May 29, 2018

The Ultimate Hobbies List for Men - 85+ (and Counting)

I've compiled a list of 90 hobby ideas for men (and women as well).

The goal of this uber list is to inspire you, the rest depends on you.

Let's dive right in.


Have fun.
Do the things you love.

Those are not cliches... They are key to living a happy life.

In this section you'll learn about the great benefits of developing a hobby.

What Will You Gain from This List?

There are many lists out there, so what's different in this one?

I've listed many hobbies, many of them I've practiced myself so I provided first hand information that can help or intrigue your interest. For the others I did a lot of research.

As a bonus I've also collected opinions of long time hobbyists to let you know what people really love about the hobby.

Why You Need a Hobby?

Now that you have your clothes picked out, your hair is styled to perfection and you have finally tamed that beard, it’s time to get a hobby. You can get that look off of your face; I am not going to tell you to go fly a kite, although, you can.

Picking up a hobby has a lot of benefits. Depending on what you do, you can gain mental, physical and emotional growth and have something cool to talk about. Hobbies for men come in all shapes, sizes and skill levels. Each has it’s own unique benefit, as well.

Benefits of Having a Hobby

Hobbies for men include a wide range of new skills, interests, or even just something to pass the time. However, the benefits go much deeper than that.

For most hobbies you will be actively doing something, your hands will be busy, you will need to learn a new way of using your hands and mastering a skill is nothing short of a miracle. No one is born knowing how to do anything. We acquire knowledge over time and develop new skill sets.

It is with this knowledge and growth that we get mental growth. Having a hobby encourages brain development. Though most studies are concerned with early development, there is nothing to suggest learning a new skill set as we get older and enter adulthood won’t have the same effects.

Having a hobby, mastered or not also has social repercussions. Those that may suffer from social anxiety, or tend to be introverted, will find that there are others with the same interests and hobbies. This will open avenues for the less adventurous to have something to talk about. Icebreakers are better when you are passionate about the topic.

Mastering a new hobby can also bring self-esteem and satisfaction. Learning something new, be it a skill or knowledge of a topic, is hard work. Finishing that work, or even better: improving on it, will bring a sense of accomplishment. Further, you will be more likely to believe in yourself and may even take on more difficult tasks.

Having a hobby helps others as well. You may not realize it at first, but if you are one of those that becomes difficult to shop for, for example, your hobby allows others to help you in your pursuits. Birthdays and holidays allow friends and family to add to your hobby with other items, bits of information or help you master your new skill.

All of this comes together to give you confidence, social acceptance and the ability to break out of your shell or showcase your talents to others. You also get a mental boost, more active and productive brain as well as the emotional lift that comes with it.

Picking up a new hobby is good for your brain, your emotions and your social interactions. There isn’t anything better than that. So put on your dapper suit, style that beard and let’s look at some new hobbies for you to take up.

Sports, Outdoors & Extreme

In this section I'll go over some hobbies That revolve around sports & extreme. ​

I will also discuss some cool outdoor hobbies.

Stone Skipping

Looking for a hobby that is completely free?

Stone Skipping, which is also known as Stone Skimming or Ducks & Drakes is a sport. 

All you need are some smooth, flat rocks and a decent sized pool of water. Skipping stones is a little tricky when you first start out, but this skill is easy to learn and can provide a lot of entertainment.

If you’re wondering, yes, professional stone skippers do exist. According to record holder Russ Byers, the spin, speed, and angle at which you throw the stone are all critical factors that will dictate your success.

The world record was set by Kurt "Mountain Man" Steiner, he managed to do 88 skips. That's crazy! 

There are championships that are held each year - There are 2 such sanctioned events in the U.S. 

There aren't many rules - you get 6 stones, if you can do more than 25 skips you get to the professional level.

Here's what long time hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "For some it's a real passion that leads them to compete."
2. "The community is amazing." 

The Amazing Race

Creating your own “Amazing Race” is a great way to get friends together to enjoy some camaraderie and laughs.

For the most part, this game is just a big scavenger hunt that uses couples / small teams. The budget for this game is also totally flexible—you can spend as much or as little as you would like.

To make this game possible, think of some creative locations. You can keep everything within close distance, or spread the hunt around town.

Then, you’ll want to come up with some clever clues that will help guide participants to their next destination. The first team to reach the final destination receives the grand prize! The possibilities are endless here, and you can get as creative as you would like.

The main thing to remember is to have fun, enjoy the outdoors and the company of friends.


Fishing is a great way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of your busy life.

There’s something about grabbing a fishing pole and heading out to your favorite body of water that relaxes the mind and makes you feel connected to nature. If you’re not a well-seasoned fisherman, that’s okay. It’s never too late to pick up this enjoyable hobby.

Some benefits of fishing not only include connecting with the outdoors and stress reduction, but this hobby also helps with environmental conservation efforts if you partake in catch-and-release.

It’s also worth noting that learning how to fish isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Whether you ask a friend or family member to teach you the art of fishing or purchase one of the many starter kits that are available through outdoor stores, you’re sure to pick up on this hobby quickly.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Once you hook into a fish nothing beats the adrenaline rush."
2. "The addiction only gets fed with each fish and each different species you catch."
3. "People who don't fish think it's boring or lazy, but it is the complete opposite,there are 100's of little decisions to be made and you're never quite sure what made the difference."
4. "I've never looked forward to waking up at 5:30am until I started fishing."


Looking for an unordinary physical activity?
Like to stay in shape?
Need a good challenge?

You may want to consider taking up bouldering as a hobby.

If you are not familiar with bouldering, it's basically rock climbing without ropes. You can either climb artificial walls or do it outdoors in the wild which is riskier.

Every climb challenge indoor or outdoor has a difficulty grade, it helps climbers choose the wall the matches their level. It's also make it fun and challenging that you can set a goal for yourself.

Bouldering works on your core muscles, you will need to be able to pull yourself up using your arms or hold your body in different angles. As you progress you will probably see muscle gains in your arms and back.

When it comes to costs, you will need to pay for the 'climbing gym' membership, this will usually cost 30$-50$ a month. When you get more serious you'll probably want to get shoes as well.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I get to be muscular and feel awesome without having to do something boring."
2. "Bouldering is like solving a puzzle while you work out."
3. "Always challenging no matter your skill level."

Horse Riding

If you know someone who is into horse riding, there is a good chance that this hobby is a passion for them.

Spending your spare time riding horses allows you to connect with the animals themselves, and gets you outside in nature. Riding horses also has physical and mental health benefits.

Don't be mistaken, riding a horse isn't a walk in the park. Your core muscles will need to do some work, and in general its considered as a moderate intensity exercise. On top of that, your coordination, and flexibility are likely to improve, and mentally you’ll learn how to better connect with yourself.

If you want to take riding classes the costs are around 70$-80$ per lesson, this is not cheap.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Some people meditate, I ride horses."
2. "There is nothing like the bond between a horse and rider."
3. "Horses react to you. You need to be present in the moment and control their reactions."


Another suggestion for outdoor junkies is to try out rafting.

A little word of caution here, rafting may not be for the faint of heart. If you’re an adrenaline junkie and looking for a challenging nature adventure, taking up rafting may be the pastime for you. 

Although you can raft on your own, usually it's a team activity. The whole thing is built upon team work which makes it a great social hobby. You're in this together, and if you don't work as a team you'll have a hard time succeeding.

Doing it as a family can be a great bonding experience, and is very recommended.

Rafting allows you to connect with nature, you'll be able to experience nature at it's full capacity, calm river water or wild unforgiving waters. On top of that it's also a great exercise.

A day trip usually costs 25$-100$ per person, depending on location or season. Depending on your budget of course, I think it can be a great family activity few times a year.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I love the physical, emotional and mental challenge of navigating whitewater."
2. "You can explore places most people never get to see."
3. "Not knowing what's going to happen or what could go wrong."


Backpacking is a great way to get out in nature and to get some exercise.

Depending on your preferences, backpacking can be as intense or relaxing as you would like to make it. If you’re ready to get serious into this hobby, there are a bunch of cool accessories that you can purchase ranging from fancy hiking boots and clothing to camping gear.

If you are more interested in taking simple day-trips, throw on your most comfortable backpack and find a hiking trail near you. Backpacking is soothing for the soul and is a great way to clock in some physical activity.

It's a flexible hobby, you can do it solo, with your partner, family, friends or even a payed trip.

The thing I like most about backpacking is the feeling of satisfaction I have when after a hard walk the reward is a piece of heaven you get to see.

So what are you waiting for? Here are some of the best backpacking trips that you shouldn't miss.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "With a backpack and two feet you can get to places vehicles can't."
2. "The air in the wilderness is an absolute pleasure to breathe."
3. "I like being by myself or in smaller groups instead of being in the hustle and bustle of the city."


