is readily available and fully charged at all times. Whether you’re in a hurry to meet up with a date or rushing to work, you’ll never have to sit around and wait for the razor to recharge.

Contour Detect Technology

One of the most amazing things about this razor is the Contour Detect Technology. This new technology allows the three shaving heads to move in 8 different directions, as  they glide across your skin.Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700, S9721

Not only does this eliminate 20% more hair, but the shaver heads will actually adapt to the sharp contours of your face and neck. This is definitely going to leave you will a smoother shave and it is going to accomplish more in half the time.

With the Norelco 9700, you actually have the option of customizing your shaving experience. All you have to do is simply choose between the three different speed settings. Each setting offers a superior shave while allowing you to customize the shaver to suit your preferences.

This is definitely an upgrade from the competitor brand, which only offers 1-2 speed settings. It is important to note that the high-speed option may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin.

 V-Track Precision Blades

The newly designed V-Track blades are very sharp and offer a precision cut every single time. The blades are so precise that they cut you hair in the best optimal position.

This new feature not only allows for a 30% closer shave, but it also more comfort and a pain-free experience. If you are familiar with razor burn or other skin irritation linked to a poorly designed or dull blade, you will surely appreciate this feature.

These are self-sharpening blades that will offer a longer service life. With other brands, you may find yourself replacing the blades and shaver head every couple of months. The V-Track blade offers a lifespan of 1-year, which is twice as long as some of the other models on the market.

Ergonomic Design 

The Philips Norelco 9700 is unlike many of the competitor models, in that it is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand. Its lightweight construction is more desirable for those suffering from arthritic conditions.

It allows the user to shave for as long as needed, without experiencing fatigue or pain. When utilizing the Norelco, the razor will remain comfortably in the palm of your hand throughout the duration of the shave.


This razor really is state of the art due to the Lithium-Ion battery, which is very efficient and powerful. The run time is around 50 minutes or 17 shaves on a fully charged battery.

However, you should keep in mind that this time may vary depending on the speed setting that you are using. In order to reach a fully charged battery, you will have to wait 1 hour, but if you are in a hurry you can use the quick charge method.

This method will charge the battery long enough for you to shave one time. This is an excellent feature for those running late and forgot to charge your razor the night before.

The LED display that is located on the front panel of the shaver allows the user to monitor the battery level. Instead of bars, the display is integrated with a digital user interface that works more efficiently. This is an exceptional feature that will surely come in handy for those forgetful males.

You will also receive a charging cable in the package, which can be connected directly to the cleaning station or the shaver itself. Not only will this offer convenience during travel, but it will offer you diverse methods of charging.

Features and Specifications 

  • Shaving heads move about in 8 directions, which allow them to cut up to 20% more hair
  • When compared to the alternatives, the shaver cuts 30% closer
  • Smart cleaning system enhances your convenience, by performing all maintenance tasks for you
  • Aquatec technology delivers a comfortable shave, whether used dry or wet
  • With the SmartClick cleaning brush, the shaver can double as a facial cleanser
  • Lithium-Ion battery can be fully charged in 1 hour and delivers 50 minutes of runtime
  • A 5-minute charge provides enough battery life for a single shave
  • Digital User Interface LED Display keeps you aware at all times
  • Equipped with 3-speed settings for a personalized experience
  • Completely washable for easier cleaning
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee
  • Includes a luxurious pouch for easier and safer portability

The Norelco 9700 Series is very compact and weighs in at approximately 3 pounds. Although it is slightly heavier than many of its competitors, it still shouldn’t become cumbersome, during operation.

Customer Reviews and Scores 

The Norelco 9700 is somewhat costly, but it helps to justify the price, with many excellent features. The shaver delivers a very relaxing shave, which will never hurt your face or result in nicks and cuts.

Despite the comfort delivered, the shaver is capable of removing all of the unwanted hair from your face, within a reasonable amount of time and with as few swipes as possible. These are just a few of the positive comments provided by previous customers.

To date [as per  27 Feb 2016], 259 previous customers have left reviews for the product. It has managed to maintain a very respectable 3.9 out 5 rating [as per  27 Feb 2016],. This should speak to the overall quality of the razor and the great performance that it can deliver. Among the positives thrown towards this razor, previous customers admit it is lighter and quieter than they would’ve imagined. Others agree that it works exceptionally well for their sensitive skin.

Still, the razor is not entirely flawless. It does have a single con, which must be noted. Several previous users agree that the heads are not only expensive, but they tend to seem cheaply made. Although this is definitely noteworthy, it is not necessarily a deal breaker. When taking the entirety of the product into account, it is easily recommendable.


