Considering That Summer Beard? Get Your Grow On After Reading These Six Beard Myths!

Are you thinking about adding a little style and distinguished flair to your overall appearance? Have you always wanted to grow a beard but you’ve been held back by negative comments about them? Are you worried your beard won’t look very good because you can’t grow a full one or because your hair is light rather than dark? All of these questions are common worries I hear all the time from men about taking the plunge and growing a beard. 

Take the example of my friend Joe. Recently he tried to grow out his beard, and after three weeks, he was over it. He had friends who had fuller beards at three weeks, and he was tired of the patchy look. He was worried he wouldn’t be able to get that full beard, that lumberjack hipster look that the ladies love. But the reality is that Joe was buying into a myth about how long it actually takes for a full beard to develop. The reality is, many guys think they can’t grow a full beard  and that’s simply because they don’t give it enough of a chance to work itself out. Hair grows slowly, people! A beard needs time.

That’s just one example. The bottom line is if you want to try something new with your facial hair, you don’t have to worry about these questions and other myths about beards for too long. Read on to debunk the top six myths about growing a beard  and then get ready to grow yours! With a little education and a little patience, you’ll be on your way to getting the style and the beard that you want to show off to your friends and loved ones. Let’s get started on growing yours!

Myth #1: I Can’t Grow a Full Beard

Many men think similarly  to my friend Joe who didn’t think he could grow a full beard.. The problem is that growing a beard takes a good amount of time  how long depends on the person. Every person grows hair at a different rate  some slower and some more quickly. If at 3-5 weeks, your beard isn’t looking full and bushy, just keep giving it time. It’s common for many men to not reach the pinnacle of a full beard for three months all the way up to five months. In addition, it’s very common for men not to achieve a full beard until their 30s or 40s, so if you’re a man in your 20s and you’re still getting that patchy beard after about five months  then it may not be the case that you’ll never get a full beard. It may just be you’re not done developing, and will need to try again when you’re a little older! The bottom line is that if you want a beard, you’re going to have to be patient. Day by day, you’ll get a little thicker and less patchy  and you’ll be on your way to getting that new look you really want!

Myth #2: Only Dark-Haired Beards Look Awesome

Ummm, who came up with this myth? It follows a lot of our society’s way of thinking about what the highest standards of beauty are. Why do some of us think that only dark-haired beards look good? It could be because we’ve see more men with dark-haired beards. It also could be because dark-haired beards really stand out on a face and frame it. But regardless of these facts, a beard of any color can look amazing.

Experts  i.e. light-haired bearded men and groomers  say that any beard can look great. It’s really about how a person takes care of the beard over time. Beards do require special care and maintenance, so the better you take care of it, the better it’s going to look  hands down!

Myth #3: I’ll Get Too Hot

This is one of the funniest beard myths  and for anyone who regularly sports a beard, you know it’s far from the truth. In fact, a beard actually helps to keep you cooler. It covers your face, chin and neck  protecting it from the sun. When you run really hard and do all those intervals, your skin is going to sweat, and when that happens, your beard turns into a cooler for your face as those summer breezes blow by. You’ll feel cool and refreshed at the pool and at the beach  every time your beard gets wet. You’ll stay cool and comfortable rather than hot with a beard.

Myth #4: I’ll Look Too Grungy

It’s true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Not everyone loves a beard. But then again, why does it matter? If you are concerned that you’ll put off a certain stereotype if you wear a beard, then let me inform you of the truer perception of beards today: Beards are in style! They are hip.

Rather than being viewed as a grungy man who doesn’t have goals, you can be seen as a cool hipster, as a distinguished academic, as as sexy mountain man. If any of those descriptions appeal to you, then a beard may be your next grooming adventure. But you won’t be viewed negatively because you’ll be in style!

Myth #5: People Will Think I’m Trying to Compensate

Ah, psychology. It’s true in some situations, when people feel vulnerable or unconfident about something about themselves, they’ll try to over-compensate in another area. The man who isn’t super attractive might become very successful in the business world and flaunt his money. The closeted gay man might speak out against homosexuality. These situations do happen. But this line of thinking is not at the top of the list when seeing someone’s beard for the first time. I polled my friends and family about what they thought about my beard when they saw it for the first time, and here are some of their reactions: “You look smart.” “Sexy!” “Hello, handsome!” “Your beard looks amazing!” “I love your new look.” Not one person said, “Wow, I wonder what he’s trying to hide” or “Maybe he’s not happy with his…feet.” No, so put this irrational myth to bed. It’s not worth it. Grow your beard instead!

Myth #6: I Should Shave My Beard to Make it Thicker

Sadly, if you shave off your beard in attempt to make it grow, you actually are just setting yourself back. You’ll have to continue to wait more weeks and months to get back to where you started. Numerous research studies have shown that shaving your hair does not make it thicker when it grows back. Instead, shaving may give the appearance of a thicker beard at times because it exposes the thicker part of the hair follicle. Hair is usually thinner at the tip. But the thickness, texture and color of your beard’s hair actually does not change.

This is good for you to know as you are inspecting your beard at the groomer’s or in your bathroom mirror. Resist the urge to shave it all off and start all over again because you’ll truly be starting from the beginning if you do. Instead, put down the beard trimmer, take a deep breath and give it a few more weeks. It’s a wonder what that will do to any and every beard, and you’ll be happy that you waited it out when you begin to see the results over time.See here how to grow a thicker beard.

Ready to Get Growing?

Now that we’ve debunked the top six myths related to growing a beard, you’re ready to start growing yours. Remember these myths in the moments when you begin to have doubts. We hope you have a little more confidence and understanding of the bearded lifestyle you’re exploring. Remember also that taking on the challenge of growing a beard is not permanent. So live a little! Try out your beard for a while, and if you don’t like it  like the commercials you know so well  you can shave it and return to your smooth skin. Good luck as you take on the bearded life! We hope you enjoy it.

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