If you’re a fan of getting out in the water, it’s hard to think of a better way to spend a warm day filled with sunshine than sailing on the open seas.

For the most part, sailing is a relaxing way to spend the day, but it can also have its challenges depending on the weather conditions on any given day.

Sailing is also an excellent activity for your entire family. There are some sailing classes you can take and sailboats to rent, but if you’re thinking about becoming serious into this hobby, you may want to consider purchasing your boat.

Buying your sailboat has a great deal of financial commitment, so you’ll want to make sure that this pastime is something that you are genuinely passionate about pursuing.

I have a friend that decided to buy a boat (cheap one) and took his family to a 2-year trip around the world, his plan is to sell the boat in the destination to at least get some of his investment.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "There are no passing lanes, trails, or sidewalks."
2. "You are the only thing standing between getting home safe and not."
3. "The freedom in knowing that I can, theoretically go anywhere in my boat."

Hand Balancing

This hobby may not be for everyone, but if you are particularly athletic, you may want to check out hand balancing.

If you’re not already familiar with this form of acrobatics, essentially, hand balancing refers to the act of balancing on your hands while shifting your body into different positions. If it sounds a little tricky, that’s because it is! If you’ve ever been to the circus, there is a good chance that you’ve seen professional hand balancers work their magic.

If you want to give hand balancing a try, you don’t need to have any fancy equipment to get started. In the beginning, you can start by building up your upper body strength and practicing using your hand to lift yourself up off the ground.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Being able to stand on your hands is impressive to people who can't stand on theirs."
2. "Some moves take an unbelievable amount of strength."


Slacklining is a great way to improve your physical ability, and can even have some meditative effects by forcing to focus on the present moment and concentrating on the task at hand.

Slacklining first popped up on the scene about 40 years ago but has rapidly risen in popularity within the past decade.

If walking on a rope suspended above the air is something that you are interested in, then all you need is a rope.

You can tie the rope on 2 trees just a few inches above the ground. Waterlining is another option if you want higher altitudes, because the water is there to break your fall.

Regardless of which variation of slacklining you choose to partake in, you’re sure to impress people with your balance and coordination.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's like getting a second chance to feel what it must have felt like learning to walk."
2. "I love the fact that it causes people to socialize."

Ice Hockey

While ice hockey might get the most popularity in cold, winter climates, nothing is stopping you from partaking in this frigid sport no matter where you reside.

If you have ever seen the National Hockey League on television, then you have some idea of what the game is about. Don’t worry, though, unless you are playing in a more professional league, there’s a good chance you’ll never get checked into the boards or worry about having your teeth knocked out from a monster hit.

Not only is ice hockey a great form of exercise, but it also encourages you to work on a team with other players and build camaraderie.

Learning how to play isn’t too tricky. Just start out by strapping on a pair of skates and hitting the ice. If you’ve never skated on ice before, there may be quite a learning curve, but you will get the hang of it eventually.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "High pace sports, nothing like it."
2. "Great for kids."


If President George H. W. Bush can skydive for his 90th birthday, you can certainly accomplish this overwhelming task at a much younger age.

Many people describe skydiving as an exhilarating experience where they receive an intense amount of adrenaline and an extreme rush of energy. While it’s true that you may want to forgo skydiving if you’re not a big fan of heights, this pastime can be genuinely thrilling for those of us who are willing to take the plunge.

Unfortunately, skydiving isn’t the most cost-effective hobby out there. If skydiving is something that interests you, don’t let the price scare you away. You can try it once and then save up your money to indulge in this activity a couple of times a year.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Jumping out of planes is f***g fun."
2. "You stop being scared and worried about insignificant things going on in your life."
3. "Expensive but worth it."

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

For those of us who are looking for a hobby that is entirely free, consider becoming well acquainted with watching the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening.

At first, this might sound a little boring, but trust me, it’s quite impressive how the colors change with every passing day thanks to the evolving molecules and particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. Plus, taking a few minutes out of your day to stop and enjoy nature is calming and can help you to renew your appreciation for the small things in life.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "A moment to connect with mother nature."


Bowling is a classic indoor sport that many of us are familiar with playing.

Originally dating back to 5200 B.C., bowling has amused the human race for an extensive amount of time. While there’s a good chance that you have gone bowling at least once or twice in your life, you may have never considered it as an actual hobby.

If you want to get a little more serious with bowling, you’re in good company. Almost every bowling alley features weekly leagues throughout the year, and there are even professional bowling associations that you can join.

Bowling is inexpensive. You don’t have to own your bowling ball and shoes to get started with this hobby, so get out and start practicing. In case you're wondering, shoes cost around 20$-30$.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Nice, low-key activity."
2. "No age factor. Can play the game your entire life."


If you head out to any store that specializes in outdoor activities, you will almost certainly find a section that is devoted to the sport of archery. Many people enjoy archery because it is an excellent test of hand-eye coordination skills, and it’s a fun physical activity that doesn’t require a whole lot of movement.

Learning archery isn’t too tricky if you have a good teacher. Before heading out to hunt, you’ll certainly want to practice on a few targets to help perfect your aim. If archery ends up becoming a hobby that you’re passionate about, there are some fancy bows and arrows on the market that are sure to keep you entertained and at the top of your game.

By the way, you don't have to hunt, archery is an Olympic sport and you can enjoy it without killing anything. 

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "The feeling of your release arm flying backward, seeing the arrow in the middle of the X. Nothing beats a well executed shot."
2. "Archery is an art form. The target is the canvas,the arrow is the paint,and the bow is the brush."
3. "Shooting melts away all the stress of the day as the concentration on form extends the mind to the target."


We have the Nelson Paint Company to thank for the invention of paintball. During the 1960’s, they developed paintballs as we know and love them today.

Paintballs were initially invented to help loggers mark trees, but people soon figured out that aiming these paint-filled pellets at one another was much more fun. By 1981 the first paintball game was underway.

If you like action packed games, strategical team work, competition and the feeling of being on the battlefield you should give it a try. It feels real, it hurts a bit when you get shot and naturally you want shoot your opponents and defend your team mates. All these make paintball an amazing experience.

Watch this video to get a feeling of a match:

There are leagues and many other yearly events that will keep you challenged and engaged in this hobby. 

Playing paintball doesn’t have to be expensive when you start, you can rent equipment. As you get more into this hobby, you’ll likely come across new and exciting equipment that will help to elevate your game and make things even more exciting.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's an action-packed competitive team sport."
2. "It's about being able to think what your opponent will do next and strategize your moves."
3. "We have the coolest f***g gear on earth."

Car Racing

Got the ‘need for speed’?

Auto racing is one of the most popular sports. If you’re wondering why it’s a sport or saying to yourself ‘I could do that’ you’re in for a BIG surprise.

Racing requires a lot more than just a driver's license:

  • Stamina (Controlling a super heavy & speedy missile is HARD)
  • Coordination
  • Focus
  • Strategic thinking
  • Skill

As you can see, it’s not just stepping on the gas paddle.

As an amateur you have many options, there are several categories you can choose – dirt, rally, etc.

If you want to get a feel for it there are many racing schools that have a racing day that you can sign up to and see if you like it. It will cost you a few hundred dollars. (Here’s an example for one).

This hobby isn’t cheap, if you want to take it to the next level, you can buy a car and start racing. Read this thread on Reddit.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's an absolute wild rush there is nothing like."
2. "Not a hobby for those without money."

Scuba Diving

The underwater world is extremely exciting. It’s amazing to see what’s down there.

Getting underwater is a great way to completely disconnect from the noise and pressure of the day to day life. It’s therapeutic and peaceful, there’s no talking, no cars, no phones or computers– just you and the ocean.

According to some friends of mine it’s highly addictive and very soon you’ll find yourself travelling around the world to dive in the most beautiful places.

You don’t have to be a great swimmer of anything, but his hobby requires training and certification and you can’t just decide to scuba dive. Certification cost is around 300$.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I feel free underwater. I have total control in all directions on all axes."
2. "It's the closest I can get to being in outer space."


First thing that comes to mind is how cool it is to surf.

If you love the beach, sun and water, this is something you definitely should explore. On top of a great tan, surfing provides good aerobic exercise.

You will need to learn how to surf, if you want to give it a try, there are online courses that can teach you the basics, of course seeing a video and actually surfing will be very different.

Surfing is not an expensive hobby, you don’t need much – a board and shorts. (In case you live in a cold place you’ll need a wet-suit as well).

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's a life long pursuit for the perfect wave."
2. "I love going out and just sitting in the water."
3. "Physically, if I start to get out of shape, surfing lets me know right away that I'm slipping."