At the end of the day, the Philips 9700 is a great razor, which will be able to satisfy the needs of many men. It works great, delivers a satisfying battery life and ensures a very good shave. Whether you have sensitive skin or just want a good Wet & Dry shaver, you should not ignore the Norelco 9700. The razor is very well rounded and a solid investment. With this in mind, you should most certainly contemplate adding this razor to your arsenal today!

Comprehensive Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Electric Shaver For Your Needs

Over the years, technology has changed almost everything. Although some of these advancements are easily noticeable, others cannot be spotted so easily. This is especially true when it comes to electric shavers.

Although these products have changed substantially, the differentials have gone fairly unnoticed. Now, razors are capable of getting the job done quicker and more efficiently than ever before. They’re also much safer when compared to the razors of the past.

Although this is undoubtedly a good thing, attempting to buy a new razor can be a little complicated and time consuming. Within this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know about investing in the best electrical shavers for your money!

Types Of Electric Shavers

There is truly an abundance of differentials associated with electric shavers. Although the differences are very diverse and widespread, these razors can easily be broken down into two individual categories.

There are dry shavers and wet/dry shavers. Although both will serve the same purpose, they’ll do so in a unique manner. Below, you will find a quick explanation of both types.

  • Wet/Dry Shaver – As the name suggests, these razors can be utilized, when wet. This makes them ideal for men, who wish to shave with gels or foams. Although these models tend to be slightly more costly than the alternatives, they’re much better for sensitive skin. Although benefit associated with the wet and dry combination is the fact that they’re easier to clean.
  • Dry Shaver – Although there are a few minor benefits associated with wet/dry electric shavers, they’re minute and both can provide you with a close shave. Dry shavers tend to be much less costly than the combination razors, but they’re not ideal for those with sensitive skin. The only major downfall associated with the dry shaver if the fact that they’re nearly obsolete.

When it comes down to it, both varieties can be very beneficial, but only one will satisfy each of your needs to perfection. With this in mind, you should continue reading to find out additional variables that need to be taken into account, when investing in a good razor.

Know Your Needs

Before attempting to find a razor, which will satisfy your needs for perfection, you will first need to take the time to confirm your needs.

Each man is different and his preferences will vary significantly. With this in mind, you should figure out precisely what you want from your shaver and how you will be utilizing it.

  • Do you plan on using your razor in the shower?
  • Would you like to take it with you on business trips or vacations?

You also need to figure out precisely what you’re going to be shaving. Do you maintain a flawless mustache and beard? If so, you will need a shaver, which is capable of making precise cuts. Knowing these things ahead of time will help to make the purchase much easier in the long run.

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Shaver

With the large variety of electric razors on today’s market, your final decision will definitely be a difficult one to make. You must consider your needs and preferences, before making this important decision.

One of the first things that you should do is research, so you can familiarize yourself with everything possible about these products. A good place to start is our reviews since these contain a wealth of information about each brand and model. 

Shaver Type and Usability

If you are an on-to-go male, you will most likely want a razor that can be utilized in and out of the shower, which will be no other than the wet and dry model.

Of course, this is only the tip of an iceberg, since you must consider each shaver’s design with one being rotary and the other foil. While many consumers prefer the rotary style razor, because it is equipped with three sets of round blades that continuously spin during operation.

This offers a much closer shave, which most men find desirable, especially when working in a corporate position.

The foil design is equipped with two sets of blades that sit horizontally inside of the shaver head. These blades will move very quickly from side to side, so they are very effective in removing all the stubble from your face.

It is important to note the head movement since this will determine the results that you will receive with each shave.

Each model will offer a different level of usability for each individual, so you will not be able to rely on others, as a reliable source. Instead, you may have to do a bit of trial-and-error sampling, until you find an electric shaver that is extremely user-friendly and offers exceptional results.

Shaving Experience

Men and women alike have been relying on non-electric and electric razors to provide them with baby-smooth skin. With the technology integrated into the electric razor, it is now possible to shave without the need of shaving cream.

This may sound strange to those that are unfamiliar with the wet and dry electric razor, which has a waterproof construction. This allows the user to tackle two tasks simultaneously, showering and shaving.

These models will definitely speed up your early morning grooming drastically, so you will be ready and out the door in a matter of minutes.

A razor that can provide you with an exceptional shaving experience will be one that provides you with a pain-free shave, smooth and non-blemished skin. This is an experience that you should expect and receive every single time you shave.


Convenience is of the essence, when it comes to tackling daily personal hygiene tasks. Many centuries ago, men relied on manual razors, because there were other options available during that time. Well, this has all changed, thanks to the cordless electric shaver, which has an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This feature offers an abundance of convenience since the user never has to stop amid their grooming, just to locate an electrical outlet.

A cordless design also offers more flexibility, while giving the option of multitasking.

The lithium-ion battery is capable of offering a run time of 50 minutes, after a 1-2 hour charge. Of course, you also get the option of charging before each shave. This requires about a 5-minute charge, which is enough to shave the entire facial area.