Skiing / Snowboarding

I’m sure that ski fanatics or snowboarding fanatics won't be happy to see the two under the same hobby. But this post is long as it is, so the discussion will be on both.

A good friend told me not too long ago “do it once and you’ll never stop”.

One of the reasons is the fact that you get to travel and ski in beautiful places. The adrenaline rush is of course another reason.

There’s a common misconception that skiing is for the rich – this is not true. Sure, you’ll find plenty ski clubs or resorts that cost insane amounts of money, but you can also buy cheap season passes, and buy your equipment second hand or at clearance events. You can do it at around 1000$ a year.

If you’re looking to start skiing, I recommend getting a starter pack at one of the skiing clubs at about 200$-300$.

 Overall, it’s a great social hobby and you’ll have tons of fun with your friends or family.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Skiing is the closest you're ever going to get to having super powers.You can go over 60 miles an hour...on your feet!"
2. "Speed, the feeling of controlling the untamed. It's grand."
3. "Love the sounds: pure silence only broken by the wind and my skis on snow."


If you’re looking to do some sports, kayaking can be a great sports hobby. It will strengthen your core muscles and upper body.

It’s a great outdoor activity, which can be intense or very relaxed. It's up to you, I think it's great that you can switch between the two according to your mood or your goals.

There are several types of kayaking that you can choose to do

  • Flatwater: a relaxed paddle
  • Sea / Ocean: Not for the amateur
  • Sprint: Great for aerobic exercise
  • Wildwater: Requires a lot of skill, crossing a river with strong rapids

The common kayaks are built for one, but there are also kayaks that have room for 1-2 people.

If you’re just starting out you can buy one pretty cheap, around 200$. Here’s a nice primer on kayaking to get you pumped up.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Love the emotional roller coaster of sitting above rapids and then moving through them."
2. "It's an amazing workout."

Crate Stacking

Crate stacking is considered a recreational activity. There are even crate stacking competitions that exist.

If you’re wondering what crate stacking is, you're not alone.  Crate stacking is precisely what it sounds like; vertically stacking a bunch of crates to see how high you can get them to go without collapsing. There's only one person here, as the tower gets higher someone else passes you the crates but you need to stack them on your own without them collapsing.

Here's an example:

At first, this hobby sounds easy, but once you consider the logistics of it, it seems a little more difficult.

After all, to build a massive tower, someone needs to be waiting at the top to stack the next crate. That person needs to strategically scale the crate tower just by using his or her agility.  

As you can imagine, this hobby requires a substantial amount of balance and coordination to climb a tower of milk without toppling them over or falling yourself.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It’s really an exhilarating sensation when you’re up there."

Fly Fishing

You have seen the shows and the pictures: someone standing in shin-deep water throwing a line with a rod and flicking it back to snag the fish. Fly fishing is a sport that takes practice, skill and determination.

The benefits of this fairly inexpensive sport (depending on your level of involvement, of course) are physical, mental and emotional. It covers the gamut and can help you obtain a sense of peace and well being.

The art comes in the cast, and the practice of making your own lures. The mental focus needed helps your memory and cognition. Finally, the thrill of catching (or frustration of not landing) a fish on the other end of your line helps balance you emotionally.

You can start this hobby for less than $100, but it can get spendy if you let it get out of control. Be cautious.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It serves as an excellent excuse to go to really really cool places."
2. "feeling intensely connected with nature."
3. "Makes me feel like a little kid again".

Martial Arts

Mastering martial arts isn’t something easily done, and certainly not quickly. Martial arts teaches us self-defense, but it does so much more than that.

Martial arts will also teach you physical attributes such as stability, balance and muscle memory or reflex growth. Mentally, martial arts teaches you discipline, self-awareness and has calming effects on the nervous system. If you have self confidence problems martial arts will do wonders.

Ancient martial arts are based on using your abilities to defend and help the weak, this is why it's much more than just learning to defend yourself.

Learning to smash a board with the palm of your hand may be impressive. However, you will gain strength, power, stability and self-control. You will also learn not to be afraid walking to your car after a night out at the club (don’t worry we won’t tell).

Martial arts is a lifestyle and the sooner you begin, the more benefits and growth you will experience. While it is never too late to start, the younger you are, the better you will be able to grow, in all aspects.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Being able to defend myself feels good."
2. "Never ending learning experience."
3. "Beats the hell out of going to the gym".

Weight Lifting

Growing your physic to match that of a Greek God is something we all dream about doing. However, most of us tend to come up with more excuses than deadlifts. Physical exertion in the form of weight training has tremendous benefits both physically, mentally and socially.

You will see growth after sticking with the program for a while, but you will also learn about your body and it's limits. Overcoming those limits gives you a mental boost. Not to mention the understanding of nutrition.

Eating healthier, being healthier and looking good in your swim trunks are all bonuses you can expect from weight lifting.

You don’t even have to set out to look like Lou Ferrigno, (though you can if you so desire), adding lean muscle mass and proper diet will give you confidence, support and the ability to open that pickle jar without wincing.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "The results make me feel like a star. (I hated being skinny)."
2. "It's freaking hard. I like challenging myself."
3. "The discipline involved with regular lifting bleeds into other aspects of life."


In the spring and summer, spending time outside gardening is a fantastic way to relax and get some fresh air. Whether you opt to plant flowers or tasty fruits and vegetables, studies have shown that taking up gardening has its health benefits.

Do you reside on a farmhouse on twenty acres? Perfect, there’s plenty of room for a garden there. On the other hand, do you live in a fifth-story apartment in a big city? That’s okay too.

You can become a gardener regardless of where you live. If you find that your living space isn’t extremely conducive to planting a garden, you may want to consider investing in a small garden box for your windowsill or even consider volunteering at a local community garden.

One of my favorite things about this hobby is that it isn’t costly. After collecting some high-quality soil and seeds, you can sit back and let nature take its course.

The feeling of satisfaction you get when you see your garden flourishing is great, and even more so when you can pick some fruits off the trees, they'll even taste way better than everything you buy on the groceries store.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "You get to watch something grow from nothing into something useful or beautiful."
2. "Its something to take care of."
3. "It's relaxing, stress free hobby."


Yoga has received a lot of hype throughout the past few years, but it’s for a good reason.

Yoga has many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that help you to become more connected with yourself and your surroundings. Although yoga started as a religious practice, you don’t have to subscribe to a particular religious doctrine to practice this calming exercise.

Men, women, and children widely practice yoga, so it is a hobby that you can get your entire family can enjoy.

Typically, yoga classes are very affordable, and it is beneficial to learn from an established instructor when you are just starting out.

If you’re a little shy at first, though, some fantastic online videos will walk you through a yoga routine step-by-step. The only things you need to collect to get started are a yoga mat and some comfortable clothing.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I like that it's a balance of meditation and exercise."
2. "It's one of my best forms of stress relief, makes me feel calm".

Survival Skills

While learning survival skills is a practical thing to do, it also makes for an excellent hobby.

 From a young age, many boys enter into scouting groups so that they become familiar with necessary outdoor survival skills. While scouting is a fantastic way to become familiar with nature, there is even more information to build upon as we get older and as technology advances.

You never know when you’re going to have to fend for yourself out in the wild, and you may be surprised to learn some of the factors that are key to determining your chances of survival success.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It can save your life."
2. "Vast techniques and areas to learn make it very interesting".


Do you like hiking but looking for something more extreme?

Like the feeling of adrenaline rush?
You should definitely try cycling.

Cycling might not be the cheapest hobby, you have to buy a bike and the gear, but once you have it, assuming you are properly maintaining it, it assures you hours of stress-free explorations and bundles of joy.

Cycling has so many benefits, and you can find the benefits you relate to the most.
It’s healthy, as any other physical activity.
It’s a full body cardio exercise , it increases your muscle strength and flexibility, improves your joint mobility and in general, it makes you feel better as it’s a great way to blow off some steam and get rid of anxiety or just negative thoughts.

Your bike can take you to places you’ve never seen before, places your feet or vehicle will just not get you to.
Cycling is usually a group activity, so it can easily expand your social circle.
One more benefit is that a bike is also an eco friendly way of transportation.

You don't have to learn anything new (if you still don’t know how to ride a bike, it’s about time!), just hop on and join a life changing ride!

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Since I started to cycle, no more lonely weekends in front of Netflix”
2. "I was never the outdoorsy kind of person, biking has changed me completely and now I can’t have enough of being outside in nature".

Brain Boosters & Intellectual

Love learning new stuff?
Want some hobbies to keep your brain sharp?

There are so many things you can learn, here are my favorites...


Monument to Professor Zamenhof the creator of Esperanto

Ever wondered why isn’t there a world-wide language that we all can speak?

There’s one and it’s called Esperanto.

Created in the 1880’s by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof, it was designed to become a way for people to communicate internationally. ‘Created’ is the key point here, Esperanto is an invented language, it’s not like other languages that have existed for hundreds of years.

It’s quite easy to learn Esperanto because it follows a series of 16 grammar rules without any exceptions—this is probably a welcomed relief from the grammar challenges that you’re familiar with from learning the complexities of the English language.

There are about 2M speakers. They tend to form a tightknit community. Organizations exist where you can arrange meet-ups with fellow Esperanto-speakers throughout the globe. These meet-ups will allow you to practice your Esperanto skills and enable you to check out new parts of the world.

On a personal note, I’m quite surprised that Esperanto haven’t become more popular. I think it’s amazing to have a neutral language that we all can learn and communicate. Of course, it goes without saying that it shouldn’t replace any mother tongue language.

You can start learning with Duolingo.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It connects people of different race, culture, and beliefs."
2. "It has a warm community".
3. "It's quick, easy, and forgiving."


Mentalism has a lot to do with psychology. It's not magic.

A mentalist has well developed intuitive and mental abilities. These abilities have a lot to do with being very observant, mentalists observe everything, body language, clothes, scars, gestures. Everyone of these can give them information that will make you think they read your mind.

Some of the well known used techniques is known as cold reading. Make someone think you know much more about him than you really do. There are several methods for doing that:

  • Observe - read body language, facial expressions, etc.
  • circle
    Shotgunning - provide very general info to many people and you will probably hit someone.
  • The Forer Effect - people love to fill in the gaps, provide statements that are personal but apply to many.

Mentalism is a discipline and you can learn it. Start with the book: "13 Steps to Mentalism" 

There's a lot to write about this exciting topic, and if you're interested you'll need to go and dig it up. You can also learn some fun tricks to try out on your family and friends.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's doing the seemingly impossible. I love it."
2. "​Because it entertains people."

Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube has been around since 1974 and has had quite a following since its initial debut.

The Rubik’s Cube has been at the top of best-selling toy lists since first came onto the scene. Although some people can solve the Rubik’s Cube in less than five seconds, don’t count on it being so easy for you—at least not until you’ve practiced solving it for a very long time.  There are many methods and algorithms for solving the cube. 

Mostly, the Rubik’s Cube is a color-coded, three-dimensional puzzle that allows you to move it horizontally and vertically in sections of three. The goal is to get each side with a different color.

Initially, trying to solve this puzzle is frustrating for some, but it is a great way to engage your brain and to increase spatial relations abilities. Working on this is sure to give your mind a thorough workout and will help to pass the time.

The Rubik's cube has come a long way since it's debut, there are dozens of cubes in different sizes and shapes.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "The real magic happens when you solve it on your own."
2. "Solving it quickly takes a lot of skill. Pattern recognition, memory and manual dexterity."

Language Learning

Although it’s easiest to learn a new language during childhood, it’s never too late.

Learning a language is not only functional, but it is also quite enjoyable. Whether you choose to learn a language that is frequently spoken in the area you live in, or select an obscure language to brush up on just because it sounds fun, there are a variety of ways to acquire these new skills.

The thing I like the most in learning a new language is that it teaches me a lot about the society and its culture. Languages have evolved over hundreds of years based on events, trends, views and more.

Learning a new language will improve your memory, your multitasking abilities will improve as well and it can also delay dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It will also become much easier to learn a new language.

If you’re serious about formally learning a language, there are several good options:

  • There are many online websites that you can learn from free of charge.
  • Teach me and I'll teach you approach. You can post in forums offering to teach someone a language and in return he'll teach you a language. There's nothing better than learning from a native, you can do Skype calls.
  • Consider enrolling in a course offered through a local community college

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Learning a foreign language teaches you to appreciate other cultures more deeply than you might have otherwise."
2. "It's fun knowing more than one language."
3. "You constantly have to think in order to learn it."

Escape Rooms

Do you love riddles?
Do you love competition?
Ever dreamed of becoming Sherlock Holmes?

Well, you should try escaping Escape Rooms.

So, what is an escape room? It’s a game basically, a physical adventure game. You’re locked in a room and you need to escape it by finding clues and solving riddles. Most games need to be completed within 60 minutes.

There are many types of escape rooms, with different themes and plots. Rooms have a difficulty level, so as you get more experience you can advance in the difficulty level.

 It can be a great activity for couples, but there are also escape rooms that allow for even 12 people.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It’s great for date night."
2. "You always feel there's some kind of progress."
3. "The moment you solve the room and escape feels amazing."
4. "Perfect for those who love figuring stuff out."

Cicada 3301

If you’re really into riddles or even a bit of conspiracy and lots of mystery, it's time to take it to a new level.

It’s time to get familiar with ‘Cicada 3301’.

Very little is known about this organization. They publish complex puzzles which their purpose is to recruit “highly intelligent individuals”.

The first puzzle was published in 2012, since then 2 more puzzles were published on 2013 and 2014.

There are many speculations regarding the organization behind the puzzles. From personal experience I can say that these puzzles are really complex and require a lot of knowledge in cryptography and security.

Sounds interesting? Read this website for more info.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "If you want some serious challenge go for it."


Knowing how to play chess is an impressive skill.

Chess is known throughout the globe and has its roots dating back to some time in the 6th century A.D. If you don't have someone to play with you can start by playing against the computer. Even Windows has its own chess engine. (My favorite engine is Fritz)

Once you get more comfortable you can start playing on line vs other players.

The depth of this game is endless, there are hundreds books about chess strategies, and you can always learn new openers, strategies or even solve chess puzzles.

There is no doubt about it, chess is a game of strategy, so it’ll test your brainpower. If you end up getting good at this game, there are groups you can join, and even tournaments you can participate in to show off your newly acquired skills.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "it's Mind vs Mind, No luck all skill."
2. "It's endless - I can train, study, read, practice , research."
3. "Chess is a game of many puzzles."


Believe it or not, beefing up your memorization skills is a hobby enjoyed by many people.

Individuals who are incredibly skilled in memory techniques are often called “memory athletes.” If you’re not already a memory athlete, though, don’t fret. A recent study has shown that after about six weeks of training, you can get your brain to accomplish the same memorization feats as many memory athletes.

The ability to memorize a significant amount of information is not only impressive, but it is also advantageous. Your personal life and work life are sure to benefit from your newly acquired memorization skills, and I’m willing to bet that you will feel pretty proud of your accomplishments.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's a learning tool."


Espionage is a mysterious and exciting world.

If learning about the mysterious world of spies interests you, there's so many sources of information.

Apart from the real things that are out there, this world has been the basis for many movies and books.

It is so broad and there's so many ways to explore it. You can learn about agencies in different countries, the famous CIA, Mossad or MI6. Read about famous operations, for example the capture of Nazi war criminal Eichmann.

there are a ton of books and videos you can look at to learn about the subject. If you browse online, you’ll likely also find some communities full of other users that have the same interests as you.

Become a Wikipedia Editor

If you’re like me, you might find yourself browsing Wikipedia from time to time in hopes of finding the answers to some of your most burning questions.

Sure, most of us know that Wikipedia isn’t always a reliable source, but for the most part, it’s possible to collect some precious information from this website. What you may not realize, though, is that it is possible to contribute to this extremely famous site. There are many ways to contribute to Wikipedia, but becoming an editor is an excellent way to get started.

Wikipedia enables editors to choose from two different methods.

In these editing programs, you can make your desired changes, and then preview what the page will look like before actually publishing.

Editing for Wikipedia is a great hobby because it allows you to select what areas you want to edit based on your personal preferences and interests. If you’re a business guru, there are plenty of pages to adapt in this area, but if sports interest you more, there are editing opportunities in this realm as well.

On top of enriching your knowledge, you're helping other people get access to free knowledge.

Coding (Computer Programming)

Computers are the way of the future. Everything from our social interactions to cleaning our homes now has some form of computer programming involved.

If you left the computer learning to the geeks and only played Oregon Trail in the classroom, it is time to up your game.

With computer programming, you learn a skill that can keep you up to date with the latest trends, technologies and advancements.

When you code, you're giving the processor exact instructions on how to do something. This subtle point will change the way you look and think about stuff around you.

The reason is you must understand what you're doing, because otherwise how will you be able to code it up? This will teach how to think and approach problems, in my opinion this is the biggest benefit.

Computer programming is also a great way to pass the time. Building apps, games, or websites can keep your mind focused and your skill set sharp.