Most users prefer to charge their shaver weekly on a Saturday or Sunday to save time on weekdays. The battery will offer an enough charge for the entire week.


When taking the time to scour the market for potential shavers, you will quickly find many differentials in terms of features. It is generally true that a more expensive razor will provide you with additional features. Of course, not everyone will need all features. This is why it is pertinent to familiarize yourself with the potential features, before making your decision. Below, you will be able to learn about some of the available features, which you’ll be able to choose from.

Waterproof – Some men will wish to shave in the shower. Who doesn’t want to kill two birds with one stone? This is why a 100% waterproof shaver can be incredibly beneficial.

The good news is that the addition of this feature won’t elevate the price too much, so it is recommended.

Flexible, Pivoting Head – In the past few years, more and more razors, with fully pivoting heads, have been released to the public.

Although these models tend to be top of the line and somewhat costly, the benefits provided by this feature more than justify the price increase. With a flexible head, the blades will be able to traverse your face perfectly and will be less likely to result in cuts or nicks.

Display Options – Although the display options should be considered deal breakers, they can provide you with added convenience.

The majority of electric shavers will come equipped with some type of LED or LCD display, which keeps you aware of the battery’s status, at all times. As long as the razor has some type of display mechanism, you should be fine.

Fully Washable – There are many electric shavers on the market that are fully washable. This may not seem like a groundbreaking feature, but it can provide you with easier use and maintenance.

Long Hair or Precision Trimmer – If you wish to use your shaver to trim your sideburns and mustache with precision, you will want to make sure to choose a shaver that is equipped with a long hair trimmer.

This mechanism will remain hidden and out of view until you push the corresponding button. Once pushed, the trimmer will emerge and you’ll be able to utilize it quickly to make the cuts that require precision.

Carry/Travel Pouch – If you’re a neat freak or just plan on traveling with your razor, you should make sure it comes with a convenient travel pouch. Not only will this pouch help you keep your razor out of harm’s way and out of sight, but also it’ll deliver easier portability.

Cleaning Center – A cleaning center or cleaning station is a great feature, which will make maintaining and cleaning your shaver effortless. Although this aspect of the shaver will be examined in greater depth below, choosing a razor that comes with this accessory is definitely a wise decision.


The entire purpose of investing in an electric shaver is to add a little extra convenience to your life. These products are immensely more convenient than utilizing a traditional shaver, but they do require a little more maintenance.

Before handing over your money, it is pertinent to take the time to examine the razor’s maintenance and cleaning process. To make the process tremendously easier and quicker, some razors actually come with a cleaning station.

With a reliable cleaning station, you will not be required to perform much maintenance on the razor at all. Instead, you will be able to place the razor in the cleaning station and leave it be.

Remember that some cleaning stations are capable of cleaning, charging and lubricating the shaver. If you want extreme convenience, investing in one of these models is highly recommended. Just remember that this added convenience may up the price slightly, but it is undoubtedly well worth it for many men.


When it comes to price, there is some good news. The prices of razors can be incredibly diverse. This means that you can truly spend as much as you wish and still obtain a worthwhile shaver.

Although the price will undeniably be an integral factor in your purchase, you shouldn’t allow it to cloud your judgment. It is a factor, but it is only one factor and generally not the most important.

With this in mind, it is typically best to set a budget for yourself, before moving forward. Figure out precisely how much you can reasonably spend, without getting yourself into trouble and work from there. Doing so will help to ensure that you’ll be able to get the very best shaver for your money.


Although the majority of shavers are built with longevity and durability in mind, problems can still arise from time to time. With this in mind, it is absolutely pertinent to protect your investment.

There is truly no better way to do this than by investing in a razor, which comes with an extensive warranty. The price will generally play a vital role in the length of the warranty. Spending less will usually mean that you’ll be provided with a much shorter warranty and vice versa.

With this in mind, you should know that razors could come with a severely short warranty, which lasts just 90 days. Others deliver added reassurance with 2 or more years of coverage. Opting for a lengthier warranty is always recommended, even if it means spending a little extra.

Deciding Which Electric Shaver Is Best – Making The Final Decision

 When it comes down to it, each gentleman is different. Some men will want a foil shaver, others will be interested in something entirely different.

This is why it is absolutely vital to familiarize yourself with your own unique preferences and desires, before attempting to make your determination. You will also need to work diligently to formulate a budget.

Once you’ve set these preferences and requirements in stone, you will be able to compare them to the shavers on the market, by utilizing the information provided below.

Once you’ve worked through this process, you will eventually come to a more definite decision and will be able to rest assured knowing you’ve spent your money wisely.

To make your decision easier, we have reviewed the top 5, best selling electric shavers available.

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