If you want to start and have no background - I think code monkey is a good place to start.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "The feeling of creating something complex is amazing. I love the feeling you get when everything just clicks."
2. "You can create something that will help people. It doesn't take much!."
2. "You can make your ideas a reality pretty easily. (Compared to other things)"

Astronomy & Star Gazing

If you want to keep your head in the stars but your spiritual self more grounded, astronomy offers you that chance. I love looking at the stars thinking about what's up there. Studying the stars in a non-spiritual way has a more scientific benefit.

Knowledge and understanding are only a small part of it. By studying the stars, you join a community that is worldwide and can open yourself up to new experiences. The starts don’t stay put, and tracking them, learning about them and finding new ones is an exhilarating experience.

Imagine buying your own telescope and discovering a new star! You could even be the one to name it. The hobby isn’t cheap, although it all depends on how much you want to spend. Books, magazine subscriptions and equipment, are most of the cost.

You can spend as little as $100 or as much as $100 thousand. It all depends on how far you want to go to see the stars.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Because you get to look at the stars."


Astrology is related to astronomy yet so different.

Mastering the art of astrology is not easy and involves a lot of reading, knowledge of self and practice.

As you can tell, this will benefit you in many ways emotionally and mentally. Even if you don’t start your own newspaper column offering advice from the stars, you will learn patience, understanding, empathy and sympathy, as well as the knowledge that will broaden your horizons.

Unlike the Tarot, the answers for you and for others lies in not just the stars and celestial bodies, but their alignment as it affects you, personally. You don’t even need to pay. You can start your learning online or in a library and take it from there.

You may find that you learn more about your inner self than you do about Mercury’s retrograde, but maybe that’s the point.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It can be seen as a framework for giving good advice and improving life of others."
2. "The attraction of astrology is that it's an elaborate personality test that encourages a lot of self-reflective navel-gazing."

Tarot Cards

Some will find the mystic planes a bit silly. Others will find their true selves inside. However, until you have tried it, you shouldn’t knock it. You may start with a tarot reading and find out for yourself if it’s worth pursuing.

For those that want to dabble in the mystic without huge cost, tarot cards are your answer. You will find that you get a lot of benefits from the cards and the tarot itself.

Will they 'tell the future'? probably not.

You can have questions answered, self-guide into an emotional balance and find the mental strength to tackle any obstacle in your path.

If you master tarot cards, you can add social interactions to your list of improvements. Even those that don’t follow or believe will still entertain the idea, and pulling out your deck to give readings at parties and gatherings will give you lots to talk to others about.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I see them as a really valuable tool for considering the state of your life."
2. "It helps me think about my problems from a different perspective and gain some clarity."


Acquainting yourself with the world of aromatherapy has a lot of perks.

Using essential oils to provide aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and may even help you breathe better. For every pain or problem you'll be able to find an aromatherapy treatment.

Initially, investing in some high-quality essential oils may seem a little expensive, but these little vials of oil should last you for quite a while since you only need to use a small amount at a time.

Research has indicated that aromatherapy activates smell receptors in your nose that then send messages to your nervous system.

It's important to note that these oils can be used and consumed in many ways other than inhaling. They can be applied on skin or ingested to your body.

Essential oils are not a game, just because they're natural it doesn't mean nothing bad will happen to you. Learn and study before using them and you'll have plenty to gain.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Essential oils are a fun, simple, way to enhance your physical health."
2. "They smell amazing."
2. "You can make lotions, soaps or other natural products on your own."

Building Your Own PC

PC case with water cooling (cables are invisible)

Let’s get things straight, I don’t mean designing and manufacturing your own processor or graphics card (If you know how to do it, you don’t need me to tell you to do it).

What I mean is, do your research, learn about the different parts, buy the parts and build your own PC from scratch.

If you’re afraid of ruining everything, you can start with small things, replacing a cooler, connecting a new hard drive, replacing a graphics card. It will build your confidence.

Building your own PC has its benefits, you will feel great once it’s all assembled and working, it will save you money – no need to pay someone else to do it for you. You will also get to learn about PC parts, how they're connected and more.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "You can tailor the PC to any budget."
2. "It can be satisfying to know that you did it yourself."
3. "You have the freedom of choice instead of overpaying for a bad product."

Listening to Podcasts

It may sound crazy, but it is possible to become a better person just by listening. If you are going to listen, you may as well listen to something you are interested in. While Grandma may have a cool story about her trip to England, you’ve heard it 361 times already.

Podcasts span every topic imaginable. There are comedy shows, informative lectures, talks, conversations, and anything else you can think of. It has been proven that listening to podcasts can increase your mental abilities.

You may not be able to levitate things with your mind or control others’ actions like Professor X, but you will be a better listener, more productive, have better mental imagery and stimulate your memories as well as improving multi-tasking abilities.

You can find podcasts with a quick search and bookmark your favorites. You can listen from home, or on the go through your mobile phone.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Podcast can educate & entertain."
2. "I prefer learning while doing mundane tasks."
3. "It's like having a radio with millions of stations."

Visiting Art Galleries

Art changes lives. If you don’t believe me, head out to your nearest art gallery and go inside. Seeing a painting or a picture or a sculpture online or in a book will do little for your mental awareness or memory.

However, once you step foot inside an art gallery, you will know exactly what I am talking about. You have to learn about art appreciation, just as you have to learn to tie your shoes. Can you survive without doing either? Sure, but the better experiences come when you learn.

Art galleries take away the reliance on a screen for entertainment, offer cultural refinement, exercise memory and visual recognition as well as broaden your horizons. History, as well as every range of emotion, is captured in these artistic works.

Take up a new hobby that challenges your mind and awareness by visiting art galleries near (or far away from) you.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Art conveys emotion."
2. "It's always fascinating to try to put yourself in that artists mind set."

Blockchains & Crypto-Currencies

You have probably heard of Bitcoin by now. If you haven’t, you should. Cryptocurrencies are a new trend in digital monies that don’t rely on a central bank. Learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchains can have a lot of benefits to your well being.

While the verdict is still out on whether or not this is a long-term financial advancement, the short term could make you an overnight millionaire. It isn’t the purpose of this article to get into that aspect. However, it is never too late to get up to date.

Interested? You should be. Knowledge is power, as they say, and the digital age is only getting faster. Making cryptocurrency, a hobby could have a huge impact on your life and well being.

As you learn more, you gain brainpower, intelligence and understanding; all of which lead to chemical releases which give us emotional benefits.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Blockchain ensures integrity without the need of a central organization."
2. "It's the next big thing."

Stock Market

Learning about the stock market is not only a great way to stay on top of your investment game, but it’s a great way to incorporate your love of numbers—if that’s your thing and of course your business skills.

Even if you don't have the funds or don't want to risk your money, just reading up on the subject can be very fulfilling and challenging. The world of stocks is huge and complex and you will gain a lot by learning.

If you have the funds to spare, and feel like investing that can be an option too.

Crafts, Arts & DIY

Creating, designing or just fixing stuff on your own can be very fulfilling.

Using your personality instead of buying products without any personality.

It's time to do it on your own!

Furniture Fixing / Restoring

For some guys, tinkering around in the garage is a perfect way to spend the weekend.

If you happen to be one of these men that love to use your hands to work on something, Why not give furniture fixing a try? 

Furniture fixing is a perfect way to save some cash— Buying used furniture and making them look like new will save you lots of money.

If saving money is not what you're looking for, there are other benefits as well. If you're into vintage and want it DIY style, then there's nothing better than buying old furniture and giving it your personal touch. 

Personally I think it's quite exciting to have some furniture in your home that is you.

It can be a bit intimidating, so you can start small, a shelf or a chair. You can even go to a workshop and use someone's help to get started.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I get to use my grand-grand parents furniture."
2. "Your loved furniture much like you can live different lives in different times."

Car Mechanics

For many of us, cars are not only a hobby but also a real passion.

If you’ve always wondered about car mechanics but haven’t put forth any time or energy in this area, I have just the solution for you.

In our area, we have a team of mechanics that will teach you the basics of car mechanics for absolutely no cost. Not only is the class free, but they also allow you to bring your car in to work on—no need to pay those expensive mechanic bills anymore once you’re able to fix your vehicle like a professional.

Even if you don't have such a thing in your area, there are so many good videos on Youtube that can teach you the basics and you can pick it up from there.

Learning how to work on your car not only saves you money, but it also ensures that you are receiving quality service.

The number of people who have auto mechanic knowledge is rapidly declining, but there is no reason for you to become just another number in this statistic.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I get a lot of satisfaction from getting broken things working again."
2. "Automobiles are extraordinarily complex devices. Very few people truly know much about them beyond putting fuel in, so it is dabbling in something that mystifies the masses"

Building Plane / Car Models

As a kid, you might have enjoyed making paper airplanes or racing small model cars. As an adult, there are still some fantastic ways to continue enjoying this hobby.

For a low price, you can go out to your nearest craft store and buy a small plane or car kit to build, or, if you choose, you can step things up and get a little more serious. Depending on how intricate you want to get with making small planes or cars, there are tools out there that can give you superb accuracy and precision.

I’m talking about outstanding magnifying glasses, quality lacquer finishes, and even spray booths. With this hobby, the possibilities are endless. You can choose a project that can get completed in a day, or start building a plane or car that will take you weeks to finish.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's building a complete model with your two hands."
2. "It requires high levels of skill and you can use your creativity and design skills as well."

Carpentry & Wood Work

There is something therapeutic about using your hands to piece together wholly new formations.

As a bonus, once you acquire some essential tools and supplies, this hobby is rather inexpensive, and in the long run, it will even save you money because instead of running out to the store to buy a bookshelf or other fundamental piece of furniture, you can craft it yourself.

My father is a great carpenter, he built everything in our home. The best thing for me was that everything was custom made exactly how I wanted it. You can't beat that feeling.

Don’t assume that you’ll be limited to crafting furniture pieces, though. Browse the Internet, and you’ll find a multitude of suggestions ranging from board games to toolboxes. Carpentry skills are highly sought after, and teaching yourself this trade is sure to pay off in the long run.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I enjoy being able to build something with my hands."
2. "Love the feeling you get when you see something you designed come together."
3. "I like being able to make something custom to my needs."


No, I’m not suggesting you go mark up a side of a building with paint. Although there are places where it's totally legal. In Barcelona there are several public places where graffiti is allowed as a form of art. (They remove it every once in a while for new graffiti)

When I’m mentioning graffiti as a hobby, I’m talking about how it exists as a pure art form. Historians have dated graffiti back to Ancient Rome, but this art form as we know it has been around since the 1960’s in Philadelphia because it was used to mark streets as gang territory.

Today, graffiti has gotten so popular that you can find it in some museums. 

To try your hand at this hobby, just go out and purchase some large sheets of canvas and a few different colors of spray paint. These supplies aren’t costly. There is no right or wrong way to paint graffiti. As long as you’re not vandalizing someone else’s property, the sky is the limit. Have fun with this hobby—it’s a great way to express yourself artistically.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's an expression of freedom."

Fixing Clocks

If tinkering around with small projects is something that is enjoyable to you, consider fixing clocks and watches in your spare time.

There are a ton of tutorials online that you can use to help familiarize yourself with this subject matter, and your local library probably has a few books about this area as well.

Fixing clocks and watches is an excellent hobby because not only is it fulfilling once you have completed a project, but it can also make you some extra cash on the side.

Most people are not familiar with what it takes to fix clocks, so you may find that family and friends start flocking to you for their repairs. If you’re feeling super ambitious, you can even post your services for sale on like job boards and newspapers.

Make Your Own Jeans

Feeling crafty? Why not save some money by making your own jeans within the comfort of your home.

Even if you’re not a tailor, piecing together a pair of jeans may not be as difficult as you may think. By browsing online, you are sure to find a bunch of step-by-step tutorials that will guide you through the process.

Buying denim isn’t too expensive, and designing your own, custom pair of jeans is undoubtedly a unique experience.

Car Restoration

Some guys dream of driving around in a vintage car but assume that they will never have the necessary funds to purchase such a novelty.

Fortunately, getting the vehicle of your dreams isn’t always as pricey as it seems. If you are handy and have a passion for working with cars, you might want to take up car restoration.

Taking the initiative to restore a vehicle yourself is not only cost-effective, but it is also a constructive way to pass the hours. Just a little forewarning, not all old cars are created equally. You will want to do your research before going out and purchasing a vintage vehicle to restore.

Once you have mastered the art of car restoration, don’t be surprised if people start asking you to fix up their cars for them—what a great way to earn some extra cash!

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I do it for the love of craftsmanship and learning new things."
2. "You can make it just how you want it."
3. "Nothing like the satisfaction of having an awesome car that you re-built yourself"

DIY Projects

The great thing about DIY projects is that the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Getting good at DIY projects will save you a great deal of cash, will keep your hands busy, and will almost certainly leave you with a sense of accomplishment.

You can do projects as elaborate or simple as you want them to be.

Maybe you want to create a simple frame for a piece of artwork you have, or perhaps you’re willing to tackle a complete kitchen remodel.

It’s up to you to decide how seriously you want to take this hobby. If you get good at mastering a particular project, you may even want to consider selling your services. The main thing here is to do what you enjoy and to find a hobby that you will love.


Art is hard to do well, but in my opinion, photography seems easier than painting or sculpting for example. With photography you’re not creating something from nothing you’re capturing a moment.

Whatever you capture is up to you and will be the way you express yourself.

I’m sure you’ve seen these ‘photography groups’ on the streets taking pictures. It can be a great way to start your photography journey.

This hobby can be very expensive if you’re buying high quality cameras, lenses and equipment. But now days most mobile phones have a high-quality camera that you can start working with.

Here’s are some tips on approaching photography as a hobby.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's an excuse to go somewhere and see the world from a different point of view."
2. "Capturing human moments."
3. "Expressing myself artistically."

Collecting Rocks

Do you love collecting stuff that was created millions of years ago?  Are you a history buff?

Have you ever considered rock collecting?

While it may sound boring at first, rock collecting can turn into a fun pastime if you know what to search for. There are many books to read, videos to watch, and even classes that you can take to learn the ins and outs of rock collecting.

It’ll be interesting to learn about the geography of your local area, and you may even consider taking a vacation to check out new and exciting rock formations.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I collect rocks because they have been existing on Earth for thousands of years."
2. "Every stone I collect has a story and I love stories."

Building Paper Planes

Learning should never cease, and improvement through learning is a thrill you only get from continuing every day. One of the least expensive hobbies for men comes from building paper planes.

Yes, that silly little distraction in your 5th grade English class can actually be a healthy hobby. You will gain a skill similar to origami, by folding paper into different shapes. However, the real benefit comes in the learning.

Aerodynamics, drag, weight ratios, physics and many other sciences come into play when launching a paper airplane. You will begin to learn what works and what doesn’t. Which shapes and drag arcs provide the best loops and which weights provide more distance.

When you feel like you've mastered the art of building paper planes, you can participate in competitions.

You can expand your collection to different types of paper, but to get started, you need about $1 for a spiral notebook full of building potential.

Lock Picking

If you are looking for a skill that will get a reaction, lock picking is it. Mastering the art of lock picking can be advantageous if you or a family member is prone to losing keys. However, it can also turn into a profession.

One of the few hobbies that can actually earn you money instead of costing you. Although you will need equipment and certification, learning how to pick locks is free. There are books and videos galore on the art that you can find and begin right now.

Being a locksmith is more than a hobby, it can be a lucrative career. However, the art of just picking locks can be considered a felony. If you want to learn the skill, that is fine. However, make sure your local and federal laws allow you to possess the required tools before venturing onward. Hobbies shouldn’t include jail time.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Its the puzzle. Because of the art and challenge to it."
2. "I've always been fascinated by security in general."

Breaking Stuff

Let’s get to the point: breaking stuff is fun. I bet, though, that you never thought about it as a hobby before. Until now, that is. Breaking stuff can have many benefits for your emotional well being. It can also teach you about how stuff works.

Breaking items doesn’t always mean getting the biggest hammer and smashing something into tiny bits. Although, if you go this route, make sure you wear proper protection and are not breaking anything valuable to someone else.

Breaking stuff can also mean learning how it works. Also known as reverse engineering, you take apart items and see how they fit together. The knowledge you gain from this hobby can teach you how the world works.

Building Arcade Machines

Remember standing in the entrance to Aladin’s Castle Arcade as a kid and fingering those shiny quarters in your pockets? Times have changed. Most arcades are nothing more than museum relics now, but the machines are still there.

The old arcade machines need to be restored, programmed and brought back to life for newer generations to appreciate what their home consoles evolved from. By today’s standards, the programming and building of an arcade game aren’t that difficult, and luckily, not that expensive.

You can get old arcade machines for less than $200 and with a few lines of code and maybe a new CRT monitor, you can have a working Pac Man game of your very own.

Building arcade games as a hobby can get expensive, but the hours of joy, nostalgia and emotions from turning on Galaga for the first time in two decades is worth every token.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I love nostalgia."
2. "It involves wood work, circuits and design. Love it all."

Fun & Relaxation

Sometimes it's all about having fun. Nothing complicated, just do the things that will make you feel good.

In this chapter you get some ideas for some fun hobbies.

Card Tricks

Teaching yourself card tricks is a fun way to pass the time, a great ice-breaker and kids will LOVE you. It is also budget-friendly. All you need is a deck of cards.

Stop down to your local magic shop or hop online to view a ton of tutorials teaching you how to do some basic card tricks. Getting good at this hobby may take some time, but you’re sure to wow at least a few members of your family and friends with some of the easier tricks out there.

If you have some time, brush up on the psychology behind card tricks—it could help you engage with your audience even better.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "The reactions are amazing. People love card magic."
2. "The wealth of material on card magic cannot be comprehended in one’s lifetime."


This one isn’t just for circus acts.

Juggling is a great hobby to take up because it’s virtually free and you can pick up on it without a bunch of practice.

To get started, all you need to do is find at least three objects that are of a similar size and weight and begin to practice. It might take a little while to get the hang of juggling, but with some time and patience, you’ll pick up on this skill in no time.

As a human race, we’ve been juggling since ancient times. Learning how to juggle not only sharpens your hand-eye coordination and can entertain you for quite a while, but it is also a great party trick.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "You can stop with the basics or progress to be a master. You can always get better."
2. "I feel like it is like learning the skill of learning skills."
3. "Party tricks and birthday parties. Everyone wants to watch a juggler."

5 Stones / Jacks

Also known as Knucklebones or Tali,
The 5 stones game is well known throughout the world and is believed to have originated from Ancient Greek.

There are many variations to this game, and many countries have their own way of playing the game.

You can pick the one you like most - I think the most challenging one is the jackstones version. (Well at least this is how I know it)

You basically have stages - 1, 2, 3, 4. In each stage you need to throw one stone in the air and pick number of stones while the stone is in the air. Here's a video that shows what I mean:

If you don’t have rocks handy, that’s okay. You can use almost any small object that you can find. You can also buy them.

Board Games

As a kid, you might have loved gathering around the table for the family game night.

Well, as an adult, there is no reason to give up your love for board games. If you ask around to family, friends, and coworkers, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across a few other people who share a love for board games just as much as you do.

Don’t worry, if you set up a game night, you won’t be stuck playing Candyland or other games that are targeted towards children. There are plenty of board games that are perfect for adults. These games are complex, challenging, and are sure to bring many laughs with friends.

You can even set up a group that meets weekly to try out new board games. It’s a fun way to connect with others who have similar interests as you.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's a combination of having fun, being social, and exercising my mind."
2. "The fun of being able to get inside people's heads and preempt their moves."
3. "It gets a bunch of strangers that otherwise wouldn't interact to talk and meet each other."


This is one of my favorites.

If you’re not an outdoor person, gaming is a great way to develop coordination, strategic thinking or just HAVE FUN.

I'm a PC fan, but there are gaming consoles that are just as good. (Xbox, PlayStation, etc).

You can do it alone or with your family or friends, you can even do it professionally and earn money just by playing your PC.

I like gaming because it allows me to be a part of history (Assassin’s Creed for example), play sports, fight, or just build awesome stuff.

As technology advances, the realism in games just gets better and better, I can’t wait to VR to really kick in.

Gaming is not just playing your PC, if you’re taking it seriously you can dive into the equipment, peripherals and PC parts. There’s nothing like doing a thorough research, buying the parts and assembling your own gaming PC.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's so much fun. Simple but true."
2. "In a game, you DO amazing things. It's a wonderful, exciting, moving experience."
3. "It's challenging, the competition is fierce."


You can channel your inner Smothers Brothers (if you don’t know, go ask your dad) and pick up a yo-yo. A yo-yo is a simple tool that can take a very long time to master. There are new tricks being thought up all the time. Once you are a master of the idea behind a yo-yo and have become a yoying master, you may even invent new tricks on your own.

Duncan is one of the most popular yo-yo’s and the “Butterfly” is arguably their most popular model. The great thing about yoing is that you don’t need batteries, you can take it anywhere and you don’t need a whole lot of space to practice.

Also, unless you expand your collection and get the yo-yos that light up and make noise, you won’t be disturbing anyone around you (provided you don’t conk passersby on the head).

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's a lifestyle."
2. "Being able to control, manipulate and express my style."
3. "The satisfaction you get from hitting a trick is big."

Pipe Smoking

There are few things manlier than smoking a pipe. Sure, this hobby may not be the healthiest, but it is indeed a fun way to pass the time. Plus, even if you’re not fond of smoking tobacco, collecting pipes is also an exciting hobby.

If you ask most pipe smokers, they’ll tell you that their hobby is relaxing. Kicking back with a pipe is a great way to unwind from the day.  You don't need much to become a well-respected pipe smoker.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "My pipe and my quiet time with it has done wonders for my mental health."
2. "Love the added aspects of craftsmanship and 'collectability' associated with the pipe."
3. "I like that it takes some nuanced skill."


Learning how to dance is a valuable skill to have.

Just think, the next time you are at a celebration or joining up with friends for a night out on the town, wouldn’t you like to get out on the dance floor without worrying about your lame dance moves making you look like a fool?

If you’re interested in learning how to dance, you’ll probably find that some classes exist within your community that will teach you all of the necessary skills you need to require. If you don’t have the time or money to spend on classes, though, watch some videos online or ask a friend to teach you some of their moves.

Before becoming a master dancer, you may want to consider which area of dance you would like to learn first. If you wish to learn how to salsa or want to study the intricacies of ballet, you are sure to find a style that suits your interests.

This can be a great couples hobby, you and your partner can take a course together.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "So much fun and liberating."
2. "Makes it feel like you're a part of the music and the music is a part of you."

Learn How to Give Massages

If you have a significant other, they will thank you for this one.

Learning how to give a massage is well worth your time because the knowledge that you acquire will last you for a lifetime. Massages have some health benefits ranging from headache relief to aiding in the recovery of sports-related issues.

To learn how to give a proper massage, there are some classes that you can take, but this option can add up pretty quickly price-wise. If you would rather, you can try watching some online videos that will help to get you started. There are some oils that you can buy that will help you give the best massage possible, but this step isn’t necessary—picking up this hobby can be completely free.

Music & Movies

For some, music is life and life is music. Getting into this world doesn't mean you have to play an instrument.

Movies can be a great way to escape to new worlds and cultures you don't know.

Let's go over some cool hobbies.

Play the Drums

If you’re like me, you’ve always dreamed of what it would be like to play the drums in a rock band.

While this fantasy of mine may never become a reality, that’s no reason why you shouldn’t learn how to play the drums. Learning to play an instrument has many benefits, it is therapeutic, can increase memory capacity, and is an excellent tool for self-expression.

If the noise of a drumset is something that concerns you, don't let that stop you. You can buy yourself electric drums. These drums can help to keep the noise level down and can make learning the instrument a little bit easier.

Casey Cooper's YouTube channel is a great place to take inspiration from: 

After you purchase some drums to practice on, you can enroll yourself in a class so that you have the opportunity to learn from a professional instructor. If you’re trying to save some money though, you can find free videos online that will help to get you on your way to become a drum playing extraordinaire.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Love the rhythm."
2. "Best exercise/anger management activity."
3. "The girls love it."

Are You An Audiophile?

Think you might already be an audiophile? Here is a fun way to find out.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, an audiophile is someone who is VERY passionate about the ways in which we hear and receive music. This hobby can get a little expensive, but if it’s something you’re genuinely interested in, you’ll probably think it’s worth the investment.

If you love music, chances are that once you use quality equipment it's gonna be pretty hard going back, because everything else would just sound so dull and flat. I can promise you that quality headphones or speakers will make songs you know and love sound so amazing, you'll be able to hear sounds you haven't heard before (Things like - I didn't know that guitar was there... ).

If you want to get into the headphones world - head-fi is a great forum with tons of info.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I'm hooked to good sound."
2. "An expensive and addictive hobby."
3. "There's so much to learn about what makes good sound. You have plenty to learn and explore."

Vinyl Records

If you’re a music lover, I highly suggest you go out and purchase yourself a high-quality turntable. A significant number of music junkies agree that kicking back and relaxing to the sounds of a record is one of the best ways to enjoy an album.

Depending on your budget, vinyl collecting can cost as much or as little as you would like. If you’re trying to save some money, hit up some garage sales to scope out some hidden gems that your neighbors may have had stashed away in their attic.

Additionally, if you’re looking for some rare types of vinyl, you’re sure to find some records that come at quite a hefty price point. Regardless of the genre, you enjoy listening to; you’re almost guaranteed to find vinyl that you will enjoy.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "Nothing can beat the feeling of holding a vinyl record and watching it spin."
2. "It forces me to sit and listen to an entire album."
3. "I like the physical aspect of it. The album's artwork, lyrics and text differentiate it from digital."
4. "A must for every music lover."

Personal Development

Personal development is a never ending journey.

Are you ready to start your journey?

This section is exactly for you.


By now, you’ve probably heard some of the hype surrounding mediation; this now mainstream practice is nothing new. In fact, it dates back to over 3,000 years ago.

Although meditation was initially developed as a spiritual tool, you can reap the stress-reducing benefits of this practice without connecting it to any religious traditions. Scientifically speaking, meditation has many benefits:

  • Helps to control anxiety
  • Controls pain
  • Improves sleep
  • Creates overall better emotional health

One of the best parts about meditation is that it is entirely free. There are some excellent classes available if you want to learn some pointers and partake in a group setting, but it is totally fine to reap the benefits of meditation within the comforts of your own home.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It makes me better. It makes me happier. It makes me 'feel more life'".
2. "It is the direct pursuit of happiness."

Grow a Beard

It’s impossible not to admire those men walking around with those grizzly, rugged looking beards or the well-polished business professional sporting that face full of whiskers.

What’s stopping you from becoming one those guys?

Personally, I think that growing a bead is something that all men should try at least once. It will change you as a person. First it's a journey, throughout this journey you will change and grow as a person, you will feel different and people will look at you differently. 

Sure, some guys will have an easier time of it than others, but you’ll never know unless you try. From cosmetic appearances to medical benefits, there are many reasons to try out sporting a beard. There’s a ton to learn about this the topic of beard maintenance as well.

There are many free resources online that will help to get you started on your facial hair-growing journey. With a little effort, you’ll become a beard expert in no time.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "I look better with a beard than without one."
2. "I've never felt more me."

Traditional Wet Shaving

If you have decided that growing a beard just really isn’t your thing, that’s okay. Why not learn about the art of traditional wet shaving?

Wet shaving is the old school way of shaving. The only tools you need are a razor (safety or straight razor), quality shaving cream or soap, shaving brush, and ideally some aftershave to help lock in moisture.

Purchasing all of the necessary tools needed to wet shave might cost a little bit more than running out to the drugstore and buying the cheapest disposable razor and can of aerosol shaving cream available, but I promise that you will be much more satisfied with the results. (You'll see what close shaves really are). By the way, in the long run wet shaving is actually cheaper.

Other than that, there are many types of razors, soaps and brushes that you can explore and try out. It's a relaxing ritual that you'll be able to enjoy and perfect.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "The feel, the ritual, it's calming."
2. "If you are looking for a better shave and a more enjoyable shaving experience."

Start a Blog

If you love to write, there is no time better than the present to start a blog.

There are a ton of hosting sites out there that allow you to start a blog completely free, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of cash on something that you want to do as a hobby. There are even some free workshops available online that can help you get your blog started.

Blogs are cool because they not only give you a space to write about virtually anything you would like, but they also allow you to create a community. Who knows, there could be a bunch of other people who have the same interests as you that you would never have met otherwise. Plus, if your blog ends up growing in popularity, it can end up making you money in the long run.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "To share things I'm excited about and once in a blue moon I encounter someone who's equally excited about it."
2. "Self-expression without hindrance."

Doing Good & Volunteering

For some giving back to others is a way of life, others can make it a hobby.

Volunteering has so many benefits, it will make you feel good about yourself, helping others and seeing their gratitude is such a great feeling. You'll be making a difference, no more sitting on the fence waiting for someone else to do the job, do it yourself, you can change the world little by little.

Whether you want to spend your time at a soup kitchen, refereeing soccer games for underprivileged youth, or helping out with administrative tasks at a local nonprofit agency, the possibilities are quite endless. If you’re having trouble thinking of ideas, check out some of the volunteer boards that exist that can help you find the service opportunity that is right for you.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "That’s a way to give back the luck you got."
2. "It's free therapy and a reminder that there are people around with a lot bigger problems than we have."

Small Talking

Small talking is often quite polarizing. People either love it or hate it. Regardless of whether or not you find small talk enjoyable, there is no denying that it is a valuable skill to have.

After all, did you know that the official vegetable of Oklahoma is watermelon or that ketchup was once sold as an indigestion aid? Filling up on these interesting little nuggets of information are a fun way to get the small talk going in almost any situation.

Calling it a hobby might be a bit weird, but it can be a great way to get to know people. To hone in on your skills practice up on family and friends, or if you’re willing to shell out a little cash, consider joining a networking group. Not only a networking groups lead to the formation of some excellent relationships, but they will surely help you master the art of small talk.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It allows sharing collective emotions."
2. "It's almost as if there's an irresistible challenge to win that person over."
3. "Small talk is often a bridge into other kinds of talk."


The trend towards minimalism has been rapidly on the rise.

What exactly is minimalism, you might wonder? Mainly, it’s learning how to live with less. Less clutter, less stuff, fewer things taking up the prime real estate in your home. With minimalism, less is more.

This lifestyle helps teach you to appreciate the things you have and to stop the frivolous spending. Your wallet might thank you for picking up this hobby. Not only can decluttering your living spaces help to get rid of dust, but it can also ease anxiety and free your mind. Furthermore, the minimalist lifestyle is eco-friendly, which is an important issue for many people.

If you’ve thought about trying minimalism out before, I suggest you go for it. You can always replace the things you get rid of, but I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy your newfound freedom from mess and clutter and will have a greater appreciation for the quality items you do choose to hang onto.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "The fewer things I have, the less I have to keep track of and worry about."
2. "It helps me feel less greedy."
3. "Less is more."

Negotiation & Persuasion Skills

Getting people to say yes, or no, or whatever you want them to can be quite a challenge.

I’m sure you’ve seen them, at work, on TV, anywhere…

people that get attention or capture you very quickly, because they know what to say, when to say it, and most importantly HOW to say it.

Some are just born with this skill (gift?), but even if you’re not a natural you can learn how to do it.

It can be a great hobby which you can apply to almost any part in life, work, relationships and more.

You can start reading about it here.

Picking Up Ladies A.K.A. Game

Do you struggle meeting the ladies? Struggle even more with talking to them? We won’t even mention trying to get a number or extending the night with one.

Picking up women is an art form. It takes a certain level of confidence, swagger and luck to pull off time and again. However, making game, a hobby can have a lot of benefits to your self-esteem and emotional stability.

Check out RDSTyler for hours of videos on how to turn this once scary phenomenon of attraction into a hobby with little cost to you. Except for maybe a martini or two.

Not only will you learn how to approach women, but you will learn confidence, which is one of the topmost alluring aspects of a man to a woman. The better you get, the more benefits you receive, and not just from her lips to yours.

Food & Drinks

Eating and drinking is something we all have to do.

For some it can turn into a passion.

Doing it on your own can have so many benefits... 

Coffee Making

This delicious drink has only grown in popularity ever since it was discovered thousands of years ago.

The art of crafting an artisan cup of coffee has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years. Whether you are someone who brews a basic cup of coffee in the morning or your daily routine consists of ordering specialty caffeinated drinks, this hobby certainly offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Acquiring the necessary tools to start this hobby can be a little pricey, but once you get started, it shouldn’t hurt your wallet too much. To get started, I highly suggest taking a barista course. Educating yourself in the world of coffee will take away a lot of the mystery that surrounds what exactly makes an excellent cup of joe.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "The comforting warmth and complex flavor."
2. "It's something you've got to take time and effort to truly appreciate."
3. "Above all, a cup of coffee is just a place to sit."

Craft Brew, Wine, and Spirit Making

Did you know that alcohol was invented even before the wheel?

Not only is this hobby a ton of fun, but it is also sure to impress guests next time you host a dinner party. There are many alcohol-making kits that you can find online. These are fun because it’s like conducting a mini science experiment within your own home. Additionally, you might want to opt for enrolling yourself in a craft cocktail course.

Depending on your specific interests, you can learn how to become a brewmaster, learn what it takes to become an expert wine taster, or even brush up on your craft cocktail mixing skills. Learning some of the science behind alcohol making is truly eye-opening, and this hobby is downright fun.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It’s creative and relaxing."
2. "You control everything about your beer. The taste, body, strength."

Learn How to Cook

Learning how to cook is a skill that everyone should acquire. In the long run, learning how to cook will save you a bunch of money because you’ll eliminate the need to go out to eat or order takeout continually. Plus, preparing your own food has significant health benefits and is fun.

When learning how to cook, I suggest that you start out small. There’s no need to try to whip up a 4-course fish dinner when figuring out how to make a proper pizza crust will suffice. If you would like, there are some fantastic cooking classes that you can take that will show you cooking basics.

If spending money on this hobby isn’t something that you’re into, though, there are some fantastic books and online videos that give tutorials of tips and tricks that will have you sharpening up your chef skills in no time.

Here's what other hobbyists had to say about it:

1. "It's all about giving to other people. I love giving joy to others through food."
2. "It involves taking a bunch of random things and make something amazing."
3. "A skill learned with a reward at the end of each session."

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